Oregon Township, Clark County, Indiana

This cemetery is located on Old State Road 3 in Oregon Township, north of Otisco.  It is close to Emmanuel United Methodist Church Cemetery and very near the Monroe Township line.  Click here for a topographical map of this site, courtesy of

This is a small, old cemetery.  The earliest burial appears to have been in 1858 and the most recent in 1962, but this was an isolated modern-day burial.

We are advised that many, many stones from Kern Cemetery have "disappeared" over recent years.  Only a few (8 or so) were visible when we visited on 6/5/1999.  The grounds are kept mowed and clean, but several stones were found swallowed up in vegetation, especially honeysuckle.  One large stone is broken, with the top piece (about 3' long) teetering on the bottom portion, leaning back at a severe angle, propped up by a small tree stump.  There are four adjacent bases near the entrance with no accompanying stones in sight.

We pulled away one clump of vegetation, revealing a small stack of broken stones.  (See photo below, left.)  Nearby, several small stones are overwhelmed by vegetation.  (See photo below, right.)

Though the grass is kept well mowed, the cemetery obviously needs some attention to control the rampant vegetation, especially the honeysuckle.

The following records were supplemented by information found in the Hoosier Journal of Ancestry in its "Clark County Cemeteries" publication, a companion publication of The Clark County Special.

This index was done in the mid-1980s when many more stones were visible than are found here today.

.               .                       .               .

                                        Birth            Death
BRANDT          John (husband of

                Margaret)               No dates
BRANDT          John M. (son of J. 

                & M.)
BRANDT          Margaret (wife of

                John)                   No dates
DIETRICH        L. J.                   09/23/1828       04/14/1858
DIETRICH        Willie (son of W. &

                A. B.)                  11/19/1866       11/19/1866
EBINGER         Eva (wife of Michael)   1834             1910
EBINGER         Michael (husband of

                Eva)                    1832             1887
KERN            Della M. (sister of

                William)                ????             1962
KERN            George (husband of

                Mary)                   02/19/1843       BLANK
KERN            Lully (daughter of

                George and Mary)        11/11/1875       04/02/1881
KERN            Mary (wife of George)   07/04/1844       08/10/1903
KERN            Mary Elizabeth (wife

                of William)             02/23/1811       10/01/1874
KERN            William (brother of

                Della M.)               ????             1935
KERN            William H. (son of

                George & Mary)          04/01/1865       08/09/1865
KIELMEIER       Charles A. R. (son of

                H. & M.)                04/05/1864       10/20/1872
KIELMEIER       Henry (son of H. & M.)  05/08/1855       11/14/1874

I presently have no further information on this cemetery. Additional information may be available from:
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