Owen Township, Clark County, Indiana

born Nov. 9, 1801, died July 25, 1851, aged 50 years

died April 30, 1819, aged 63 years

This cemetery is located near the Ohio River on Bowyer Road. According to the Owen Township Trustee in July 1997, this property is maintained by the Bowyer Family.

We visited Bowyer Cemetery on July 11, 1998, after our CCCPC meeting. It is beautifully maintained by members of the Bowyer family. Our contact was Rev. Ray Bowyer, the pastor of Pleasant View Baptist Church in New Washington, near Hibernia. We recommended to Rev. Bowyer that he contact Joe Renck, the Probation Officer in charge of Judge Fleece's Clark County Community Service Corps, to see if they can help the Bowyer family clean out the fence row and remove some stumps.

Monument at Bowyer Cemetery
(Donated by R. & M. McDowell)
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BOWYER    Amanda Ann Hawkins, first

          wife of Nathan Bowyer, Sr.   b. 1816         d. 1864
BOWYER    Anna C., daughter of Nathan

          Bowyer, Sr. and Amanda Ann

          Hawkins Bowyer               b. 02-19-1838   d. 06-17-1838
BOWYER    Anna Kemper, wife of Levi

          (76 yrs., 3 mos and 16 days) b. 1782         d. 04-29-1858
BOWYER    Anna K., daughter of Felix

          and Lucy                     b. 09-02-1840   d. 06-25-1842
BOWYER    Felix, son of Levi and

          Anna, husband of Lucy

          Hawkins                      b. 1811         d. 1860
BOWYER    Ibbe, daughter of Levi and

          Anna                         b. 1798         d. 1822
BOWYER    James A., son of Navy and

          Susannah (50 yrs., 8 mos.,

          16 days)                     b. 03-31-1830   d. 02-25-1862
BOWYER    Levi, husband of Anna        b. 1773         d. 1850

BOWYER    Lucy Hawkins, wife of

          Felix Bowyer                 b. 1815         d. 1873
BOWYER    Nathan, Sr., son of Levi

          and Anna, husband of

          Amanda Ann Hawkins (first

          wife of Nathan, Sr.)         b. 1815         d. 1872
BOWYER    Navy, husband of Susannah

          Watson (50 yrs., 8 mos.,

          16 days)                     b. 1804         d. 07-25-1854
BOWYER    Susanna H. Watson, wife of

          Navy Bowyer (45 yrs, 1 mo.,

          4 days)                      b. 1809         d. 1855 or

FISHER    Alice L., wife of Alonzo G.  b. 1854         d. 1940
FISHER    Alonzo G., husband of Alice  b. 1860         d. 1932
FISHER    Richard E., Ind. PFC, Sub.

          Depot 6 OMC, WWI             b. 11-28-1888   d. 01-08-1955
HAWKINS   Richard (63 yrs., 4 mos.,

          3 days)                      b. ????         d. 04-30-1849
HAWKINS   Nancy G., wife of Richard    b. 1792         d. 11-07-1873
PARKER    Edward C., husband of Nancy

          (24 yrs., 3 mos., 22 days)   b. 1813         d. 1831
PARKER    Nancy, daughter of Levi

          and Anna Bowyer, wife of

          Ed Parker                    b. 05-20-1810   d. 06-24-1863

I have no further information on this cemetery. Additional information may be available from the Jeffersonville Township Public Library, 211 East Court Avenue, Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130, telephone: (812) 285-5635.

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