Silver Creek Township, Clark County, Indiana

Above, two views of stone and footstone of infant daughter of S. & A. S. Hinton

Concrete dog standing "guard" over Cremer Cemetery

Researched by Mary Jo Harrod, this cemetery is located near Speed, Indiana, just north of Sellersburg and is visible from Interstate 65. Click here for a topographical map of the approximate location of Cremer Cemetery, courtesy of

The photos above are from our visit to Cremer Cemetery on March 24, 2001 in the company of Jeannie Regan-Dinius of the DNR Division of Historic Preservation and Archeology.

Mary Jo Harrod reported in 1997 finding the following burial information:

CREMER         Ada G., daughter of

               J. & M. Cremer (8 mo,

               13 days)                 b. 1843        d. 07/25/1844

CREMER         Jacob                    b. 1816        d. 1896

CREMER         Jacob E., son of

               D. & M. Cremer           b. 12/23/1873  d. 11/18/1875

CREMER         John W., son of

               D. & M. Creamer          b. 08/28/1872  d. 10/01/1873

CREMER         John W., son of

               J. & M. Cremer (1

               yr, 9 mo, 17 days)       b. ????        d. 08/16/1840

CREMER         Mary, wife of J.

               Cremer                   b. 09/17/1822  d. 03/31/1885

CREMER         Mary A., wife of

               David T. Cremer          b. 01/15/1850  d. 02/19/1875

CREMER         Mary C., daughter of

               J. & M. Cremer (1 yr,

               2 mo, 2 days)            b. 1840        d. 10/12/1841

CREMER         May L., daughter of

               D. & M. Cremer           b. 02/12/1875  d. 04/02/1877

CREMER         Thomas J., son of

               J. & M. Cremer (1 yr,

               11 mo, 17 days)          b. 1852        d. 12/06/1853

CREMER         William N., son of

               J. & M. Cremer           b. ????        d. 11/25/1855

HINTON         Infant daughter of

               S. & A. S. Hinton        b. 08/08/1880  d. 08/08/1880

POWLAN         Catharine, wife of

               J. Powlan (age 79)       b. ????        d. 07/05/1875

               "Through days well spent in prayer and

               praise of word and works in love, God

               led her feet by pleasant ways to his

               blest light above."

I have no further information on this cemetery. Additional information may be available from the Jeffersonville Township Public Library, 211 East Court Avenue, Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130, telephone: (812) 285-5635.

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