Wheat Family Cemetery
The Wheat Family Cemetery, as I refer to it, is located in Phelps Twp. about 4 miles SE of Clifton Springs, New York on Wheat Road. The Cemetery is situated on a piece of property between two residences and begins right at the road. This small piece of history, is right on the road. It isn't a formal cemetery and it isn't set back off the road. When you get there, you can't miss it.

Last First Middle Birth Death Age Comments
Wheat Rebecca   11-21-1810 1-18-1884   S = Sydney Wheat
Wheat Sydney   12-27-1809 1-8-1892 S = Rebecca Wheat
Wheat Marrace R 9-7-1836 12-25-1836   P = Sydney & Rebecca Wheat
Wheat Infant Girl     10-5-1838   P = Sydney & Rebecca Wheat
Wheat Benjamin   3-25-1781 6-12-1810   S = Luany Wheat
Wheat Luany   2-18-1784 9-21-1859   S = Bejamin Wheat
Wheat John   9-17-1768 1-27-1841    
Wheat Major   10-5-1827 9-12-1863    
Wheat Wally   9-16-1856 10-6-1859   P = Gordon & Emilie A. Wheat
Waggoner Charlotte R 1-25-1822 10-7-1848    
Rice Julie A 10-20-1807 1-22-1844    
Billing Submit   12-27-1807 10-21-1818   Actual Burial= Canandaigua, NY
Sprague Mary   10-29-1757 12-8-1834    
Prine Ebenezer   1-18-1773 10-2-1848    

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