Rich Family Burial Ground
The Rich Burial Ground, as it is referred to by me, is located in Big Creek Township, Oscoda County, Michigan; about 7 miles south of Luzerne, Michigan on Rich Road, just north of Holloway Rd.. The Cemetery is situated on a piece of private property in the Huron National Forest. This small plot of land is about 20 feet off the road and clearly marked. There is a modern marble headstone, with the names, as indicated below. There is a white picket fence surrounding the gravesite with a large white cross standing behind the headstone. There is also a wooden plaque afixed to a tree standing alongside the site with the names of the two children.

Last First Middle Birth Death Age Comments
Rich Margaret Rosella 10-16-1913 11-19-1914    
Rich Lenore Del 3-5-1919 3-5-1919    

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