Silver Creek Township, Clark County, Indiana

According to the research of Mike Flaugher <flaugher@thepoint.net>, the Lehmanowsky cemetery is located in Grant Section 108 of the Illinois Grant. This "family graveyard" was set aside in a Deed dated July 1, 1856 (Book 46, Page 359).  According to the old system, it would start at the intersection of Poindexter Roads and what is now Highway 60, near Hamburg and run 16 poles (264 feet) southwest down Poindexter, then southeast 50 poles (825 feet) parallel to Hwy 60.

This site is believed to be the burial place of John Jacob Lehmanowsky and Lydia Sieg Lehmanowsky, who died in 1856 and 1854, respectively, in Clark County, Indiana, Silver Creek Township.  Given the stated dimensions, it is likely there are other burials here as well.

The bequest was included in Lehmanowsky's will, Index to Indiana Wills Phase 2 1850-1880 being in Book D of the Clark County Records, but that book was never recovered after the 1937 flood.

The Lehmanowskys were poor when they died (he gave away two fortunes), and this was not a well-developed farm but had been given to them by Lydia's parents.  Mike Flaugher suspects there were only primitive markers here, which in time deteriorated. What's interesting is that from newspaper articles he has it would appear that Lehmanowsky was well-known in Clark County although retired. He made a failed trip to France to reclaim an estate granted him by Napoleon Bonaparte. Louis Napoleon threw him into prison and he returned to America penniless, which is how he wound up on the donated farm in Silver Creek in the first place.

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