Charlestown Township, Clark County, Indiana

This cemetery is located inside the old "Rocket Plant" on the east end of the Indiana Army Ammunition Plant, between Highway 62 and the Ohio River, approximately 1-1/2 miles Northeast of Fourteen-Mile Creek.

In 1979, several stones were badly damaged. In 1997, the site was in terrible condition, completely overgrown.

Tom Gundy contacted me because he had over the years made several unsuccessful attempts to locate the old Meloy Cemetery. He knew roughly where it was, but could not find it. Though I was not able to point him "in the right direction", he was able to track down the current property owner who allowed him to inspect some old maps of the area. Tom and his friend "Spud" Baxter were able to visit the site in June of 1997.

Tom provided the photographs included on this page and reports that the site is in very bad condition. None of the stones are intact.

Tom's observations, combined with a 12/19/1979 index done by Gary Howerton, result in the index below:

G.              J.                      No dates        No dates


GILLESPIE       Gawn (age 91 years)     

                b. ????     d. 05/16/1844

                [A 1979 reading of this

                stone indicated the death

                date as 05/16/1811, but

                Tom Gundy states it is

                "1844" in the photo

                at left, which reads:

                "IN memory of Gawn

                Gillespie who died

                May 1__, 1844, aged

                91 years]

                A stone with the

                inscription "P. H."

                appears in the back-

                ground (no dates);

                perhaps the footstone

                of Polly Huckleberry.

H.              P.                      No dates        No dates


HUCKLEBERRY     Polly                   b. 10/??/1780   d. ??/??/1805
MELOY           James, husband of

                Sarah Gillespie,

                daughter of William

                Gillespie and grand-

                daughter of Gawn

                Gillespie               b. 03/24/1796   d. 02/11/1861

                [The index from the

                Library indicates

                a birth date of 

                03/21/1796, but a

                1997 reading indi-

                cates 03/24/1796}

MELOY           John (brother of

                James Meloy)            b. 02/15/1793   d. ??/??/1861
Only a fragment of the stone at left remains in 1997. It reads: ". . . memory . . . ______y Huckleberry, ____nsort of ______ckleberry, ________ of __________ T."]

Tom Gundy's research indicates that the John MELOY listed above (whose Will is dated March 6, 1861) was the son of John MELOY (born before 1765, died before 1830) and Catharine BUCHANAN (born between 1766-1775, died before 1830, daughter of James BUCHANAN, married probably circa 1788 in New Jersey).

Further, Tom advises this family came to Clark County, Indiana from New Jersey, via Pennsylvania and Jefferson Co., Kentucky, about 1815.

On 6/26/97, I received the following information from Tom Gundy concerning his latest efforts to locate Meloy Cemetery.

I met a representative of The Hughes Group, which is the current owner of what was "The Old Rocket Plant" on the east end of the Indiana Army Ammunition Plant. Although we had looked last year without finding the cemetery, I told him that I wanted to try again. We met at the gate on the northeast side of the property. He had gathered some old maps of the property and on a couple of them was a dotted square with what looked like a cross in the center. When we saw this, we had little doubt that it was the cemetery we were looking for.

We searched in the area indicated on the map. [Click here for a detailed map of the Meloy Cemetery area.] It was highly grown up in brush and trees, but eventually we spotted what looked like a couple of stones. Sure enough, we had located the cemetery (what there was of it!). We cleared some of the brush and found several stones, two of which were readable. There were other fragments of stones, some with words or letters on them. Some stones were blank, either from deteriorating or perhaps footstones. I suspect there were other stones in the area that we did not uncover because there was at least one stone we did not find that had been read in 1979. We did our best to read the stones that were there. The cemetery is in great need of care.

I have no further information on this cemetery. Additional information may be available from the Jeffersonville Township Public Library, 211 East Court Avenue, Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130, telephone: (812) 285-5635.

E-mail: Dee Pavey

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