Carr Township, Clark County, Indiana

This cemetery has been reported to me by Lonnie Fink. It is one I had not heard about until October 5, 1997. Lonnie advises that he located this one, which he refers to as "Merrill-Ward Cemetery" through land records; unfortunately, the cemetery is no longer there.

Lonnie's wife's ancestor, Commodore Ward, purchased land bordering the cemetery, along Muddy Fork Creek. Lonnie has visited the site, but didn't have a probe to try and locate graves. Flooding along Muddy Fork has been an annual problem and he is sure any surviving stones are presently covered with several inches of sand and dirt.

The cemetery is part of Land Grant Lot #199. Lonnie found it mentioned in a land deed as late as in 1905 where Jane WARD sold the property to her son, George W. THOMAS (died 1918, Lonnie's wife's grandfather). Jane WARD inherited the land from her husband, Commodore WARD. Commodore WARD died in 1878 and lived near Twelve Mile Switch. [Lonnie says he hasn't been able to figure where "Twelve Mile Switch" is located; perhaps at Bennentsville.]

This particular deed record is on page 210 and is dated April 19, 1905; however, Lonnie did not record that deed book number.

The cemetery is also mentioned in the estate settlement of Commodore WARD (pg 152, March 24, 1885, Clark Co, Indiana deed books). Lonnie believes Commodore WARD bought the land from a MERRILL, but he can't seem to find that deed at present. Commodore is buried in Miller Cemetery (also in Carr Township) with wife and no dates on stone!

Lonnie believes the cemetery is at the intersection of Ebenezer & Bennetsville Rd., between the creek and the road. The current (1994) plat map booklet of Clark/Floyd Co, Indiana indicates this property is owned by Lisa DAY and Ray Weisenbach.

The following is the cemetery land description from the 1905 deed:

The undivided two thirds of a part of survey number 199 of the illinois Land Grant bounded thus:

Beginning at the S.W. original corner of NOs 182 and 199 of said grant at a stone in the out line; thence north 40 degrees West abt 157 poles to a stone on South bank of Silver Creek {now referred to as "Muddy Fork"} in original line; then N? 65 degrees E 31 poles with the meaders of said pike to a stone corner of grave yard; thence S. 26 degrees E 8 poles and 16 links to a stone corner of said grave yard;thence N 57 degrees E 31 poles with a line of said grave yard and with yard to a stone at the mouth of the lane and center of New ROAD {Bennettsville Road}; thence S 41 degrees E about 136 poles along the center of the new RD {Bennentsville Road} to a stone in the line of the Nos 182 & 199 of said grant; thence S 49-1/2 degrees W about 61 poles to the place of beginning the undivided two thirds of 54.5 acres to the said more or less

Lonnie reports the copy of the deed he has is very faded and the letters of directions are hard to read, though the numbers are legible.

The one side of the grave yard was at least 8 poles and 16 links (over 130 feet), and the other side of the grave yard is at least 31 poles (500+ feet)! Based on this rather considerable size, Lonnie believes dozens or possibly hundreds of graves are there!!

Finally, Lonnie reports that he believes Commodore Ward ran a mill there at the creek and that the Road at one time ran straight down to the creek!

On 12/6/97, Lonnie reported that he had found further info on the Merrill-Ward cemetery. It seems that:

Peter Z. WARD   born 1792 in New Jersey

                died 1 April 1873 in Clark Co.,IN
is buried there. Peter Z. WARD was a soldier in the War of 1812 per his pension papers filed in FLoyd Co, IN. The pension papers don't name the cemetery; just calls it the old family cemetery!
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I presently have no further information on this cemetery.

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