(a/k/a "Hopewell Baptist Church Cemetery")
Jeffersonville Township, Clark County, Indiana

This is a Winter 2000 photo of McClintick-Sylvester Cemetery taken from adjacent Interstate 265, after the site had been cleared by:
  • Workers from the Clark County Courts' Community Service Corps
  • Inmates from the Clark County Sheriff's Department
  • Two teams of volunteers from the National Acteens Convention in Louisville (Baptist youth groups for girls)
  • Members of the Clark County Cemetery Preservation Committee and
  • An Eagle Scout candidate.
  • Click here for a topographical map of McClintick-Sylvester Cemetery, courtesy of
    This is what McClintick-Sylvester Cemetery looks like today (9/9/2001).  AJ&E Builders disturbed the soil here to within ONE FOOT of the cemetery fence (installed just last year).

    Indiana Code 14-21-1-26.5 makes it ILLEGAL to disturb the soil within 100 feet of a known cemetery for development purposes without a permit from the Department of Natural Resources.


    Has the soil within 100 feet of the fence shown here been "disturbed"?

    At least one stone (about 3 feet from this particular piece of machinery) has broken since it was repaired 2 years ago.

    The unmortared brick fence that was restacked by the Eagle Scout 2 years ago in on the verge of tumbling over.

    We believe the tremendous vibration of this machinery is at least partially to blame for this new damage to the cemetery.

    Click here for a "slide show" of selected photos from the restoration of McClintick-Sylvester Cemetery as well as September 2001 photos of the encroachment upon this cemetery to WITHIN ONE FOOT OF THE FENCE by A. J. & E. DEVELOPERS/BUILDERS CO., L.L.C. of Floyds Knobs, Indiana, which is developing a 31-unit Phase Two expansion of Georgia Crossing subdivision.

    McClintick Cemetery is located in the northwest one-quarter of Section 35 on what was the Sylvester farm on Potters Road (now known as Coopers Lane), in the 3200 block, across from Tuckiana Services, near Watson. It is just south of the I-265 overpass.  The UTM coordinates are UTM 16 610967E 4245148N (38.3494°N, 85.7301°W).  Click here for a topographical map of this site, courtesy of

    Pictured at left is Steve Overton, a Sellersburg Eagle Scout candidate, hard at work on July 31, 1998, cleaning and restoring McClintick/Sylvester Cemetery.

    On July 3, 1998, two teams of teenage volunteers from the National Acteens Convention in nearby Louisville, Kentucky spent several hours raking and cleaning at McClintick/Sylvester Cemetery as an off-site community service component of their convention, which drew together 11,000 teenage girls from around the world.

    One team was from the First Baptist Church in Florence, South Carolina and the other from the First Baptist Church in Conway, Texas. Our thanks to these special young women and their adult leaders for their dedication and efforts.

    The surnames of the persons known to be buried at this cemetery include:


    McClintick/Sylvester Cemetery
    Summer of 1997

    McClintick/Sylvester Cemetery
    May 10, 1998 -- Still a lot to do!
    In June of 1997, the McClintick Cemetery property was completely overgrown; only a single stone (that of Nathan Hawkins) appeared to be upright and intact. Further, there were a half dozen groundhog or fox burrows in the center of the property, where most of the graves are located. The weeds were knee- to waist-high.

    There were many fallen trees and the footing was treacherous. The site was completely overgrown and the tree canopy was so dense that it was a very dark and foreboding place.

    In June 1997, Jeffersonville Township Trustee Dale Popp was unaware of this cemetery's existence and, since June 1997, has undertaken the challenge of getting this site cleaned.

    In the fall of 1997, a crew of "community service probation" workers from Clark Superior Court Judge Stephen Fleece's "Community Service Corp" spent some time at McClintick Cemetery and started the reclamation process by removing some of the trees and brush.

    The Clark County Courts' Community Service Corps returned to McClintick/Sylvester Cemetery in May 1998. After working a full day on Saturday, May 9 and half a day on Sunday, May 10, they have removed DOZENS of trees from the site, whacked back the thousands of weeds, briars and brambles and removed a "ton" of debris, branches and weeds.

