Oregon Township, Clark County, Indiana

The following narrative was prepared by Dave Stutesman (sorry, he doesn't have e-mail yet), the great-great-great-great-grandson of Daniel and Catherine Covert:

This cemetery is located in Oregon Township in Grant 177 at the confluence of Fourteen-Mile Creek and the Henthorn Branch about one mile Southwest of New Market. The cemetery is on the top of a high knoll overlooking "Covert Hole" on Fourteen-Mile Creek.

At one time this was a popular swimming and picnicking spot. According to old plat maps, this area and much of the surrounding area was owned by the Coverts.

All of the stones in this cemetery are of native creek rock, but only one has any legible writing on it: the initials "M. C."

The cemetery contains at least 15-20 stones, all weather-worn and crumbling. Some are still standing and others are lying down or are piled together. There appears to be 5 or 6 rows running north and south with 4 or 5 graves in each row. The area has many small trees growing among the graves, and there are numerous depressions where the graves have sunken in. The identities of at least four of the Covert family buried here are known, but it is impossible to determine which graves these four are buried in.

.               .                       .               .
COVERT          Catherine (Daniel's     b. ????         d. 1835

COVERT          Daniel (Catherine's     b. before       d. 1803
                husband)                   1756

COVERT          Peter

COVERT          Peter's wife
Daniel was born in Monmouth County, New Jersey sometime before 1756, married his wife Catherine circa 1775, and came to Clark County, Indiana, in 1798, where he died in 1803. Catherine died here in 1835. Daniel was a soldier and gunsmith in George Washington's Army during the Revolutionary War. He enlisted as a Private in Capt. Thomas Hunn's Company, 1st Regiment, Monmouth County, New Jersey, Militia. The Battle of Monmouth was fought on his farm 28 June 1778. Hopefully, someday a proper monument can be erected in honor of this Patriot and his family.

There is no further information on this cemetery. This index was obtained from the Jeffersonville Township Public Library, 211 East Court Avenue, Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130, telephone: (812) 285-5635.

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