Vaughn Family Cemetery
Vaugn Family Cemetery located in G.M.D. (GA Militia District) 792 known as Centralhatchee District. Heard Co., GA
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Last First Middle Birth Death Age Comments
Adams Benjamin   12-20-1822 6-21-1894    
Nutt Tempie   3-14-1832 4-1-1917    
Nutt Mamie M 2-2-1891 3-27-1891   Daughter of JB and JE Nutt
Nutt Miss M J 12-9-1848 3-3-1889    
Vaughn Thomas   12-24-1805 3-17-1876   S = Eliza J Vaughn
Vaughn Eliza J 12-19-1814 4-14-1896   S = Thomas Vaughn
Vaughn Andrew Howell 6-19-1900 2-20-1901    
There were about 20 unmarked graves in and around this family cemetery.

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