    The Trustee had the stumps cut down and ground out. In addition, he provided a dumpster to facilitate the removal of some of the debris collected during the cleanup.

    Eagle Scout candidate Steve Overton coordinated the efforts to restore McClintick/Sylvester Cemetery in 1998.

    More photos of 1998 restoration at
    McClintick/Sylvester Cemetery
    With the kind permission of the author, an excerpt from George Stuart's book, McClintick/McClintock Clans of America, is available in PDF format at http://McClintick.PDF

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    If you are researching your McCLINTICK or SYLVESTER ancestor, I suggest you contact the following family historians who might share your interest:

    Tony Sylvester
    Terry Hardgrave
    Vicki Trudell-Iseler
    Sharon L. Deming
    Dr. & Mrs. Andy Cowan
    Ann Powell
    Bryan Malone
    Dave Pickenpaugh

    The following index was copied by B. Clyde Holmes (year of indexing unknown):

    AIKIN        John, son of William Akin
                 and Rebecca McClintick;
                 grandson of John McClintick  b. 11/02/1800   d. 01/31/1860
                 (this stone is down, but
                 still legible; birth date
                 could be 1803, not 1808; an
                 Evening News article from
                 May 5, 1884 says birth date
                 is November 2, 1800)
    AIKIN        William (infant) (stone
                 found in 1998)                b. 11/27/????   d. 09/28/????
    HAWKINS      Nelson (Civil War veteran,
                 49th Reg., Indiana Infantry, 
                 Co. D; no dates; not mentioned
                 in 5/5/1884 article, so death
                 date was perhaps AFTER that)
                  [This was one of the ONLY 
                  UPRIGHT STONE in this 
                  cemetery in the Summer of
                  1998 before restoration]     b. ????         d. ????
    McCLINTICK   John Provine                  b. 10/10/1818   d. 05/05/1862
                  (this stone was down, but
                  still legible)
    McCLINTICK   Martha Espy (or Harrison,
                 per George Stuart)            b. ????         d. 08/28/1870
    NELSON       Mary J. (wife of F. R.
                 Nelson, age 32 yrs, 5 mo.,
                 5 days)                       b. Unknown      d. 12/14/1853
    SYLVESTER    Caroline McClintick           b. 07/30/1815   d. 03/13/1889
                 (wife of Emery)
    SYLVESTER    Commodore (infant son         b. 09/06/1846   d. 03/08/1847
                 of Emery Sylvester and
                 Caroline McClintick)
    SYLVESTER    Emery (husband of
                 Caroline McClintick; father
                 of Anna, Charlotte,
                 Caroline, Lane [male],
                 John [per 1860 Census])       b. 03/11/1816   d. 03/03/1885
    SYLVESTER    John N. (son of Emery and 
                 Caroline)                    b. 06/06/1850   d. 04/18/1875
    VERNON       Samuel S. (son of John
                 and K. Vernon; born
                 in Tennessee?; Evening
                 News 5/5/1884 article
                 confirms the 4/25/1859
                 birth date)                  b. 04/25/1859   d. 06/08/1861
    GRAVES OF UNKNOWN PERSONS     There are several unmarked graves, about a
                                  half dozen marked with only field stones.
    All four of the above Sylvester graves are marked by a tall granite monument with the names and dates engraved on four sides.

    The monument had been toppled by vandals; in this photo, the midsection is to the right of the base, the crown is out of the frame, to the left. Adjacent to the monument are two markers, one saying "Mother", the other saying "Father".

    The monument was repaired by Dale Popp, the Jeffersonville Township Trustee, as part of this restoration project.

    The following is an excerpt from Baird's History of Clark County, published in 1909, pp. 670-671:

    "Indiana was still a territory covered all over with virgin forests when PURDUE SYLVESTER left Wilmington, Delaware, to seek a new home in the wilderness. Following the usual route, across the mountains and down the Ohio reiver, he eventually landed in Clark County, which at that time presented few attractions for the agriculturist. He entered a large tract of land in Jeffersonville township on what subsequently became known as the Hamburg Pike, and here he went through all the rugged experiences incident to pioneer life in that early day.

