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In May of 1997, the Indiana Biographies project was organized by Jeff Murphy, using the established KY Biographies Project as a model. State coordinators were sought to set up their own state project. They were offered the system design and tools created for the KY project, but were free to set up their project in any way they chose.

We are Steve & Jeannie Noe Carlisle and Lori Hoffman, co-coordinators for Clark County, Indiana, and we thank Lois Mauk for all of her past work on preparing the biography page. Lois' work for Clark County has been a great benefit for the recording of history for Clark County, Indiana on the internet.

Volunteers are needed to enter, edit, and archive the biographies for each project. If you have biographies, you would like to donate for Clark County, please contact us.

If you would like to volunteer to coordinate a county, please contact the Indiana State Coordinator, Deb Murray.

List of Clark County Biographies now on-line:

Cass Allen
Martha C. Allen
James Allen
Joel Amick
Catherine Anderson
Col. John Armstrong
Joseph Ashton
John F. Baird
Henry Douglass Baldock
Mary Jane Bottorff

Mildred Barrett
Estelle Pink Batty
Helen Townsend Batty
John Byron Batty
John W. Batty
Mattie E. Batty
Ralph Covert Batty
Charles Beggs
Abner Biggs
Alec G. Biggs
Anna I. Biggs
Bertha M. Biggs
Claude L. Biggs
Claude R. Biggs
Edgar H. Biggs
Emma G. Biggs
Herman Biggs
James Biggs
Jessie Biggs
Joseph Biggs
Mary E. Biggs
Robert Biggs
George W. Bowel
Daniel Bower
Levi Boyer
Mary Bradley
Mary M. Buehler
J. A. Burns
Ellen Cain
Andrew J. Carr
Francis M. Carr, M. D.
Henry H. Carr
James Carr
J. Leander Carr
Gracy Ann Cass
Dr. Nathan Cass
Charles M. Clark
Frank Clegg
James A. Clegg
James A. Clegg
James A. Clegg (Jr.)
John W. Clegg
Martha Allen Clegg
Mary A. Clegg
Matthew S. Clegg
Capt. Matthew Clegg
Matthew Polk Clegg
Richard M. Clegg
Sarah C. Clegg
M. B. Cole
David Combs, M.D.
David S. Cook
C. H. Coombs
Felix Coombs
Hannibal Harrison Coombs (Coombes)
Madison Coombs
Edwin M. Coots
John Copeland
James Crawford
Jessie Crim
Reuben Dailey
David Wise Daily
David Wise Daily (2)
Thomas Hart Daily
Mary Wise Daily
Philip Daily
De Christains Family
Bryan Deitz.
Fanny Dietz
Florence Dietz
Grace Dietz
John Frederick Dietz
Ruth Dietz
Thompson M. Dietz 
Walter Dietz
Samuel Denny
Daniel Doughterty
Daniel Milburn Dow
James Drummond
Dr. Joseph C. Drummond
Ann Eliza Dunlevy
George Townsend Dunlevy
John S. Dunlevy 
Simeon Crawford Dunlevy
J. and C. Eberts
William W. Faris
James Ferguson
Louis Fouts
Rudolph Fox
William Garner
Capt Robt. George
William George
James K. Gibson
William Richard Goodall
Amos Gray
Ann E. Gray
Elizabeth Alice Gray
George W. Gray
James M. Gray
Jeduthan Gray
Lydia S. Gray
Mary Gray
Nathan R. Gray
Riley Gray
Sarah Emma (Emily) Gray
Thomas LeRoy Gray
William C. Gray
Alvin E. Green
Amos Townsend Green
Bernice Edna Green
Edwin Orville Green
Florence Catherine Green
Daniel Guernsey
Daniel Guernsey
Joseph Guernsey
Meliscent Guernsey
Lucy Hall
John Milton Hallet
Julia Ann Harris 
Elizabeth Hart
Julia F. Hart
Bessie Beatrice Hawes
Blanche Townsend Hawes
Edith Nathan Hawes
James Madison Hawes
Joseph J. Hawes
Katharine Jeanette Hawes
Myrtle Foster Hawes
J. T. Hiestand
Annia Hikes
George Huckleberry, Sr.
Peter Huffman
Joseph Johnson
James Keigwin
Annie Ella King
Charles Walter King
