Washington Township, Clark County, Indiana

Baird's History of Clark Co. (1909) advises that "The old Pisgah Presbyterian church on Camp Creek, 3 miles east of New
Washington, was organized on the 27th day of February, 1816."

This cemetery is located in Washington Township of Clark County, Indiana.

The Southern Indiana Genealogical Society has published an index of this site and that book is available from SIGS for $11 for non-members and $8 for SIGS members.

The following index appears to have been done circa 1960 and indicates the following burials there:

BOYER          Andrew, consort of

               Malinda Boyer            b. 02/05/1811  d. 02/02/1878

BOYER          James H., son of L.

               & M. A. Boyer            b. 02/05/1817  d. 03/30/1858

BRITAN         Ancil N.                 b. 05/11/1848  d. 05/04/1852

BRITAN         Ann L.                   b. 05/15/1843  d. 02/04/1927

BRITAN         Jane A. Dickey, wife

               of W. W. Britan          b. 09/08/1819  d. 07/23/1899

BRITAN         Lyman W., child of

               J. A. & W. W. Britan     b. 11/08/1857  d. 01/22/1863

BRITAN         Myra, child of W. A.

               & Emma T. Britan         b. 11/01/1885  d. 08/03/1886

BRITAN         William W.               b. 02/22/1814  d. 08/19/1889

BRITAN         Willis, child of W. A.

               & Emma T. Britan         b. 11/16/1879  d. 11/16/1879

DICKEY         Rev. John McElroy,

               born in York District,

               South Carolina (age

               59 yrs., 11 mos., 5

               days)                    b. ????        d. 11/21/1849

DICKEY         Margaret O. Steel,

               wife of Rev. J. M.

               Dickey (age 49 yrs.,

               6 mos., 18 days)         b. ????        d. 10/21/1847

ENGLISH        James E., Co. A., 

               3rd Indiana Cavalry

               (Veteran's stone)   

GILTNER        Catherine, wife of

               John Giltner (67 yrs.,

               6 mos., 25 days)         b. ????        d. 04/16/1859

GILTNER        Catherine (71 yrs., 7

               mos., 23 days)           b. ????        d. 11/17/1849

GILTNER        Catherine E., daughter

               of E. F. & R. Giltner

               (age 19 yrs., 28 days)   b. ????        d. 06/10/1839

GILTNER        Claudis, son of E. F.

               & R. Giltner             b. 02/08/1872  d. 05/16/1877

GILTNER        Earl Palmy, son of

               J. M. & L. C. Giltner    b. 08/20/1886  d. 11/01/1886

GILTNER        Elizabeth, wife of

               J. G. Giltner (67 yrs.,

               9 mos., 15 days)         b. ????        d. 09/18/1870

GILTNER        Elizabeth Ann, daugh-

               ter of J. & E. Giltner

               (27 yrs., 11 mos.,

               9 days)                  b. 11/15/1850  d. 10/24/1878

GILTNER        Jacob G. (82 yrs., 5

               mos., 12 days)           b. ????        d. 1881

GILTNER        John (76 yrs, 3 days)    b. ????        d. 06/08/1860

GILTNER        Michael (62 yrs.)        b. ????        d. 12/24/1837

HENDERSON      America Jane, wife of

               B. S. Henderson (19

               yrs., 9 mos.)            b. ????        d. 08/18/1841

HENDERSON      Benjamin S. (60 yrs.,

               5 mos., 16 days)         b. ????        d. 06/17/1886

HENDERSON      Ellen (common stone

               with William Hender-

               son)                     b. 12/01/1776  d. 06/06/1834

HENDERSON      Johnie F., son of J.

               T. & F. A. Henderson     b. 11/28/1866  d. 08/09/1881

HENDERSON      William (common stone

               with Ellen Henderson)    b. 05/12/1775  d. 06/18/1848


RODGERS        Andrew G., son of T.