    "He married RACHEL SCOTT, whose parents moved in among the first settlers, and owned land on the Middle Road in Utica Township. EMERY SYLVESTER, a child by this union, was born on the paternal farm, about four miles north of Jeffersonville, January 11, 1816, which was the year of the state's admission into the Union.

    "He worked on the farm as he grew up but had poor opportunities for education, as schools at that time were few and far between. However, he learned all about farming, as it was carried on in those days, acquired industrious habits, and came to know the value of work as an element of success in life. He remained with his parents until the eighteenth year of his age when in language of the country, he 'struck out for himself.'

    "Going up to Jeffersonville he learned the plasterer's trade and followed it for a livelihood for a few years, after which he returned to the farm and continued in agricultural pursuits during the rest of his life. Though he never sought office, his neighbors insisted on electing him a Justice of the Peace and he discharged his official duties so well that he was kept in the same position for twenty years. He was a good citizen who led a quiet, unobtrusive life, paid his debts and enjoyed general esteem in the community where he resided. He died March 3, 1885, without an enemy in the world, and with a consciousness in his last hours that he had done his duty in all the relations of life.

    "In 1839, when twenty-three years old, Mr. Sylvester married CAROLINE McCLINTOCK [actually should be McCLINTICK], member of one of the old, esteemed pioneer families of the county. Her grandfather, JOHN McCLINTOCK, came from Ireland, when twelve years of age accompanied by two brothers, one of whom, named SAMUEL McCLINTICK, settled near the Charlestown Pike, north of Jeffersonville.

    NOTE: Samuel McClintick, John McClintick, William McClintick and Robert McClintick are reported on the 1820 Census for Floyd County, Kentucky. See

    A marriage between Jonathan McClintick and Sally Case is reported in Floyd County, Kentucky on October 23, 1818. See

    "John prospered after reaching manhood, and when he died was the owner of several hundred acres of farm land in Jeffersonville township. He left a son, known as JOHN McCLINTOCK, JR. [McCLINTICK], who in 1809 married MARY PROVINE, a native of Tennessee, and became one of the county's substantial citizens. He owned a large farm, five miles north of Jeffersonville, on the road that runs from Utica township west to Blackiston's Mill, near Cementville.

    "It was his daughter [Caroline McClintick] who became the wife of EMERY SYLVESTER and shared his joys as well as his sorrows, for nearly fifty years. She survived him about four years and passed away March 8, 1889. Six children were born of this union: Mary, Charlotte, Caroline, Emery, John and Commodore C. The last named died in childhood, and both of the other sons passed away in their twentieth years. The three daughters own the home place, consisting of two hundred and fifteen acres of land and have made their residence there since the death of their mother.

    "The Sylvesters and McClintocks being among the earliest settlers, have been known in Clark County for over a hundred years, and no families have enjoyed greater esteem. One of the proud recollections cherished by the latest generation of Sylvesters is that the grandfather, JOHN McCLINTOCK, JR. [again should be McCLINTICK], was a soldier with Gen. William Henry Harrison at the celebrated battle of Tippecanoe."

    I am advised by Mrs. Edna Bates of Jeffersonville that she was always told that one of these families had a slave who, after the Civil War, declined to leave the family. When the slave (then a free man) died, he was buried here in the family cemetery. Of course, that man's name is unknown at this time but it certainly would be interesting to learn more about this story.

    Based on the booklet "The McClintick Linage" (1992), researched by George Stuart of Brookfield, Missouri and found at the Jeffersonville Library, SAMUEL McCLINTICK, the patriarch of the McClintick line, is also buried here at this Clark County cemetery:

    McCLINTICK      Samuel (married        b. about 1758  d. 1838
                    Rebecca THOMPSON on
                    04/20/1785; wife
                    Rebecca is presumed
                    buried here as well)
    According to the History of the Ohio Falls Counties, published 1882, page 405:

    "Samuel McClintick, a soldier in the battle of Tippecanoe, built the first brick house in Utica [on Lot Number 19; Clark Co., Indiana], which he occupied till 1823. He sold out and removed to Polk county, Indiana, where he died in 1826. His wife was Nancy Wood, whom he married in 1815."

