Silver Creek Township, Clark County, Indiana
Plum Run Cemetery is located near Hamburg, Indiana, on Highway 311, about a 1/2 mile West of its intersection with Highway 60.  Click here for a topographical map of the site, courtesy of www.topozone.com.

The restoration of Plum Run Cemetery was completed in 1998 by Dan and Betty Johnson of Sellersburg, working in cooperation with the Silver Creek Township Trustee and with the assistance of Eagle Scout Candidate Jamie Huffman.

The following is excerpted from an index of Plum Run Cemetery found at the Charlestown Library, dated 08/17/1994. The information for that index was gathered on September 4, 1979 by Mrs. Don Fields and Mr. Lupton Beck of the Hamburg area near Sellersburg:

"Listing of stones still standing in Plum Run Cemetery in Clark County on Highway 311 (formerly "31-W", also known as Charlestown Road [just West of intersection of Highway 311 and Highway 60]); near Hamburg area. This is the road on which the early Leach family lived, the ones who gave the ground for the Jacobs Chapel Church - Methodist.
Beth Rasmussen <txbeth@bwoodtx.com> reports:  "My great-great-grandfather was Jacob Leach who gave the land for the Jacobs Chapel Methodist Church near which Plum Run cemetary is located. Jacob Bowman Leach married Martha Hey. They had a son, Leonard Leach, who married Margaret Grimes. They had a daughter Martha (Mattie) Leach, who married Henry Truman. They were my grandparents. My mother was Elizabeth Truman."

Dan and Betty Johnson updated the index below, incorporating the corrections and additions confirmed during their restoration of this site. They offer the following report on this project:

Dan and Betty Johnson, Sellersburg, Indiana
February 7, 1998

Be sure and check out the genealogical
information on some of these individuals below the listing.

The following is the updated index of Plum Run Cemetery, as revised by Betty and Dan Johnson in January 1998:
ACTON           Clara E. (daughter

                of W. & B. A. Acton)    b. 07/03/1873   d. 09/12/1873

ACTON           John W. (son of W. &

                B. A. Acton)            b. 12/30/1871   d. 10/11/1872

ACTON           Stephen R. (son of J.

                E. Acton)               b. 01/09/1858   d. 09/14/1875

                [Possible interfamily connection:

                Margaret J. Acton married James 

                Wells on 07/14/1849]

ANDREWS         Infant son of F. E. and

                M. E. Andrews           b. 12/15/1883   d. 12/15/1883

ASHABRANER      William Hester (son

                of Jim H. and M. E.

                Ashabramer)             b. 09/06/1855   d. 02/24/1873

BARTLE          Lutitia, wife of

                Loren M. Bartle         b. 11/07/1849   d. 02/27/1882
BECK            FAMILY PLOT:

                George Washington

                (70 yrs., 11 mo.,

                13 days)                b. 1859         d. 03/03/1930

BECK            Albert L. (shared

                stone with G. W. Beck)  b. 1864         d. 1916

BECK            Alfred Livingston

                (shared stone with his

                wife, Martha Ann)       b. 10/20/1809   d. 04/21/1889

BECK            Martha Ann Lister       b. 02/11/1824   d. 09/27/1887

                "FOUR OF THEIR CHILDREN"

BECK            John W.                 b. 1851         d. 1852

BECK            Mary E. (shared stone

                with husband, John W.)  b. 1857         d. 1863

BECK            Edward L.               b. 11/03/1861   d. 12/20/1899

BECK            Sarah Alberta           b. 1866         d. 03/12/1930
                Alicia Blackman <aliciablackman@alltel.net> advises

                of the following BLACKMAN burials reported to be at 

                Plum Run Cemetery:


BLACKMAN        Thomas (died in 1904 in Floyd Co.; per his obituary, 

                he is buried here)
BLACKMAN        Susan, wife of Thomas Blackman (died in 1888; per her 

                obituary in the New Albany Ledger, she is buried here)
                See, also, their daughter, Eveline Blackman MARTIN, listed below.
BLOOR           Jane, wife of John

                Bloor                   b. 01/05/1802   d. 03/25/1882

BROWN           Lizzie (daughter of

                C. C. & M. J.)          b. 11/07/1874   d. 09/28/1876

BROWN           Mary J. (daughter of

                C. C. & M. J.)          b. 09/23/1887   d. 09/17/1888

CLEVELAND       Warren M.               b. 1808         d. 06/16/1887
Jafra Mitzi Miller Schireman reports:

Warren M. Cleveland was my great-great-grandfather.  His obituary in the Jeffersonville Evening News (June 20, 1887, page 4 col. 2) states:  "On Wednesday June 16 Warren Cleveland, aged eighty, died at his home near Sellersburg.  The funeral took place on Thursday at Plum Run Cemetery.  The deceased leaves a wife and three children.  He was an excellent man and a fine Christian."

The number of children listed in his obituary is incorrect, but that mistake is not of any consequence.  His vital statistics are:

Warren M. Cleveland
Born 1808 in New York
Died 16 June 1887, Clark Co, IN

He was preceded in death by two wives: Mary (Maiden name unknown), 1 Dec 1849, who was the mother of eight of his children and Nancy Mary Damron (no children), 19 Sep 1872.  His third wife and surviving wife was Sarah Elizabeth Mefford, who had four children by Warren Cleveland and at least two children from a previous marriage (Shackleford). Nancy Mary Damron Cleveland (wife #2) could possibly also be buried in Plum Run, but further research is needed.  Sarah Elizabeth Mefford Cleveland died 31 May 1927 and she is buried in the Sellersburg Cemetery.

