Utica Township, Clark County, Indiana
PHOTOS OF BURTT CEMETERY, courtesy of Mary Mielke <mlmielke@juno.com>
(circa November 2003)

This cemetery is located approximately 1-1/2 miles Northwest of Utica, off old Salem Road. I believe Burtt Cemetery to be located at 38.3496°N, 85.6720°W, in the SW corner of Section 25 of Utica Township.  Click here for a topographical map, courtesy of www.topozone.com.

An index researched in 1979 by Alvin M. and Liane K. Aldridge indicates that the graves are protected by a large stone wall, 2 feet thick and 5 feet in height. Mr. and Mrs. Aldridge reported that the overall size of the cemetery wall is approximately 40 feet by 40 feet.

Mr. and Mrs. Aldridge also report that, according to local residents, the Burtt family was stricken by Cholera several times, which resulted in illness and death in this pioneer family.

Mr. and Mrs. Aldridge's 1979 index indicates the following burials at Burtt Cemetery:

BURTT          Amasa                    b. 01/17/1775  d. 12/19/1853

BURTT          Eli                      b. 04/15/1817  d. 07/07/1897

BURTT          Elizabeth, daughter

               of Amasa & Mary Burtt    b. 11/18/1808  d. 03/11/1822

BURTT          Emma, daughter of Eli

               & Paulina Burtt          b. 05/24/1836  d. 09/24/1858

BURTT          Lou Anna, daughter of

               Eli & Paulina Burtt      b. 05/25/1867  d. 09/23/1887

BURTT          Lucy Alice, daughter

               of Eli & Paulina Burtt   b. 02/06/1869  d. 03/16/1872

BURTT          Mangah Johnson, dau-

               ghter of Amasa & Mary

               Burtt                    b. 02/08/1810  d. 03/11/1822

BURTT          Mary (wife of Amasa

               Burtt)                   b. 01/19/1781  d. 02/02/1822

BURTT          Paulina, wife of Eli

               Burtt                    b. 07/05/1826  d. 07/07/1897

BURTT          William, son of Amasa

               & Mary Burtt             b. 09/15/1811  d. 10/15/1842

BURTT          Zipporah, daughter of

               Eli & Paulina Burtt      b. 12/28/1854  d. 10/24/1858

HARDIN         Jemima, wife of Wm.

               Hardin                   b. 05/27/1795  d. 11/27/1861

HARDIN         Presley, son of W. &

               R. Hardin (age illegi-

               ble)                     b. ????        d. 08/10/1847

HARDIN         Rhoda Hardin             b. 05/23/1785  d. 07/22/1856

HARDIN         William Hardin           b. 03/15/1788  d. 08/23/1865

PATE           Lucy A., daughter of

               H. & M. Pate             b. 03/24/1841  d. 08/29/1860

PATE           Mary Ann Pate            b. 04/10/1820  d. 09/28/1855


Baird's History of Clark County, published in 1909, contains the following biographical sketch of Henry F. Burtt:

"Amasa Burtt purchased a tract of land in Utica township, Clark County, Indiana, July 21, 1821, which after the lapse of nearly one hundred years, is still in possession of his descendants. The original tract of 170 acres, mostly wild woodland, was increased by subsequent purchases until in the course of generations it was converted into a productive and valuable farm. Amasa Burtt, who became a prosperous farmer, spent his whole life in Utica township and finally ended his days in December, 1853, on the homestead he had established. He was succeeded as owner by his son, Eli, who spent the eighty years of his life on the place of his birth, and died there July 7, 1897. He married Pauline Hardin, a native of Oldham county, Kentucky, who came with her parents to Clark county when a girl. Her death occurred at the Utica township homestead, September 25, 1871, after becoming the mother of eleven children, of whom seven are living [in 1909]. These are: Mollie B., widow of Noah R. Dale; Henry A.; Laura, wife of Thomas Spaulding; Benjamin H.; Joseph B.; Balie L., and Rose T., wife of Daniel Holloway.

"Henry Adolphus Burtt, second of this family, was born in Utica township, Clark county, Indiana, October 8, 1852. He grew up in the old homestead, established by his grandfather, got a limited education in the public schools, and when sixteen years old became a pupil at the Brownsboro Academy, in Oldham county, Kentucky, which he attended for two years. From there he went to the State University, at Bloomington, Indiana, and was graduated June 12, 1878. At intervals during his college life he taught school for several years, and the sickness and death of his mother caused protracted absense from college before he secured his degree. Immediately after this event he entered the law office of Ferguson & Marsh at Jeffersonville, but later took a course in the Louisville Law School, from which he was graduated with the class of 1880. On April 1st of the same year he opened an office at Jeffersonville and has been in continuous practice ever since.

"In July, 1885, he formed a partnership with James E. Taggart, and this firm has never been dissolved. Burtt & Taggart are familiar names on all court dockets around the Falls Cities, as they have had their fair share in all the important litigation. Mr. Burtt has always affiliated with the Democratic party, but while he has done his part of the work he has never been an aspirant for office on his own account, preferring to occupy that post of honor known as the private station. He is content to do his duties as a good citizen and has found ample employment for all his faculties as a devotee of that 'jealous mistress,' known as the law. He stands well in his profession and is regarded as well informed both as to the history and practice. He is competent as a trial lawyer and in that class of work which belongs to the office and as an all around practitioner is able to hold his own with the best. In 1904 Mr. Burtt was elected Mayor of Jeffersonville, but retired after serving two years.

"In November, 1880, Mr. Burtt was married to Marietta Robertson, a native of Utica township and a descendant of one of the early settlers of Clark county. Her parents were William F. and Malinda (Carr) Robertson, who were born and reared near Charlestown, Clark county, Indiana, and ranked among the pioneer families to whom the agricultural development of this section is due. Mr. and Mrs. Burtt have six children: Ernest E., cartoonist on a Knoxville newspaper; Ella Irene; Eunice R.; Amos Henry; Esther H. and Lora Josephine."

I have no further information on this cemetery. This index was obtained from the Jeffersonville Township Public Library, 211 East Court Avenue, Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130, telephone: (812) 285-5635.

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