    Mr. Stuart's research indicates that Samuel McClintick died in 1838 and that he is buried at McClintick Cemetery in Clark County, Indiana. That is certainly possible in that Mr. McClintick's son and much of his family remained here in Clark County, which was also the home of his wife's family.

    The following entries from the 1820 Census for Clark County, Indiana may be useful to those researching this line:

    Mc Clentick, John, Jr.   SILVER CREEK TWP      Page 017
    Mc Clentick, William     SILVER CREEK TWP      Page 017
    Mc Clentrik, Samuel      UTICA TWP             Page 014
    Mc Clintic, John, Sr.    CHARLESTOWN TWP       Page 048
    Mc Clintick, Samuel      SILVER CREEK TWP      Page 017
    Silvester, Emery         JEFFERSONVILLE TWP    Page 014
    Silvester, Perdue        SILVER CREEK TWP      Page 017
    Sylvester, William       JEFFERSONVILLE TWP    Page 011
    The following McClintick/Sylvester marriages are listed in the Clark County marriage records index for 1790 through 1850:
    McCLINTICK, Caroline    SILVESTER, Emery        03 Nov 1839
    McCLINTICK, Catherine   WORRELL, Thomas         15 Oct 1810
    McCLINTICK, Curtis      ESPY, Sarah J.          19 Dec 1848
    McCLINTICK, Findley     SUMNER, Nancy           02 Mar 1831
    McCLINTICK, John        HARRISON, Martha        02 Sep 1847
    McCLINTICK, John T.     BROTHERS, Elizabeth     08 Dec 1823
    McCLINTICK, Mary        SYLVESTER, William      01 Feb 1836
    McCLINTICK, Mary Jane   NELSON, Francis         23 Dec 1840
    McCLINTICK, Matilda     ADAMS, James M.         10 Dec 1834
    McCLINTICK, Nancy       THOMPSON, Benjamin      04 Apr 1814
    McCLINTICK, Samantha    AKIN, Edward            27 Aug 1840
    McCLINTICK, Samuel T.   REYNOLDS, Holly         07 Jan 1822
    McCLINTICK, Sophia      HUTCHISON, Thomas       23 Jul 1846
    McCLINTICK, Tabitha     GLOSSBRENNER, John      03 Oct 1839
    McCLINTICK, William     PROVINE, Rebecca        30 May 1811
    McCLINTOCK, John        PROVINE, Mary           06 Apr 1809
    McCLINTOCK, Malinda     WHITESELL, Paul         16 Apr 1835
    McCLINTOCK, Samuel      STACY, Mary             20 May 1826
    McCLINTOCK, Susannah    WILLIAMS, William       21 Dec 1812
    SILVESTER, Emery        McCLINTICK, Caroline    03 Nov 1839
    SILVESTER, Perdue       SCOTT, Rachel           03 Apr 1809
    SYLVESTER, Allen        PRATHER, Elvira         03 Mar 1849
    SYLVESTER, Charlotte    TYREL, Benjamin         30 Nov 1829
    SYLVESTER, Elias M.     SPAULDING, Amanda       22 Feb 1848
    SYLVESTER, George       BLACKBURN, Phebe Ann    22 Sep 1838
    SYLVESTER, Isabella     DUSTIN, James B.        11 Feb 1850
    SYLVESTER, James        HOWARD, Polly           19 May 1827
    SYLVESTER, Jane         WROUGHTON, John         13 Apr 1843
    SYLVESTER, Joel         PERRY, Lavena           24 Nov 1834
    SYLVESTER, Margaret Ann SPALDING, George W.     23 Feb 1841
    SYLVESTER, Rachel       SHADBURN, John R.       09 May 1848
    SYLVESTER, Rachel       SWARTZ, Isaac           27 Mar 1836
    SYLVESTER, Sarah        COOK, William           14 Feb 1837
    SYLVESTER, Unity        HOWARD, Thomas          28 Jun 1829
    SYLVESTER, William      CRAWFORD, Hannah        24 Apr 1844
    SYLVESTER, William      McCLINTICK, Mary        01 Feb 1836

    More restoration project photos from

    McClintick/Sylvester Cemetery

    Additional information on this site may be available from the Jeffersonville Township Public Library, 211 East Court Avenue, Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130, telephone: (812) 285-5635.

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