Mt. Olive Church Cemetery
This is a surveyor's listing. It was done May 30,1977. This cemetery has a lot of missing information. There are about 18 - 20 unmarked graves, About 100 plots marked with just a field stone. If anyone has additional information on the family members in this site, please help us fill in the missing identities. But I hope that what is here will help someone.
This was contributed by Nancy Berry. Thanks, Nancy

Last First Middle Birth Death Age Comments
Person Willie     2-1-1975    
Person Ammie   1-2-1912 9-2-1976    
Person Lela R 4-10-1912      
Person Wiley     3-3-1958    
Harrison John     7-18-1961    
Nelson Jeff          
Nelson Molly          
Garrett Henry     12-17-1959    
Garrett Byrd          
Person Annie B   8-24-1974    
Person Ernest L   10-5-1973    
Merral Robert   1-12-1894 5-10-1918    
Wright B W        
Holcomb K C 1-31-1908 11-11-1911    

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