Charlestown Township, Clark County, Indiana

This cemetery is located on Essroc property near Stricker Road and Brick Church Road, in a field near Sinking Fork Creek. Click here for a topographical map showing the location of Goodwin/Nicholson Cemetery at 38° 26' 50"N, 85° 44' 01"W, in the NW 1/4 of Section 151.  {Courtesy of}

There is a large stone fence. The following records were secured in part by Mrs. George Patrick, Mrs. G. T. Bell, Mrs. Albert Boyer, the Home Ec Committee and the Pleasant Grove Club. (Circa 1940s.)

In the Spring of 1997, one or more miscreants attempted to exhume the body of a woman buried here for more than a century. The vandalism was reported by an observant Conservation Officer and Danny and Betty Johnson of Sellersburg, with the assistance of several local residents, filled in the three-foot hole at the gravesite and tackled the clean-up of this cemetery, which had not been tended in a number of years. "Thanks!"

Infant children of

  D. H. & Sarah         COOMBS          b. ????         d. ????

Pricilla (wife of

  Abner)                DUNN            b. 1769         d. 08/30/1843

Abner (son of Amos)     GOODWIN         b. ????         d. 04/01/1828

Amelia Ann (wife of

  Amos)                 GOODWIN         b. 06/09/1792   d. 12/21/1884

Amos                    GOODWIN         b. 08/24/1792   d. 1863

Amos                    GOODWIN         b. ????         d. 08/24/1886

Priscilla Dunn          GOODWIN         b. ????         b. ????

Mary G. (daughter of

  John P. & Priscilla

  Nicholson, sister

  of Dunn Nicholson)    HOEFFNER        b. 01/04/1849   d. 01/04/1870

Delilah GOODWIN (wife

  of William L.

  McCAMPBELL)           McCAMPBELL      b. 12/1825      d. 09/01/1855

Abner (son of John P.

  & Priscilla)          NICHOLSON       b. 09/11/1846   d. 03/21/1898

Edwin (son of John P.

  & Priscilla)          NICHOLSON       b. 07/14/1852   d. 08/02/1852

Newton (son of John P.

  & Priscilla; died

  1863 or 1864)         NICHOLSON       b. 09/09/1844   d. 05/01/1863
I have no further information on this cemetery. This index was obtained from the Jeffersonville Township Public Library, 211 East Court Avenue, Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130, telephone: (812) 285-5635.

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