Charlestown Township, Clark County, Indiana
The multiple names by which this site is known (Baird, Fifty-Four and Seventy-Four) have caused a fair amount of confusion; however, Jeanne Burke reports having found a handwritten record indicating that they are all one in the same. Until this theory is proved inaccurate, we shall assume that they are indeed one site.

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Baird Cemetery has a lovely stone wall and appeared in 1997 to be in excellent condition.

This large, beautiful cemetery is located just off 8th Street inside the Army Ammunition Plant near Charlestown.

The principle surnames (more than 2 burials) reported there include:

Neither one of the photos shown here show the entirety of Baird Cemetery. The photo at right shows the Gibson plot, with its stone fence, near the center of Baird Cemetery, which is also enclosed with a dry-stack stone fence (constructed without mortar).

The woman in the foreground is cemetery restorationist Betty Johnson. Immediately to her left (with a blue hat) is her husband, Dan Johnson. Together Dan and Betty have restored more than a half dozen pioneer cemeteries in Clark County. To Dan's left is Mary Jo Harrod (in a white sweater), a member of the CCCPC.

The following inscriptions were copied by B. C. Holmes before 1940 or shortly after that date as in July 1940, the property was condemned and taken by the federal government for construction of the Ammunition Plant (recently deactivated). It has been supplemented by the work of Jeanne Burke of Charlestown as a by-product of our 11/29/97 tour of the ten cemeteries inside the Plant.

Based on the names listed above, this list would appear to still be incomplete. We hope to update it and get it posted here at the first opportunity.

Clay                    ASBERRY         b. 08/1891      d. 09/1908
D. L.                   BLYTHE          b. 03/09/1820   d. 07/03/1880
Mary M., wife of D. L.  BLYTHE          b. 08/15/1824   d. 12/15/1907
Bernard                 CARNEY          b. 11/08/1802   d. 06/06/1859
David V.                DAILY           b. 07/31/1859   d. 08/07/1921
David W. (22 yrs., 6

months, 4 days)         DAILY           b. ????         d. 10/14/1847
David W. (Jr.), son of  DAILEY          b. 01/21/1827   d. 11/02/1868

D. W. and M. A. Daily;

Lt. Col. of Union Army
J. B.                   DAILY           b. 1857         d. 1918
Jacob (45 yrs.)         DAILEY          b. ????         d.

Mary A., wife of Philip DAILY           b. 1769         d. 12/26/1845

(daughter of Valentine

Wise; born in Frederick,

Maryland; married Philip

Daily in Jefferson Co.,

Kentucky, 02/02/1786)
Philip, consort of 

Mary A. Daily           DAILY           b. about 1762   d. 03/14/1830

For more information on the DAILY/DAILEY line in Clark Co., see:

"The Daily Branches of Clark Co." at:
Philip (Sr.); emigrated

to Indiana in 1796;

died in his 69th year   DAILY           ????            ????
Seralda A. Bottorff     DAILY           b. 04/08/1853   d. 02/06/1898

(wife of David V.)
Mary Ann (wife of       EASTHAM         b. ????         d. 09/16/1890

Wallace S.; 65 years)
Wallace S. (husband of  EASTHAM         b. ????         d. 02/29/1889

Mary Ann; 65 years)
_______ (2nd wife of    GIBSON          b. ????         d. 06/17/1840

John; 81 years; broken

Eleanor (32 years)      GIBSON          b. ????         d. 05/07/1838

Jacob H., 4th Indiana   GIBSON          b. 11/15/1841   d. 07/17/1932

Cavalry, 77th Reg.,

Indiana Volunteers
John, Capt.; husband    GIBSON          b. ????         d. 07/30/1856

of (1st) Mary Ann and

(2nd) ________; 70

years, 1 mo., 19 days
Joseph, Sr. (37 yrs.)   GIBSON          b. ????         d. 06/08/1825

(husband of Rachel)
Joseph (age 20 years,

7 months)               GIBSON          b. ????         d. 05/17/1853

Hugh                    GIBSON          b. 03/28/1801   d.

Margaret; daughter of   GIBSON          b. 11/07/1815   d. ????

