Charlestown Township, Clark County, Indiana

There are two sites in this tiny community commonly known as "Otisco Cemetery". One is behind the grocery store in Otisco on Old Highway 3, but that one is in Monroe Township. (Otisco proper is located in three Townships -- Monroe, Oregon and Charlestown.)

The second "Otisco Cemetery" is located in Charlestown Township. I have seen it also referred to a "Seedtick Cemetery", "Seatick Cemetery" and even "Seastick Cemetery". The road on which it is located is alternately referred to on various maps as "Seedtick Road" and "Seatick Road". (The U.S. Geological Survey map for Charlestown Township lists this property as "SeedStick Cemetery" on "Seatick Road".)  It is situated less than a mile West of Highway 3, in the Northwest quarter of Grant 209.  Click here for a topographical map of this site, courtesy of www.TopoZone.com.

     The "Clark County Cemeteries" publication of the Hoosier Journal of Ancestry (P.O. Box 33, Little York, Indiana
     47139; no e-mail address) contains a row-by-row index of this cemetery, performed circa 1986. The 139-page "Clark
     County Cemeteries" publication is available from the Hoosier Journal of Ancestry at the above address for $12.00 +
     $1.00 for shipping and handling. This listing of 26 cemeteries in Clark County includes maps of the County and each
     township, directions to the various sites and row and grave numbers for the burials listed.

.               .                       Born            Died
CAMPBELL        Ella, daughter of

                F. & M. A.              08/02/1882      02/28/1888

CAMPBELL        Elizabeth, wife of

                Lytal                   02/11/1819      05/09/1883

CAMPBELL        Infant son of James

                and Minerva A.          05/26/1887      05/26/1887

CAMPBELL        Jas.                    10/10/1851      01/17/1889

CAMPBELL        Lytle (75 years)        ????            04/09/1886

                Father of Francis

CAMPBELL        Lytle, son of

                Francis and Martha      05/08/1876      03/06/1878

CAMPBELL        Lytle, son of James

                and Minerva A.          02/15/1880      06/10/1880

CAMPBELL        Priscilla Barratt,

                wife of Richard         1845            06/06/1914

CAMPBELL        Richard, husband of

                Priscilla               1846            1876

CAMPBELL        William                 03/23/1842      08/03/1883

DAVIS           Hattie F., child of

                Henderson and Sarah     09/13/1867      12/27/1899

DAVIS           Henderson, husband

                of Sarah J.             05/14/1832      11/15/1902

DAVIS           Lula M., child of

                Henderson and Sarah     08/19/1863      02/06/1884

DAVIS           Rosella I., child of

                Henderson and Sarah     04/23/1872      12/01/1874

DAVIS           Sarah J., wife of

                Henderson               08/22/1840      01/28/1917

ENLOW           Emma C., daughter of

                Jesse and Mary          08/07/1858      09/19/1881

ENLOW           Isabella, daughter of

                Jesse and Mary          03/20/1864      08/11/1886

ENLOW           Jesse, husband of

                Mary                    12/07/1827      12/21/1897

ENLOW           Mary, wife of Jesse     01/03/1839      04/21/1914

HARTMAN         Catharine, wife of

                Conrad                  06/11/1807      08/22/1885

HARTMAN         Conrad, husband of

                Catharine               09/14/1801      05/12/1872

HARTMAN         Mary, wife of William   10/23/1833      11/28/1884

KEMPLE          Bertha C., daughter

                of W. S. & M. A.        06/21/1898      04/21/1899

KEMPLE          Martha S., wife of

                Wesley                  1871            1922

KEMPLE          Wesley, husband of

                Martha S.               1867            ????

KNOWLAND        William, Co. D., 53rd

                Indiana Infantry (86

                years)                  ????            03/15/1895

LEWELLEN        Alonzo, son of G. W.

                and S. J.               12/30/1888      02/01/1897

LEWELLEN        George W., husband of

                Laura I.                03/03/1839      04/10/1899

LEWELLEN        Jerusha M.              05/18/1803      03/08/1881

LEWELLEN        Laura I., 1st? wife 

                of G. W.                03/01/1853      03/17/1880

LEWELLEN        Samuel R.               05/30/1803      05/13/1872

MANY            John L., son of John

                and Amanda (2 yrs.,

                3 mos.)                 ????            01/11/1875

PFISTERER       Adam, son of F. K.      05/07/1866      12/24/1880

PFISTERER       Ann Lelle, daughter

                F. K. & A.              04/13/1875      02/05/1877

SCHOLES         Edward J., son of

                B. T. & S. J.           12/04/1874      10/09/1898
I presently have no further information on this cemetery. This information was obtained from either the:
Jeffersonville Twp. Library     or      Charlestown Library

211 East Court Avenue                   51 Clark Road

Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130           Charlestown, Indiana  47111

Telephone:  (812) 285-5635              Telephone:  (812) 256-3337

E-mail: Dee Pavey

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