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Born August 30, 1773, in Jones County, North Carolina, Stephen Stephens was one of at least seven children born to George and June Stephens. The 1784-87 state census lists George with one white male aged 21-60, five males under 21 or over 60, three females, and one slave. In 1790 there are four males and three female children. It is yet to be seen if the earlier males were all under 21, or if one was George's father (Shadrack ?), over age 60 at the time.

The Stephens clan moved to Georgia prior to 1800. Stephen married Mary Barrow in 1796, and she was a native of Georgia, born February 6, 1775. The Stephens and Barrow families are found in Jasper County, Georgia, in all of the early records. Stephen B. Stephens is found in the 1820 Madison County and 1830 Troup County, Georgia census records. A large family bible published in 1806 was put into use shortly thereafter, as all of the Stephens children are listed in order of birth, along with some marriages:

1. George Stephens, born March 15, 1797, named for his grandfather, married December 19, 1822 to Anna Proun. 2. Nancy Stephens, born October 16, 1798, married January 233, 1820, to Mr. McMason 3. Solomon Stephens, born July 27, 1800 4. Andrew Stephens, born April 2, 1802 5. Benjamin Stephens, born January 8, 1804, married March 18, 1827, to Mary Yarbrough of Pike County, Georgia 6. Alsey Stephens, born January 17, 1806, married November 22, 1835, to Priscilla Ozier, born January 5, 1814 7. Mary D. Stephens, born October 16, 1809, married March 7, 1827, to Armster Boberd 8. Martha Stephens, born April 5, 1811 9. Alphred Stephens, born July 13, 1813

This bible also records the dates of death of George and June Stephens, August 23, 1824, and May 27, 1826. Stephen and Mary Stephens moved to Heard County where they are listed in the 1840 census, and they remained in Georgia until their deaths. Mary is listed in the 1850 census with her son.

Alsey and Priscilla Stephens had six children in Heard County before moving to Alabama around 1847: Rufus (1837), Loamma (1839), Ursula (1841), Rouamma (1843), Tubal Caine (1844), and Christina (1846). Six more children were born in Almond, in Randolph County, Alabama: Stephen Samuel (1848), Andrew Jackson (1850), George Washington (1852), Jefferson Davis (1854), Urmima (1855), and Nancy Elizabeth Priscilla (1857). Nan married Frank McGill (contact submitter for more information on this family).

The Stephens family belonged to Pleasant Hill Methodist Church in Randolph Co., AL. (Priscilla's father and brother, both named Jacob Ozier, were early Methodist ministers).

Alsey Stephens is listed in the 1880 census with "sunstroke." His masonic tombstone records his death as December 2, 1885. The record of Priscilla's death in 1895 is found in an early Randolph County doctor's notes.

Frank and Nan McGill lived well into their 70's, and were apparently in good health when they died. A family member remembers the McGill reunion in early autumn of 1931, when Nan became emotional and announced that this was the last time they would all be together. The following March, returning from a trip to Florida to visit her sister, Christina, She and Frank were killed in an automobile accident near Columbus, Georgia. They were buried the same day, with Nan buried untraditionally on Frank's right. Family members recall a horrible storm coming through the county the night before the funeral.


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