Capt. John and Mary

Ann Gibson
Mary Ann; 1st wife of   GIBSON          b. ????         d. 03/14/1833

Capt. John Gibson;

47 years
Rachel (wife of Joseph

Sr.; 42 years)          GIBSON          b. ????         d. 11/09/1837
Sallie E., wife of      GIBSON          b. 11/27/1845   d. 07/22/1909

Jacob H.
Susan (67 years)        GIBSON          b. ????         d. 03/21/1887
Hannah M.               HAY             b. 11/30/1817   d. 09/18/1897

   Jeanne Burke reports that Hannah M. Hay was the wife

   of Samuel Hay (II) and was formerly Hannah Huckleberry.
John D. (7 years)       HAY             b. ????         d. ????
Mary E. (5 years)       HAY             b. ????         d. ????
Samuel                  HAY             b. 12/08/1813   d. 01/17/1887

   Jeanne Burke reports that this is the Samuel Hay II

   whose father was Samuel Hay (1760-1840), a soldier

   of the Revolutionary War in Lancaster County, PA,

   and who married in 1792 to Ann WOOD.  His second

   wife was Elizabeth Holland.  Both wives may be

   buried here, but we have found no stones for them.
Samuel T.               HAY             b. 09/19/1853   d. 07/09/1887

   Jeanne Burke reports that this Samuel T. Hay was

   murdered by Jacob Robison (Robinson) in a dispute

   over a fence.
Anna E., wife of Geo.   HIKES           b. 11/27/1845   d. 03/16/1919
Eddie B., son of Geo.   HIKES           b. ????         d. ????

and Anna E. (1 year,

5 months, 25 days)
Edward K. (son of       HIKES           b. 02/08/1884   d. 10/26/1891

Walter S. and Mary C.)
George C. (or G.)       HIKES           b. 07/12/1812   d. 10/27/1877

(husband of Anna E.)
Mamie (daughter of      HIKES           b. ????         d. ????

Walter S. and Mary C.)
Mary C. (wife of        HIKES           b. 1859         d. 1945

Walter S.)
Walter S. (husband of   HIKES           b. 1851         d. 1947

Mary C.)

Ann (wife of George)    HUCKLEBERRY     b. about 1776   d. 09/27/1856

(80 years, 4 mo., 11

Andrew J. (husband of   HUCKLEBERRY     b. 01/21/1815   d.



George (husband of Ann;

age 83)                 HUCKLEBERRY     b. ????         d. 06/19/1856
Jerusha GIBSON (wife    HUCKLEBERRY     b. 11/07/1813   d. 09/13/1880

of Peter)

Peter (husband of       HUCKLEBERRY     b. 01/25/1825   d. 05/15/1899


Rebecca HESTER (wife 

of Andrew J.)           HUCKLEBERRY     b. 04/15/1814   d. 11/29/1886

Rosanna (daughter

  of Jacob &

  Winifred)             HUCKLEBERRY     b. 03/08/1804   d. 07/20/1888

Callestia (68 yrs,

  10 mo., 19 days,

  wife of Jonathan)     KING            b. ????         d. 05/06/1862

David H.                KING            b. 06/11/1817   d. 07/18/1881

Jonathan (63 yrs)       KING            b. ????         d. 06/17/1853
L. D.                   LEWMAN          b. 02/07/1869   d. 11/24/1937
Basil E.                MYERS           b. 1860         d. 1924
Mary                    MYERS           b. 1862         d. 1949
W. J. (husband of       NICKLES         b. 02/01/1875   d. 03/21/1926

Zella (wife of W. J.)   NICKLES         b. 11/11/1874   d. 04/10/1908
Clydie J.               REED            b. 01/30/1887   d. 07/05/1887


Claudia J.              REED            b. 01/30/1887   d. 07/18/1887

(twin children of

J. D. and D. S. Reed)

Absalom (son of J. &    STRUTT          b. 03/12/1804   d. 01/22/1876

John (50 years)         STRUTT          b. ????         d. 02/14/1847
Mary, wife of ______    STRUTT          b. ????         d. 03/23/1870

  (57 years, 7 mos.,

  5 days)
Mary Huckleberry,

  wife of Jacob

  Strutt (married

  11/23/1819)           STRUTT          b. 05/03/1802   d. 12/02/1875

The following HUCKLEBERRY marriages are noted in Clark County's marriage records for the period of 1790-1850:
HUCKELBERRY, Edward         married DAILY, Mary W.        on


