Charlestown Township, Clark County, Indiana

There is a pile of broken stones to the left of the collapsed stone crypt, near the stone fence.

Click photo above for larger photo of broken marker of grave of "Elizabeth, wife of John Bottorff, born May 3, 1796, died Dec. 12, 1865" 

Click photo above for larger photo of displaced marker of grave of "Elizabeth T., daughter of L. D. & S. J. Bottorff, 1853-1868" and "Infant Son of L. D. & S. J. Bottorff, Feb. 1870"

The JOHN BOTTORFF CEMETERY was located on John Bottorff's horse farm, one and 1/2 mile southwest of Charlestown, on what is now High Jackson Road.  Click here for a topographical map of this site, courtesy of

The Charlestown Township Trustee reported on May 30, 1997 that this property is meticulously maintained by the current property owner; however, when we visited on April 1, 2000, we found many broken stones, many apparently missing altogether and the roof of the block crypt collapsed.  The property is kept mowed and is surrounded by a chain link fence.

John                    Bottorff        b. 10/11/1779   d. 05/06/1867

Elizabeth Stonecypher   Bottorff        b. 05/03/1796   d. 12/12/1865

William, infant son

  of John & Elizabeth   Bottorff        b. 01/01/1816   d. 01/13/1816

Martha Jane, daughter

  of John & Elizabeth   Bottorff        b. 12/22/1838   d. 04/15/1849

W. E.                   Bottorff        b. 09/24/1754   d. 10/17/1812

Joel                    Bottorff        b. 07/16/1822   d. 02/06/1865

Elizabeth T., daughter

  of L. D. & S. J.      Bottorff        b. 1853         d. 1868
Infant son of L. D.

  & S. J.               Bottorff        Feb. 16, 1870 (only date)

James, infant son of

  L. D. & S. J.         Bottorff        ????            ????

Nellie (or Ellen),

  wife of Gabriel       Bottorff        b. 01/06/1819   d. 08/12/1898

Gabriel                 Bottorff        b. 03/28/1819   d. 07/26/1909

John Mann, age about 50, half-brother of William Mann, died 02/25/1903, and was buried at the 
John Bottorff Cemetery, according to a 1903 newspaper clipping found with this index, 
presumably from the local "National Democrat", a Jeffersonville newspaper of the day.

I have no further information on this cemetery. This index was obtained from the Jeffersonville Township Public Library, 211 East Court Avenue, Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130, telephone: (812) 285-5635.

Additional interments from Jeanne Burke, Clark County Indiana State Historian

Lewis Bottorff born 1788 died 23 August 1837.

Elizabeth Bottorff, wife of Lewis, born ? died ?

Mary E. Bottorff, daughter, born and died 3 March 1825.

Lewis Francis Bottorff, son, born 25 July 1816 died 6 May 1845.

James Wesley Bottorff, son of Jacob and Nancy, died 26 August 1831 (?)

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