Monroe Township, Clark County, Indiana

This cemetery is located behind Stuckey's filling station and Schuler's Restaurant in Henryville, adjacent to the house at 309 N. Francke Road. Click here for a topographical map of the approximate location of the cemetery, courtesy of  There is an open field behind the restaurant and the cemetery, which appears to have been quite large at one time, is on the north end of that field, near a residence.

Jeanne Burke, Gerald Kelley, Thelma Hogue and I visited Little Union Cemetery after the 5/2/98 meeting of the Clark County Cemetery Preservation Committee meeting in Henryville. The grounds were for many years very well tended by the gentleman that lived next door. Many of the graves were decorated with artificial flowers. As might be expected, however, many of the stones are broken and some are clustered around standing stones. There are also several stones along the fence row.

The neighbor (Mr. Fred Smallwood) died in July 2000 and the cemetery has not been quite as well cared for since his death.  Now (02/2002), it appears that the cemetery is in danger of being encroached upon by new development.
The following is taken from Jeanne Burke's abstract notes entitled, "Some People Known to be Buried at Little Union Cemetery":
Little Union may have been a community cemetery rather than one established by a particular church. Probably, most of those buried here were related by blood or marriage. Little Union was begun sometime in the 1820's and, although no record of all burials has survived, some evidence of those interred there has been collected from "The Journal of Burritt Guernsey", 1829-1868, tombstone inscriptions, letters, etc.

The following is the index Jeanne has researched. It includes many references to people known or believed to be buried there, but for whom there are no visible stones.

.               .                       .               .
BIGGS           Sasha (age 12)          b. ????         d. 03/01/1833

BIGGS           "Old Mr. John Biggs"    b. ????         d. 01/23/1847

                (Died of old age)

BIGGS           "John Biggs' wife

                died at 9:00 o'clock

                at night"               b. ????         d. 08/25/1844

BIGGS           Harrison Biggs' child

                died of flux            b. ????         d. 08/26/1849

BURKE           "Old Mrs. Burke" bur-

                ied at Little Union

                8 Feb. 1842.            b. ????         d. 1842

BURKE           Baylous Burke on

                1840 census of Monroe


CAIRNS          Hannah                  b. 10/23/1797   d. 11/11/1839?

                ("Consort of Robert, who departed this 

                life 11/11/1839? aged 39?.  She was

                Hannah Biggs, a daughter of Robert Biggs

                and his wife, Hannah, who were the first

                settlers in this area of Clark County.  

                Hannah Biggs, daughter of Robert, was born

                23 October 1797; married 10 February 1818

                to Robert Cairns (born 4 August 1872 [sic],

                died 16 October 1863) and died 11 September

                1837 (according to family)."

CLARK           Ichabod                 b. ????         d. ????

                (Jeanne Burke reports that a letter dated

                15 March 1995 from Sally B. Pike says 

                Clark was buried at Little Union Cem.)

CLEGG           "Old Mrs. Clegg was

                buried 26 March 1849."  b. ????         d. 1849

CLEGG           Mary, consort of 

                Richard Clegg, age

                75 years                b. 11/1771      d. 03/06/1846

CLEGG           Richard Clegg, age

                76 yrs, 5 mos.  He

                "was born in Ireland,

                a son of Thomas Clegg.

                Richard Clegg is the 

                father of Mathew Clegg,

                a pioneer lawyer and

                Civil War Veteran in

                Clark County."          b. 1776         d. 04/21/1853

CRIST           Mr. Crist (no first

                name); no stone sur-

                vives at site; infor-

                mation was obtained

                by Jeanne Burke by

                from Barbara Clegg

                Brown, who visited

                cemetery in 1970.       b. ????         d. ????

CRIST           Mrs. Crist (Rachel)     b. ????         buried


GROSS           Lauson [or "Lawson"]

                (Co. B., 74th

                Indiana Infantry)       b. ????         d. 1877

                  "He was a school teacher in Monroe Twp.

                  and a Civil War Veteran.  On 22 July

                  1860, he married Mariah K. Lewis, a

                  daughter of John K. and Mary (Harrell)


HUCKLEBERRY     Eliza Jane (died of

                consumption)            b. ????         d. 10/12/1845

HUNTER          Andrew                  b. 03/15/1802   d. 06/10/1836

HUNTER          Martha                  b. 04/15/1834   d. 05/16/1835

HUNTER          Mary A.                 b. 04/13/1804   d. 10/20/1847

                ("She may have been the daughter of

                Richard and Mary (Simpson) Clegg, who

                came to Clark Co. from Ohio Co., Vir-

                ginia (now West Virginia) after 1810.

                Mary Clegg and Andrew Hunter were married

                in Ohio Co., Virginia in 1825.

HUNTER          "Widow"                 b. ????         buried


                ("Died of 'dropsy'. May be Mary Hunter,

                above, but date on stone disagrees with

                Guernsey's journal.")

LEWIS           John K. Lewis' child

                died 20 March 1844.

                Buried the 23rd.        b. ????         d. 03/20/1844

LEWIS           John K. Lewis' child

                died 22 March 1844.     b. ????         d. 03/22/1844

LEWIS           Mrs. John K. Lewis

                (Mary Harrell)

                "dropped dead 10 May

                1854.  Mr. Lewis was

                born in 1803 in Pen-

                nsylvania to John and

                Martha (Kelly) Lewis."  b. ????         d. 1854

McCLURE         William McClure's

                child buried at Little

                Union on 20 March 1844  b. ????         d. 1844

PUCKETT         James (2 weeks old)     b. 1846         d. 01/05/1847

PUCKETT         Leah                    b. 05/17/1820   d. 09/17/1871

PUCKETT         Mary (conflict between

                death date on her 

                stone and Mr. Guern-

                sey's journal)          b. ????         d. 02/04/1844

                                                        OR 02/24/1844
I have no further information on this cemetery. Additional information may be available from the Jeffersonville Township Public Library, 211 East Court Avenue, Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130, telephone: (812) 285-5635.

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