(a/k/a Dailey Cemetery)
Utica Township, Clark County, Indiana

This cemetery is located on the River Ridge inside the Indiana Army Ammunition Plant (now known as "Facility One") near Charlestown.  Click here for a topographical map of this site, courtesy of

Friend Cemetery is not a Quaker cemetery as some have thought. The property was owned by the Friend family at the time of its acquisition by the government circa 1940.

Kerry Dupaquier of ICI Americas (see photo at left) is the Marketing Specialist for Facility One and was our guide on the 6-hour tour. He even took us to visit the house formerly used as the residence of the Plant's commanding military officer during its heyday.

We visited Friend Cemetery (a/k/a Dailey Cemetery) on 11/29/97 and found it in beautiful condition.

There are 48 houses here that were used by the federal government to house military personnel during the 50 or so years that the Plant was active after its creation in the World War II era. Several of these houses (which have been vacant since approximately 1994) have commanding views of the Ohio River.

The photo at right shows two stones at Friend Cemetery that have been repaired in recent years by ICI Americas and the federal government with stainless steel sleeves.

Granted, these sleeves are not necessarily attractive and in a few cases the edges obscure the carvings; however, without such repairs these stones would doubtless have been destroyed years ago.

We hope to have a complete on-line index here soon.

The photo at left is a beautiful stone over the adjoining graves of Susan Dailey and Philip Dailey.

The following is the index Jeanne Burke abstracted from this site during our 11/29/97 tour of the ten cemeteries inside the Plant. The surnames of the persons buried at Friend Cemetery include:

.               .                       .               .

BELL            Mary M., wife of Uriah  09/26/1823      07/31/1857
BELL            Susan M., daughter of

                Uriah and Mary          07/12/1857      09/14/1857
DAILY           John M., son of Philip

                and Susan M.            04/30/1853      10/21/1893
DAILY           Philip, husband of

                Susan M.                02/04/1816      02/17/1875
DAILY           Susan M., wife of

                Philip Daily            06/24/1832      08/24/1860
HAWN            Dorothy, wife of

                Peter Hawn (81 yrs.)    ????            03/1841
HAWN            John (either 17 or

                47 years)               ????            09/13/182__??
HAWN            Peter, husband of

                Dorothy                 ????            05/09/1827
RILEY           Sarah Ann, wife of

                Joseph                            No dates
SHIELDS         Martha E.               01/18/1844      05/10/1855
I presently have no further information on this cemetery. Further information may be available from:
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