Charlestown Township, Clark County, Indiana

This cemetery is located on the old Bryson farm, behind the old Charlestown sewer plant.  In 1961, the 58+ acre farm was acquired by Charles M. Couch and Dorothy Couch.  Prior to its acquisition by Mr. & Mrs. Bryson, the farm was owned by Peter Mitchell and his wife, who transferred the property to Buford Reeves in 1859.  Today, the farm is beautifully maintained by Dan Miller, who guided us to the cemetery.

We don't know where the moniker "Carter Cemetery" came from.  When we visited this site on November 4, 2000, the only remaining stone fragments found here bore the surnames REYNOLDS and KENDALL.

We were informed that many believe that some 30 years or more ago, someone stole most of the stones from this cemetery and reportedly used them to build his BBQ grill.  Perhaps some of those stolen stones were for people named CARTER, but we found none with that surname when we visited.

The only readable stones found during a short visit on November 4, 2000, bore the following information:

.               .                                .               .

KENDALL     *   Isabell [Campbell], wife of 

                Thomas; aged 39 years            b. ????         d. 04/11/1844
KENDALL         John J., son of ___ and

                T. Kendall, age 8                b. ????         d. 10/13/1841
REYNOLDS        Samuel H.                        b. 11/08/1840   d. 08/24/1841
REYNOLDS        Sarah, consort of ________

                Reynolds                         b. 06/19/1777   d. 12/11/1841

                {This beautiful whetstone

                marker was buried under a

                couple of inches of earth

                and was excavated by Dan

                Miller, Jim Patus and Stephen

                Franklin; found along with

                fragments of at least one

                other stone; more probing and

                inspecting will be required to

                search for additional stones.}
??????          Stone fragment found; top is

                missing                          b. 02/22/1848   d. 09/01/1851
??????          Very large whetstone slab with

                no markings except the carver's

                indicia:  "Joffries (or Jaffries),

                Ripley, Ohio"
It is hoped that when the site has been further probed and investigated for buried stones, the surviving stones can be repaired and reset.

* From Baird's History of Clark Co. (published 1909), pp. 549-550:
[Sgt. James J. Kendall] was born in Hamilton county, Ohio, on the 28th of July, 1842, and was the son of Thomas Kendall and his wife, whose maiden name was Isabelle Campbell [Kendall].  Both Thomas and his wife came of respectable families living in Ohio.  When James J. had arrived at the age of twelve years his parents moved to near Charlestown, Clark county, and afterwards located permanently on Silver creek, in Monroe township.  James J. remained on the farm until about thirty years of age.  About the year 1865 he married Margaret E. St. Clair, who came from Washington, Pennsylvania, and whose father was Jesse St. Clair."

The 1860 Census for Clark County, Charlestown Township, shows the following:

1015  KENDALL, Thomas 59 MD - Sarah 50 KY - J. Jackson 23 OH - Caroline 18 -
          Francis M. 16 (male) - CAMPBELL, Hamilton 17 - LARGEN, John 55 KY
139   REYNOLDS, James 55 KY - Ruth 48

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