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The Hyatt’s settled in Heard Co. in the "Salem Community" in the mid 1830's.
Elisha Hyatt, his mother Irene Woodard Hyatt, his wife Edith (maiden name: McWatters), and other members of the family came from Anson County, North Carolina. Part of the family stopped off in Newton County, and other family members continued on into Alabama.

Elisha Hyatt and Peter Crews helped cut the logs to construct the first church building at Salem Methodist Church in what later came to be called the town of Franklin.

Elisha Hyatt, Edith Hyatt, and many of their descendants are buried in the cemetary at Salem. Their homestead was located on what is now Hwy 100, across from the home of Essie Hyatt, and near the home of Nevin Hyatt.


My line of descent from Elisha Hyatt and his descent from our earliest Hyatt
ancestors is as follows:

Thomas Hyatt (b. 1612, England) and Kathryn Parsols (b.1614, England) married in 1633 in Chipping Norton Parish, Oxfordshire, England. Immigrated to America on the ship H.M.S. Bonaventure in 1635.

Children: John b.1635, Peter b.1637, Richard b.1641, Charles b. 1650 in

Anne Arundel Co., Maryland.

Charles Hyatt and Mary Preston (b.1653 in Anne Arundel Co. Maryland) married in 1667.

Children: Charles Hyatt (Jr.) b. 1668 in Queen Anne, Talbot Co., Maryland.

Charles Hyatt (Jr.) and Sarah Tewksbury (b. 1672 in St. James Parish, Anne Arundel Co. Maryland) married in 1693 in St. James Parish, Anne Arundel Co., Maryland.

Children: Seth b. Sept. 20, 1694, St. James Parish, Anne Arundel Co., Maryland, Susannah b. Oct. 19, 1697, Ann b. Nov. 30, 1698, Peter b. Jan. 30, 1706-07, Elizabeth b. Mar. 22, 1713-14, Penelope b. Apr. 20, 1716, William b. 1717.

Seth Hyatt married Alice Duvall (b. 1696 in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland) in 1717 in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland.

Children: Seth Jr. b. Oct 5, 1718, Shadrach b. Feb. 22, 1718-19, Meshach b. 1723, Avarilla b. 1725, Abednego b.1727, and a daughter  - name unknown - b. 1729.

Meshach Hyatt married Sarah Bremfield (b.1727 in Maryland- died 1762.)
Children: Shadrach, Meshach Jr., Abednego, Eli b. 1754, Asa b. 1756, and Sarah.

Meshach Hyatt remarried after the death of Sarah Bremfield. He married Susannah Hobbs and had the following children: Jesse b. 1763, Susan, Elizabeth, Joseph, Lavinia, Ezra, Sophia, and Catherine.

Asa Hyatt was a soldier in the army of the American Revolution, serving in a unit of the Maryland Militia. He fought at the battles of Germantown, Whitemarsh, Monmouth, and possibly Long Island. After he was discharged he sold some beef to the American army while it was beseiging Cornwallis at Yorktown.

Asa Hyatt married Mary Sale, a widow, whose maiden name was Wood. She was the daughter of Henry Wood of Orange Co. Virginia.

Children: Dorcas b. 1782, David, Allen Alse b. 1794 (in Wake County, North Carolina), William Hyatt, John Hyatt, James Hyatt, and Ruby Hyatt.

Allen Alse (or "Alsey") Hyatt was a veteran of the War of 1812. He was enlisted in the 8th Company of the Anson Regiment of North Carolina Militia. Allen Alse Hyatt married Irene Woodard.

Children: Elisha b. Feb. 4, 1813, Anson Co. NC, Sanders Jones b. Feb. 14, 1814,  Pleasant Woodard b. Mar. 29, 1815, Cynthia b. Mar. 12, 1819, Roseann, Martha, Joseph J., Daniel Franklin, and Sarah E.

In the 1830 census Elisha Hyatt appears in the Creek Nation in Alabama.

In 1835 a group including Elisha Hyatt, his wife Edith McWatters, his mother Irene Woodard Hyatt, his uncles Pleasant Woodard Hyatt, Sanders Jones Hyatt and other members of the family migrated from North Carolina to Georgia and Alabama.

In the 1840 census Elisha Hyatt and Edith Hyatt are found in Heard County. Elisha's occupation is listed as "farmer".

Children of Elisha and Edith McWatters: James Marion b. July 17, 1835 Newton Co., Pleasant Woodard Hyatt b. Feb. 2, 1837 Heard Co., William H.A. b. Dec. 7, 1839, Sarah b. 1841, Jesse b. 1843, Benjamin Franklin Hyatt b. Feb. 14, 1845, Francis Marion b. May 11, 1848, Louisa C. (Lucy) b. 1852, Martha Matilda (Tilda) b. April, 1854, John M. b. Mar. 7, 1856, Thomas Jefferson b. Feb. 11 1859.

Pleasant Woodard Hyatt, his brothers James Marion and William H.A., and his uncles Joseph J. and Daniel Franklin Hyatt served in the army of the Confederate States of America. Daniel Franklin Hyatt was enlisted in 38th Alabama Infantry, Pleasant Woodard Hyatt, James Marion, William H.A. and Joseph J. Hyatt were in Company K of the 34th Georgia Volunteer Infantry.

Pleasant Woodard Hyatt married Mary Ann Carden ("Pink") Smith. They had one child: Jefferson Davis Hyatt b. December 11, 1861.

Pleasant Woodard Hyatt was captured at the Battle of Champion Hill in Mississippi on May 16, 1863, and was confined at Camp Morton, a Federal prisoner of war camp near Indianapolis, Indiana. He died of typhoid fever on June 16, 1863, as a prisoner of war in the Federal Hospital at Mound City, Illinois.

Jefferson Davis Hyatt married Alice R. Daniel, daughter of John A. Daniel.
They had the following children: Olivia (Ollie), Pleasant Woodard, Lemuel Lee b. 1888, and Lydia.

Lemuel Lee Hyatt married Ora Florine Lovvorn. They had the following children: J.D., Mabel, Pauline (died as an infant), Mildred, James Lee, John Marion, and Charles Hyatt who became Charles Cox by adoption.

I am the eldest son of James Lee Hyatt and Margaret Louise Gilmer. I have two Brothers: Joel Andrew and Daniel Lee. I married Shyral Marie Stephens.
We have two children, Brianna Elise and Jacob Asa .

Joel Andrew Hyatt married Ronda Noll. Their children are Rachel Ann, Rebekah Joy, and Benjamin Jason.

Daniel Hyatt married Julie Aldredge and their children are Jeremiah Daniel and Jessica Ann.

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I am interested in any available information about the Hyatt, Daniel, Lovvorn, Smith, and Adams families of Heard County. I am also interested in any information on the history of Salem Methodist Church and on the history of Heard County.

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