Silver Creek Township, Clark County, Indiana

This cemetery is located near Hamburg on State Road 60, according to an "index" found at the Charlestown Library dated 10/4/1994.

"A letter from Mrs. William Dougherty, Sellersburg, (in 1938) quotes from an old history [actually quotes History of the Ohio Falls Counties, published in 1882] which her father owned when she was a girl:
"As early as 1816, the old Cunningham burying ground, one-fourth mile north of Hamburg, was used by the family whose name it bears. It was located, when laid out, on the Salem and Jeffersonville road [now known as State Road 60], but since the varous changes in the location of this highway, the old graveyard has been thrown into a field, which at present [1882] is under cultivation. There is nothing to mark the resting-place in this graveyard of many of the first settlers of this township. Some few of the farmers deny that there is any difference in the growth of crops on the old burial site and the field outside of the original enclosure."
We learn from History of the Ohio Falls Cities and Their Counties, Vol. II, page 390 (published 1882)"
"In another place, a school house is spoken of 'in the Cunningham settlement, one-fourth mile north of Hamburg, around which quite a large grave yard was located. Both school and grave yard have long since disappeared, with now but an evergreen to mark the old site. Mr. Dougherty has just been through this old grave yard. Only four stones remain; the remainder of the markers are just common stones at head and foot of graves.'"

Based on the current Township configurations, this site is apparently now in JEFFERSONVILLE Township, not Silver Creek Township. The Cunningham Cemetery appears to be located near the junction of the present-day Highway 31 and Highway 60, just inside the Jeffersonville Township boundary.

Joseph Cunningham was one of the founders and charter members of the Christian Church (later Church of Christ) at Hamburg. According to Baird's History of Clark County, published 1909, page 276:

I suspect that the Cunningham Cemetery referenced above is, in fact, in Section 48, near the trailer park there. Though no visible sign remains today of Cunningham Cemetery, this site deserves further investigation.

I presently have no further information on this cemetery.

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