Charlestown Township, Clark County, Indiana

Photos courtesy of Luanne Stahly (02/04/2003)

Photos courtesy of Luanne Stahly (02/04/2003)

McDonald Cemetery is located in Section 176 on Joe Moore Road (now known as Marion Martin Road), near Old State Road 62, some 100 yards from the road, along a fence row (Southwest).
Luanne Stahly <> and Barbara Cole Marsh have trying to get this site cleaned up, as demonstrated by the photo at right from the Spring of 2003.

There was in 1992 evidence of a few other graves, but no stones, except one. Luanne Stahly visited the site in February of 2003 and reports that she and Barbara Cole Marsh found the following stones and information:

BRENTON         Elizabeth                  b. 06/16/1849  d. 01/18/1851 

                (daughter of William 

                and Fanny)
BRENTON         Fanny (Wiley)                             d. 10/09/1844  

                (wife of William; age 

                61 yrs., 9 mo. 11 days)
BRENTON         Henry                                     d. 08/15/1831 

                (son of William and 

                Fanny; age 15 yrs., 

                2 mos., 16 days)
BRENTON         Samuel                     b. 01/18/1814  d. Broken stone;

                                                             death date unknown
BRENTON         William                                   d. 05/21/1838  

                (Rev. War veteran; age

                78 yrs., 1 mo. 12 days)
MARTIN          Rhoda                                     d. 05/11/1837 

                (Consort of John Martin 

                and daughter of Daniel 

                and Elizabeth McDonald; 

                age 20 yrs., 4 mos., 

                27 days); stone broken; 

                first name missing; 

                footstone says "R.M."; 

                marriage records indicate 

                Rhoda McDonald married 

                John Martin on 01/23/1834.
McDONALD        Daniel                                    d. 01/06/1829  

                (age 63 yrs., __ mos.;

                husband of Elizabeth)
McDONALD        Elizabeth                  b. 06/15/1783  d. 07/20/1849 

                (wife of Daniel McDonald;

                age 66 yrs., 1 mo. 4 days)

Henry Brenton's stone

Henry Brenton's stone exposed

"Sacred to the memory of Samuel Brenton"

I have no further information on this cemetery.

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