Charlestown Township, Clark County, Indiana
This cemetery is located at 12th Street and F Avenue, inside the Army Ammunition Plant near Charlestown. There is no known index and none of the stones were reported to be legible in 1973 when the Plant's ten cemeteries and the surnames of the internments was inventoried.

Montgomery Cemetery is a small cemetery with a chain-link fence around it. Highway 62, outside the Plant, is visible from the center of the cemetery and it is surrounded by WWII era ammunition manufacture building.

Judging from the size of the fenced area, I would guess that there are far more burials here than the number of visible markers (approximately 10 stones) would indicate. 

The 1973 list indicated that there were no legible stones and I would have to agree. However, we chalked some of the stones because they could not be read otherwise.

Before the chalking, we could make out the name "Elizabeth" on one marker (the rear of which is shown at right), but none of the rest could not be read at all.

The accompanying photo certainly illustrates the level of interest among many of the 100 tour participants as they watched the secrets of this stone being revealed by the gentle application of simple chalk. I acknowledge that chalking stones is considered a "crime" by many. However, (1) we had permission from ICI Americas to do it and (2) nearly a quarter of a century ago, these stones were considered illegible, there are no indexes of this site and not even the surnames of the persons buried here was known at this time. I feel that there are sometimes extenuating circumstances which justify measures such as careful chalking.

Accompanying us on our trip was a gentleman from West Lafayette, Indiana. He joined us because he had found a reference that there was an APPLEGATE buried in a cemetery on 12th Street inside the Plant.

As a result of the chalking that we did on November 29, 1997, he was very, very pleased to learn that the two oldest-looking stones were indeed APPLEGATEs, though the name is spelled there "APPELGATE".

The cemetery is situated at the intersection of two streets on the east end of the Plant. It is within a few feet of the roadway and is easily accessible.

We hope to have a more complete index of this site posted here some day.

.               .                       .               .

APPELGATE       Elizabeth, wife of

                Samuel; age 82 years,

                2 months, ____ days;

                probably died BEFORE

                1824                     ????            12/__/????
APPELGATE       Stone adjacent to

                Elizabeth's; similar

                shape and design;

                however, probably NOT

                the stone of her

                husband, Samuel Appelgate

                [See Applegate Info page]
BOWEN ???       Felix Edgar, son of            No dates

                Joseph and Delilah
ILLEGIBLE       This stone is broken.   ????            10/15/1842

                Aged 16 yrs, 1 mo.
NORRIS          John (This stone is     ????            ????

                half buried and

I presently have no further information on this cemetery. Further information may be available from either the:
Jeffersonville Twp. Library     or      Charlestown Library

211 East Court Avenue                   51 Clark Road

Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130           Charlestown, Indiana  47111

Telephone:  (812) 285-5635              Telephone:  (812) 256-3337

E-mail: Dee Pavey

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