Jeffersonville Township, Clark County, Indiana

This little family cemetery is located on a farm on Salem Road, beyond the junction of Blue Lick and Henryville Roads.

I visited the site for the first time on 5/2/98 in the company of Jeanne Burke, Thelma Hogue and Gerald Kelley, after our Clark County Cemetery Preservation Committee meeting in Henryville.

We asked permission of the property owner to cross their cow pasture to visit the site and the young man at the house graciously allowed us to do so. We learned that the family has recently been working to remove the trees from within the cemetery and have recently constructed an electric fence to keep the cattle out.

The good news is that, though the majority of the stones here are broken off their bases, few of the markers themselves are broken. The new electric fence should be most useful in protecting this pretty site from grazing cattle.

There are several cultivated rose bushes which were recently planted here, probably by the property owner.

This was once a lovely cemetery and contains the final resting place for several important members of this community. (See index below.)

There was one particular stone that especially caught my eye (see photo at right). It is one of about four stones still standing and intact. The base of Mary Senour Cannon's stone is cut in a diamond or pineapple pattern and the marker itself is a diamond-shaped stone set into the base. It is simply stunning!

Another lovely stone is that of Cynthia Dietz, wife of F. M. Dietz. It features intricate decorative carvings and a carving of two persons' clasped hands. These carved hands are commonly held to represent the sentiment that, in death as in life, the devotion of these two is not destroyed.

The following information was abstracted by Jeanne Burke in 1993:

BYRD            Frank M. (husband of

                Nancy)                  b. ????         d. 04/04/1896

BYRD            Nancy (wife of Frank)   b. 12/27/1847   d. 07/03/1893

CANNON          Harriett Dietz Cannon

                (daughter of John &

                Alice Dietz; wife of

                Alfred J. Cannon, who

                is buried in Eastern

                Cemetery in Jefferson-

                ville, Indiana)         b. ????         d. ????

CANNON          Katie Whittin (dau-

                ghter of Alfred J.

                & Harriett Dietz

                Cannon)                 b. 12/17/1882   d. 05/03/1896

CANNON          Mary Ann Senour Cannon

                (daughter of Philip

                Senour & Elizabeth

                Fewell Senour, his wife;

                wife of Dr. Edward

                Guise Cannon; she died

                at her son's home in
                Memphis, Indiana; see

                photo above)            b. 02/14/1833   d. 06/14/1894

COOMBS          Alice Mariah (daugh-

                ter of Alice & John

                Dietz; wife of

                Campbell H. Coombs)     b. ????         d. ????

DIETZ           Abigail (daughter of

                John & Sarah Dietz)     b. 08/05/1844   d. 05/01/1845

DIETZ           Alice Mariah Tuttle

                Dietz (daughter of

                Solomon Tuttle; wife

                of John F. Dietz)       b. 08/27/1823   d. 08/02/1899

DIETZ           Catharine McDonald

                Dietz (daughter of

                Peter McDonald; wife

                of John Frederick)      b. 08/22/1791   d. 10/20/1835

DIETZ           Charles (son of John

                & Alice M., who are

                buried in Crown Hill

                Cemetery in Indiana-

                polis, Indiana; 

                Charles had no issue)   b. ????         d. ????

DIETZ           Cynthia A. Bailey

                Dietz (wife of 

                Francis M. Dietz)       b. 07/28/1847   d. 03/15/1875

DIETZ           Francis M. (son of

                John F. & Sarah Lewis

                Dietz; Francis was

                shot in a store in

                Henryville)             b. 01/02/1847   d. 09/25/1874

DIETZ           G. D.                   b. ????         d. ????

DIETZ           George A. (son of

                John and Alice M.;

                Geo. died unmarried)    b. 01/11/1843   d. 12/09/1893

DIETZ           Grant (son of John

                F. & Alice M.)          b. 11/12/1863   d. 09/02/1887

DIETZ           James Noble (son of

                John & Alice M.)        b. ????         d. ????

DIETZ           John Dietz, Sr. (age

                80 yrs, 9 mos, 10 

                days; husband of

                Dorothy Cline; they

                came from Philadel-

                phia; parents of John

                Frederick, who is

                buried at Mountain

                Grove Cemetery)         b. 1765         d. 11/1845

DIETZ           John F.                 b. 02/21/1820   d. 12/16/????

DIETZ           John Franklin (son

                of John & Alice M.;

                Civil War Veteran)      b. 04/01/1841   d. 01/07/1881

DIETZ           John Frederick

                (Trumpeter in the

                Battle of Tippecanoe;

                first wife, Catherine

                McDonald; second wife,

                Sarah Lewis)"           b. 10/04/1788   d. 03/15/1874

DIETZ           Martha (buried in

                Monroe Twp., Clark

                County; daughter of

                John Frederick &

                Sarah Lewis)            b. 1840         d. ????

DIETZ           Mary E. (daughter

                of John & Sarah)        b. 05/1842      d. 10/28/1844

DIETZ           Sarah Ann (daughter

                of John & Catharine;

                wife of Christopher;

                died at age 24)         b. 1822         d. 09/15/1846

DIETZ           Sarah Lewis (second

                wife of John Fred-

                erick Dietz)            b. 04/23/1806   d. 11/05/1873

DIETZ           William (son of John

                & Alice M.)             b. 1847         d. 05/06/1861

HEISTAND        Infant son of James

                T. Heistand & Mary

                Catherine Dietz Hei-

                stand                   b. ????         d. 06/06/1899

HEISTAND        Mary Catherine (dau-

                ghter of John & Alice

                M. Dietz, buried in

                Fairview Cemetery in

                New Albany, Indiana)    b. ????         d. ????

HUNTER          Deanitha Dietz Hunter

                (daughter of John &

                Alice Dietz; "see

                Sellersburg Cemetery,

                Clark County, Indiana")

I have no further information on this cemetery. Additional information may be available from the Jeffersonville Township Public Library, 211 East Court Avenue, Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130, telephone: (812) 285-5635.

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