               & E. Rodgers (stone in

               very poor condition)     b. ????        d. 08/181__?

RODGERS        Eliza Beth               b. 04/05/1794  d. 05/12/1864

RODGERS        Harriett M., daughter

               of N. N. & M. J.

               Rodgers                  b. 12/21/1847  d. 02/02/1855

RODGERS        John (64 yrs, 3 mos.)    b. ????        d. 08/23/1834

RODGERS        Moses (_3 yrs, 3 mos.,

               26 days) [broken stone]  b. ????        d. 02/12/1883

RODGERS        Nancy, wife of John

               Rodgers (73 yrs., 7

               mos., 4 days)            b. ????        d. 09/08/1849

SHOWE          Daughter of F. E. &

               D. A. Showe              b. 02/14/1865  d. 02/14/1865

SHOWE          Daughter of F. E. &

               D. A. Showe              b. 03/07/1866  d. 03/07/1866

SULLIVAN       "H. I. S." on foot-

               stone in Sullivan lot

SULLIVAN       Joseph (born in Ran-

               dolph County, North

               Carolina)                b. 01/13/1794  d. 03/31/1850

SULLIVAN       Joseph E., son of T. M.

               & E. M. Sullivan (age:

               14 days)                 b. 10/1851     d. 11/01/1851

SULLIVAN       William B.               b. 07/01/1832  d. 09/13/1833

WOOD           Rev. J. Wood, for 28

               years a Home Mission-

               ary at Dugan, Illinois

               (age 57 yrs, 2 mos.)     b. ????        d. 06/05/1870

UNKNOWN        Daniel K., son of


               (broken stone - no

               more found)              No dates       No dates

This index indicates that "[a]t one time, there were many more stones located in this cemetery. Clark County resident, Mr. Dickey, since deceased, told of viewing a wagon loaded with tombstones, as it was leaving Pisgah Cemetery."

The index also indicates that "[t]he stones, as here given, were recorded about 1970."

The following is the text of a plaque in the Pisgah Cemetery, included in the index:

Plaque in the Pisgah Cemetery

"To the Glory of God and the Sacred Memory of the Rev. John McElroy Dickey born in York District, S.C., Dec. 16, 1789, died Nov. 21, 1849. At the age of four years he had read the entire Bible. He was licensed to preach by the Muhlenberg Presbytery, Ky., 1814 and came to Indiana the same year, serving the Washington, New Lexington, Pisgah and Graham Churches. He taught school and his skill as a craftsman enabled him to fashion the woodwork of farming implements as he did the work of a model farmer, surveyor, legal advisor and shoemaker while preaching the gospel. His favorite place of mediation and preparation of sermons was on horseback as he rode through tangled forest to the regions beyond. Gifted musically, he wrote hymns and composed the music for them which he taught to his congregation. He was described as plain, modest, resolute, tireless, true and sweet voiced. He opposed slavery and intemperance and promoted Christian education. Becoming the 1st President of the Board of Trustees at Hanover College, Hanover, Indiana. He wrote the 1st history of the Presbyterian Church in Indiana and, in recognition of his work as an evangelist and organizer of Churches, history has recorded him to the distinction of being known as the father of the Presbyterian Church in Indiana. He was followed in the ministry by his son, the Rev. Ninian Steele dickey, and his grandson, the Rev. Solomon Cravans Dickey, D.D., founder of the Winona Lake Assembly, Winona Lake, Indiana.

"Erected by grateful admirers to perpetuate as history and landmarks the old Dickey Homestead nearby, and this graveyard, where rest the mortal bodies of this man of God and his faithful wife, Margaret Steele Dickey, mother of 11 children who, amid the manifold duties of home and farm, in the wilderness sustained a weekly woman's prayer meeting." Dedicated Nov. 21, 1938

I have no further information on this cemetery. This index was obtained from the Jeffersonville Township Public Library, 211 East Court Avenue, Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130, telephone: (812) 285-5635.

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