Utica Township, Clark County, Indiana

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Mrs. Robert Marshall of Utica reported in June 1998 on her visit several years ago to the LENTZ FAMILY CEMETERY, on the hills overlooking the Ohio River, above Utica.  Lentz Family Cemetery is located at 38.3510°N, 85.6511°W in the center of Section 17 in Utica Township.  Click here for a topographical map, courtesy of www.topozone.com.

From her notes of that visit, she provides the following partial index (there were quite a few illegible stones, which are not represented here):

JACOBS         Mary Lentz, daughter of 

               Samuel and Elenor, first 

               wife of Thomas Benton JACOBS,

               aged 25 years                 b. 1842        d. 1868
LENTZ          Abraham, son of Samuel and

               Elenor, 18 years, 7 mos.,

               17 days                       b. ????        d. 10/09/18___
LENTZ          C. M. E., wife of Samuel      b. ????        d. 1865

               (Mrs. Marshall's information

               indicates her name was

               Elenor Maria Christina.  Her

               maiden was SHAFFER and she

               born in Germany, coming to

               America when only 13, accord-

               ing to Baird's History of

               Clark County, published 1909)
LENTZ          Henry                         b. 12/21/1796  d. 08/10/1867
LENTZ          Jacob, son of Samuel and

               Elenor, 20 years, 10 mos.,

               6 days                        b. 1839        d. 02/22/1860
LENTZ          Samuel, husband of "C.M.E.",

               son of John Lentz and

               Catherine Couch, per JACOBS

               family researcher Charlie

               Jacobs (Samuel was born in

               Philadelphia, per Baird's

               History of Clark County)      b. 05/19/1802  d. 09/17/1875
LUTZ           Elizabeth Lentz, wife of

               Alex R. Lutz and daughter

               of Samuel and Elenor Lentz,

               27 years, 2 mos., 10 days     b. ????        d. 03/15/1860

Mrs. Marshall advises that Samuel Lentz's wife's name was Elenor Maria Christina. It appears that she did go by "Elenor" since they are referred to as "S and E".

The blank dates were not legible when she abstracted this cemetery.

Mrs. Marshall learned from either Lentz or Jacobs family history that Mary Lentz's husband was Thomas Benton Jacobs. She checked some Jacobs information available to her and learned that Mary and Thomas had children in 1862, 1864 and 1866, so Mary died in or after 1866.

Henry Lentz was Samuel Lentz's older brother.

Besides all of Samuel and Elenor's children who died, they had five other children. One was Mrs. Marshall's great-grandfather, Christian, and another was Carr Lentz's grandfather, Nicholas. Note the 1860 census entries for Christian and Nicholas (then 25 and 29, respectively), as residents of a hotel in Jeffersonville at the time of that census.

Mrs. Marshall hopes to soon return to the Lentz Family Cemetery to try to update this information, but intends to do so after the snakes have taken refuge for the winter.

From the 1820 Clark County Census:

           Lentz, John      Utica Township        Page 010
From the 1830 Clark County Census:

           Lentz, Samuel    Jeffersonville Twp.   Page 044

           Lentz, Henry     Jeffersonville Twp.   Page 044

On 1860 Census for Jeffersonville Township:
Page 311   In the "household" of R. L. BROWNING, 42 KY (male) hotel keeper:

           LENTZ, Nick 29 - Christian 25 (among many other residents)

           [brothers; sons of Samuel and Elenor Lentz]
On 1860 Census for Utica Township:
Page 187   LENTZ, Jacob 53 PA - Mahala [Prather] 43 - SWARTZ, Maria 24 - 

           Cora 2 - Franklin 22 - Edith 16 - Mary 14 - Jacob Jr. 11 - 

           Fannie 4
On 1860 Census for Charlestown Township:
Page 55    LENTZ, Charles 31 (born Nassau, Germany) - Christine 22

           (born Nassau, Germany) - Mary E. 1 - HARTMAN, Frederic 17
Page 523a  LENTZ, John 50 (born Nassau, Germany) - Catharine 47 (born 

           Nassau, Germany) - William 17 - Amanda 13 - Josephine 11 - 

           Louisa 9 - Caroline 6 - Emaline 4 - John 3
Page 434   LENTZ, William 33 (born Nassau, Germany) - Barbara 23 (born 

           Nassau, Germany) - Robert 4 - George 2 - William 1/12
Page 435   LENTZ, Sophia 57 (born Nassau, Germany)

The Clark County Marriage Records for 1790-1850 indicate the following LENTZ marriages:
LENTZ, Ann            STARKWEATHER, Samuel     31 Dec 1834 

LENTZ, Elizabeth      PRATHER, Thomas W.       28 Aug 1828 

LENTZ, Henry          CAVENDER, Deborah        11 Feb 1823 

LENTZ, Jacob          PRATHER, Mahala          24 Aug 1834 

LENTZ, Samuel         SCHAFER, Catharine       18 Feb 1826 

LENTZ, William        JACOBS, Mary             24 Dec 1844

No further information available at this time.

I presently have no further information on this cemetery. Further information may be available from:

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