(also known as "Hitch Cemetery")
Carr Township, Clark County, Indiana
  This cemetery is located on what was the Hagest Farm, 3/4 mile North of Bennettsville on Highway 60 in the SW quarter of Section No. 11.

The property is on that which was owned by Ski Starlite. Ski Starlite went bankrupt and the property is owned in 1997 by Jesse Ballew.

The following index is a composite of the one found in the Jeffersonville Library and the work of Betty and Dan Johnson of Sellersburg, who restored Hagest Cemetery in 1996/1997. If you would like to contact Dan and Betty, please get in touch with me. They do not have e-mail service.

BANE *          Sarah L. Keibler

                Bane (unmarked, except

                for white cross)        b. 11/16/1871   d. 03/16/1940

HANSOHM *       Fredrick (age 58)       b. 1824         d. 03/15/1882

HANSOHN *       John                    b. 04/16/1790   d. 07/23/1847

HANSOHM *       Mary F.                 b. 08/16/1820   d. 10/17/1906

HAGEST *        Josephine (mother;

                wife of Sam Hagest)     b. 05/24/1860   d. 10/09/1916

HAGEST          Lizzie                  b. 1886         d. 1893

HAGEST *        Lizzie (child of

                S. & J. Hagest)         b. 03/01/1893   d. 12/20/1895

HAGEST *        Maggie (child of

                S. & J. Hagest)         b. 09/16/1886   d. 12/12/1902

HAGEST *        Sam (father; hus-

                band of Josephine)      b. 04/05/1858   d. 08/24/1936

HARVEY *        John F. (born in

                Germany; Lt., Co. D,

                26th Kentucky Infan-

                try, Civil War; died

                in Clark Co., Ind.))    b. 08/19/1828   d. 08/23/1865

KEIBLER *       (see also "Kibbler",

                German spelling, below)

KEIBLER *       Anna Katherine 

                (mother)                b. 04/16/1884   d. 12/20/1904

KEIBLER *       Cora (grandmother

                of Betty Johnson)       b. 1862         d. 01/21/1942

KEIBLER *       Frederick (twin; son

                of J. J. & M. Keibler)  b. 06/15/1864   d. 12/02/1897

KEIBLER         Homer                   b. 1900         d. 1920

KEIBLER *       J. J. (Civil War

                Veteran; Co. D, 59th

                Regiment, Indiana)      b. 1830         d. 11/27/1876

KEIBLER         Jacob                   b. 1855         d. 1882

KEIBLER *       Joe (only a white

                cross marks this grave) b. 02/28/1907   d. 02/01/1937

KEIBLER *       Johnnie W. (8 months)   b. 02/04/1902   d. 10/30/1902

KEIBLER *       Joseph                  b. 07/28/1874   d. 08/01/1943

KEIBLER *       Katherine M.            b. 12/07/1904   d. 06/25/1905

KEIBLER         Louis                   b. 1861         d. 1869

KEIBLER *       Minnie                  b. 12/09/1830   d. 06/15/1903

KEIBLER *       Minnie (daughter of

                Wm. and Cora)           b. 09/17/1883   d. 03/04/1886

KEIBLER *       Oliver                  b. 1890         d. 1916

KEIBLER *       William                 b. 1853         d. 1928

KEIBLER         Oliver                  b. 1890         d. 1916

KIBBLER *       Jacob, son of J. J.

                & A. (Amelia, also

                Mina) Kibbler; this

                is German spelling

                of Keibler              b. 10/30/1855   d. 12/24/1882

KIBBLER *       Louise (daughter of

                J. J. & A. Kibbler)     b. 09/28/1861   d. 07/15/1863

STALEY *        August W. (son of

                R. & M. Staley)         b. 11/20/1885   d. 04/04/1891

STALEY *        Walter (Sam's baby)     b. 04/25/1908   d. 12/30/1908

STEHLE *        Margaret (mother)       b. 1855         d. 1938

STEHLE          Robert (father)         b. 1862         d. 1936

STEPP *         Albert                  b. 03/03/1856   d. 05/22/1922

STEPP *         Barbara E. Keibler

                Stepp                   b. 10/24/1858   d. 02/18/1936

TACKETT *       Anne (only a white

                cross marks this

                grave)                  b. 02/11/1883   d. 12/29/1918

TACKETT *       Victor (only a white

                cross marks this

                grave)                  No dates        No dates

TULLY *         Mary Anna Keibler

                (twin sister of 

                Frederick; daughter

                of J. J. & M. Keibler;

                wife of Frank Tully)    b. 06/14/1864   d. 08/23/1909

WARD *          Hannah J. (daughter

                of S. & G. Ward; 4

                yrs., 4 mo., 15 days)   b. 1861         d. 12/18/1865

WARD *          Illegible; believed to

                be grave of Sarah Ward  b. 1840         d. 1887

WARD *          Illegible; believed to

                be grave of George Ward b. 1833         d. 1887

WARD *          Illegible; believed to

                be grave of Steve Ward  b. 1886         d. 1886

WARD *          Steven (son of S. &

                G. Ward; 1 yr., 2 mo.,

                13 days)                b. 1865         d. 03/18/1866


*  New or additional information provided by Betty and Dan Johnson.

The following are comments dated May 1997 from Betty and Dan Johnson of Sellersburg, 

Indiana, who restored this cemetery:
"Ski Starlite went bankrupt and, as of March 1997, Jesse Ballew owns the property surrounding this cemetery. It is being mowed three times a year by Bob Staley at the expense of the Township Trustee's Office. In 1996, Dan and I did some much needed repair work to the stones and bases. Many were down and completely covered. We also had the death date put on my grandmother's stone. We made the white crosses for the unmarked graves, getting the information from the Clark County Health Department. We also planted some bushes and flowers. I wrote to Jesse Ballew asking for rock to be used at the top of the steep hill that borders the rear of the cemetery. It is eroding at a fast pace and I am very afraid some of the stones will end up in the lake below.

"In May of 1997, Dan and I made arrangements to add the channel liner rock to the hill and we obtained written permission from Jesse Ballew's office. REMC gave us the utility poles and Mark Eckert and Mark Everage put them in place on the steep hill. Alice Schleicher donated 20 ton of rock. Sammie Amos (Dan and Betty's grandson), Jamie Huffman of the Boy Scouts, Dan and I added this rock, one stone at a time, on the hill. This is very hard, slow work, but will keep the cemetery from sliding into the lake below. We received a $25 donation from Bernice Hagest, who is 92 years old. Some of her in-laws are buried here. The money will be used to buy wood preservative for the fence. The only other need at this cemetery is some good top soil to be added on the sunken graves, which will make mowing much easier. We will do this soon and then "retire" from this cemetery and probably go on to restore another one."

I have no further information on this cemetery. This index was obtained from the Jeffersonville Township Public Library, 211 East Court Avenue, Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130, telephone: (812) 285-5635.

E-mail: Dee Pavey

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