Clela Dailey King
George Washington King
Hamilton Ferguson King
John Franklin King
John King
Lafayette Sampson King
Thomas Leroy King
William J. Kirkpatrick
W. R. Kirkpatrick
James W. Langley
Jacob Lentz
Sarah Lewis
Absalom Littell
John T. Littell
Henry Lutz
Rhoda Gibson Lutz
Richard L. Martin
Clyde Mayfield
Hollis Earl Mayfield
Lecta Geneva Mayfield
Marcellus Mayfield
McBride Family
Mary McBride
Laura McClellan
John McClintick
Samuel McClintick
George McClure
William McClure
Joseph McCombs
Rev. Isaac McCoy
John L. P. McCune
Thomas McDietz
Charles Edward McKinley
Samuel McKinley
Fredric Metzger
Judge John Miller
Emily Miller
John Morrow
John Nash
John N. Norris
John C. Parker
William Patterson
Arthur Payne
Charles Payne
George F. Payne
James Payne
John Payne
Kate Payne
Lillie Payne
Parady Payne
William Payne
Annie May Pfister
John Pfister
Thomas F. Pfister
Buckner Pittman
Nancy Ann Smith Pittman
Henry Polloch
Basil Prather
David L. Prather
Sihon Prather
Thomas Jefferson Prather
Thomas B. Rader
John Howard Ramsey
Mary Ramsey
T. S. Ransom
A. J. Reed
Matilda Reed
Dr. James Madison Reynolds
Phylancy (Phylancie or Phylatha) Richardson
Dillard C. Ricketts
Almond Roberts 
Emily Roberts
Huldah Roberts
Julia Roberts
Marintha Roberts
Millie Roberts
Nancy Roberts
Wesley Roberts
John Robertson
John Russell
Augustus Schlamm
George Schwartz
Francis J. Stierheim
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Stark
Abner D. Strother
Nancy Stroxtile
John C. Stuard
Purdue Sylvester
James Taggart
Mrs. Phineas Taylor
Ernest Thomas
William H. Thomas
Sarah Maria Thompson
Albert Townsend
Angeline Townsend 
Annie Blanch Townsend
Annie Hobart Townsend
Annie Laura Townsend
Burritt Leroy Townsend
Byron Townsend
Charles B. Townsend, 
Charles Hart Townsend
Charles Townsend
Cora Alice Townsend
Daisy Forest Townsend
Desire Townsend
Dorothy Townsend
Dr. Terry Monroe Townsend
Elam Townsend
Elijah Townsend 
Elizabeth Townsend 
Ella Elizabeth Townsend
Ella Reed Townsend
Elmer L. Townsend
Emma Townsend
Frank Smith Townsend
Franklin Townsend
George Franklin Townsend
George Harmon Townsend 
Guernsey Townsend
Hazel M. Townsend
Henry Augustus Townsend
Herman Ray Townsend
Huldah Townsend
Ida Townsend
Isaac Franklin Townsend
Isaac Monroe Townsend 
Isaac Townsend
James Allen Townsend
James Edwin Townsend
James Townsend 
James Townsend
John Townsend
Julia Townsend
Lafayette Demarcus Townsend 
Laura Pink Townsend 
Lelah Belle Townsend
Lelah M. Townsend
Lenora Jane Townsend 
Lillie Alice Townsend 
Lucy Forest Townsend
Martha Rave Townsend
Minerva Townsend
Monroe Townsend
Nancy Townsend
Nora Elizabeth Townsend
Paul Vernon Townsend
Pauline Townsend
Phila Ann Townsend
Rexie Townsend
Robert Townsend
Ruth J. Townsend
Sarah Addie Townsend 
Sarah Marie Townsend 
Sophia Townsend
Thomas Lafayette Townsend
Thomas Matson Townsend
Uriah Townsend 
William B. Townsend
Serena Trotter
Jonathan Wade
Hettie Wells
Isaac Wells
Mamie Wells
Whalen Family
C. C. White
Catherine Ella Whitesides
Daisy Grace Whitesides
Goldie Lillie Whitesides
Homer Townsend Whitesides
James Frederick Whitesides
James Otto Whitesides
Mabel Elizabeth Whitesides
Mary Addie Whitesides
Nora America Whitesides
Pearl Indiana Whitesides
James Noble Wood
Margaret Smith Wood
John Work
Dr. Samuel M. Work
Nathan Worrall
Thomas Worrall
Jacob Wright
John Wright

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