HUCKLEBERRY, Alban V.       married SIMPSON, Catharine B. on 01-Jan-1846

HUCKLEBERRY, Andrew J.      married HESTER, Rebecca       on 29-Apr-1838

HUCKLEBERRY, Ann            married JOHNSON, William B.   on 06-Oct-1831

HUCKLEBERRY, Charles        married PRIOR, Mary Ann       on 20-Oct-1831

HUCKLEBERRY, Christena      married BARRICKMAN, Isaac     on 08-Mar-1825

HUCKLEBERRY, Daniel         married STREET, Elizabeth     on 14-Oct-1819

HUCKLEBERRY, David          married HEATH, Sally          on 16-Oct-1814

HUCKLEBERRY, David          married MARTIN, Ann           on 11-Jan-1829

HUCKLEBERRY, Edmund         married ST. CLAIR, Jemima     on 12-Mar-1846

HUCKLEBERRY, Effy Elizabeth married LONG, John H.         on 14-Jan-1847

HUCKLEBERRY, Eleanor        married WORK, Joseph          on 23-Jan-1844

HUCKLEBERRY, Eliza Jane     married EPLER, George         on 06-Oct-1836

HUCKLEBERRY, Elizabeth      married SMITH, Blakely        on 19-Sep-1830

HUCKLEBERRY, Hannah         married NAY, Samuel           on 07-Nov-1833

HUCKLEBERRY, Henry          married WIGLE, Susannah       on 27-Jul-1813

HUCKLEBERRY, James          married SHERLEY, Lydia        on 12-May-1828

HUCKLEBERRY, Jane           married PRATT, Riley          on 10-May-1849

HUCKLEBERRY, John           married ATHON, Sarah          on 07-Feb-1830

HUCKLEBERRY, John C.        married MALOTT, Susan         on 24-Jun-1829

HUCKLEBERRY, Levina         married COPPLE, David         on 01-Dec-1813

HUCKLEBERRY, Mahala         married SWITZER, John         on 11-Apr-1833

HUCKLEBERRY, Margaret       married McAFEE, Clark         on 29-Oct-1833

HUCKLEBERRY, Mary           married STRUTT, Jacob         on 23-Nov-1819

HUCKLEBERRY, Mary Ann       married McWILLIAMS, P. M.     on 20-Dec-1836

HUCKLEBERRY, Maryan         married DONALDSON, William    on 12-Nov-1840

HUCKLEBERRY, Nancy          married HEARTLEY, Hugh        on 09-Jun-1827

HUCKLEBERRY, Nancy          married STEWART, Anderson     on 24-May-1838

HUCKLEBERRY, Nathaniel      married RAMSEY, Sarah Elizabeth on 05-Sep-1843

HUCKLEBERRY, Nelson         married BOTTORFF, Mary E.     on 21-Jun-1838

HUCKLEBERRY, Peter          married GIBSON, Jerusha       on 25-Jan-1849

HUCKLEBERRY, Samuel Hamilton married BOTTORFF, Nancy      on 09-Dec-1841

HUCKLEBERRY, Sarah Jane     married KING, Wilson          on 21-Dec-1843

HUCKLEBERRY, Susan          married WILLIAMS, Preston     on

The following STRUTT marriages are noted in Clark County's marriage records for the period of 1790-1850:
STRUTT, Clarrissa E.    married CALLAHAN, David      on


STRUTT, Henry           married GIBSON, Catherine    on 21-Dec-1822

STRUTT, Jacob           married HUCKLEBERRY, Mary    on 23-Nov-1819

STRUTT, John            married GIBSON, Elizabeth    on 16-Dec-1830

STRUTT, Winney Ann      married CLOAK, David         on 13-Oct-1836

We visited Baird Cemetery on November 29, 1997, during our tour of the ten pioneer cemeteries inside the Ammunition Plant. Like all the others we saw that day, it was in beautiful condition. The grass was mowed. All or most of the stones appeared in excellent condition, considering their delicacy and age. Extensive repairs have been made to the stones with stainless sleeves. There is a remarkable stone fence around the large graveyard.

Baird Cemetery is a good deal larger than I had anticipated. We were only there a short time but I would venture a guess that there are at least 100 graves here.

Baird Cemetery was unquestionably one of the highlights of our trip.

I presently have no further information on this cemetery. This information was obtained from either the:

Jeffersonville Twp. Library     or      Charlestown Library

211 East Court Avenue                   51 Clark Road

Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130           Charlestown, Indiana  47111

Telephone:  (812) 285-5635              Telephone:  (812) 256-3337

E-mail: Dee Pavey

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