Jafra has an extensive data base for the Clevelands in Clark, Lawrence and Orange Counties. These Cleveland families roots can be traced back to 1500's in England.

CONEY           Grace (daughter of

                John S. & A.)           b. 05/02/1871   d. 01/22/1872

CONEY           John E. (son of John

                S. & A.)                b. 06/04/1858   d. 04/30/1883

CONEY           Nellie (daughter of

                John S. & A.)           b. 10/01/1869   d. 10/16/1871

CRIM            Arland (son of A. L.

                & M. A.) [crack in

                stone; death date

                either 1887 or 1888]    b. 03/10/1887   d. 06/12/188?

CRIM            Charlie, son of A. L.

                & M. A. Crim            b. 07/14/1883   d. 08/25/1884

CRIM            Achsah                  b. 1848         d. 1850

CRIM            Mary                    b. 1853         d. 1864

CRIM            Tilseann (stone

                cracked)                b. 1825         d. 1895

CRIM            Jesse                   b. 1820         d. 1893

DOUGHERTY       Thomas H. (Co. H.,

                38th Ind. Inf.) {foot-

                stone also present}     b. 1832         d. 1893

DOUGHERTY       Nancy J. (wife of

                Thomas; shared stone

                with husband Thomas H.) b. 1839         d. 1928

DOUGHERTY       Susan F. (daughter

                of T. H. & N. J.)       b. 03/22/1858   d. 03/18/1877

DOUGHERTY       William E. (son of

                T. H. & N. J.)          b. 04/03/1868   d. 08/30/1869

GRAY            Robert H. (son of

                John A. and Julia A.)   b. ????         d. 06/01/1865

GRAY            Julia Gray (died at

                27 years, 11 mos., 

                4 days {This large monu-

                was re-set by Fewell

                Monument in 1997}       b. ????         d. 06/03/1862
GRAY researcher Connie McCafferty Strandberg <RussStrandberg@compuserve.com> may have additional information on the GRAY line in Clark County.
HALL            John Lawrence Hall      b. 03/15/1825   d. 05/02/1905

                (husband of Caroline);

                born in Ohio; died in

                Sellersburg; unmarked

                grave in the northeast

                corner of the cemetery;

                information provided by

                Jafra Mitzi Miller Schireman 
HALL            Caroline Amelia Leach   b. 05/14/1831    d. 09/11/1903

                Hall (wife of John

                Lawrence Hall); born

                in Floyd Co., Indiana;

                died in Sellersburg;

                unmarked grave in the

                northeast corner of the

                cemetery; information

                provided by Jafra Mitzi

                Miller Schireman


HARRIS          David                   b. 1845         d. 1917

HARRIS          Nancy (shared stone

                with husband David)     b. 1844         d. 1916

HARTLEY         Martha H. (wife of

                Alfred)                 b. 03/02/1852   d. 03/26/1877

HENDERSON       Jno. (Co. F, 6th KY,

                veteran; Cavalry)       No dates        No dates

HENDERSON       Ida May                 b. 09/1887      d. 09/1888

HENDERSON       Mary F. (daughter of

                J. & L.)                b. 12/29/1870   d. 05/04/1871

HOLLAND*        Hilah (wife of Peter)   b. 10/16/1813   d. 12/14/1891

HOLLAND         Peter (consort of

                Hilah)                  b. 05/22/1804   d. 12/12/1876

HOLLAND         John D. {illegible}     b. 01/1832      d. 05/03/1899

HOLLAND         Warren                  b. 08/08/1835   d. 07/09/1883

                * "Names between lines on same stone"

HOSKINS         William                 b. 12/25/1805   d. 11/22/1851

HOSKINS         Jane L.                 b. 12/28/1808   d. 07/10/1880

HOUSE           Mahala J., daughter

                of J. W. & N. House     b. 03/04/1851   d. 08/27/1855

HOUSE           Mary A., daughter of

                J. W. & N. House        b. 02/06/1858   d. 01/13/1864

HOUSE           Melbern L., son of

                J. W. & N. House        b. 08/17/1860   d. 08/17/1860

HOUSE           Nancy W., daughter

                of J. W. & N. House     b. 01/08/1856   d. 01/10/1856

                [Possible interfamily connection:

                Nancy Wells married John W. House

                in Clark County, Indiana on 03/27/1838]

JACOBS          Margaret, wife of

                Nelson Jacobs           b. 04/28/1817   d. 06/25/1877?

                [Possible interfamily connection:

                Margaret Wells married Jeremiah N.

                Jacobs in Clark County, Indiana on


JERMAN          Louis B.                b. 05/19/1839   d. 12/17/1865

LEACH           Albert F. (son of

                J. N. & E. J.)          b. 02/1855      d. 07/1906

                                        OR 1866

LEACH           Eliza J. (wife of

                James E. or R.)         b. 07/06/1835   d. 05/25/1879

LEACH           Ellen E. {same stone

                as John and Mildred}    b. 07/29/1870   d. 05/08/1872

LEACH           John B. {same stone

                as Ellen and Mildred}   b. 02/01/1880   d. 05/01/1880

LEACH           Marion E. (son of

                J. N. & E. J.)          b. 09/04/1864   d. 07/20/1870

LEACH           Mildred (another

                record indicates she

                was wife of J. S. or

                H. B.) {same stone as

                Ellen and John Leach}   b. 04/21/1851   d. 02/12 or


LEVESAY         Essa (daughter of

                J. & I. J.)             b. 05/14/1880   d. 10/29/1881

LOTT            John Ezra Lott, son     b. 10/30/1889   d. 01/12/1904

                of George Milton Lott

                and Sarah Jane (Jennie)

                Hall Lott (daughter of

                John Lawrence Hall and

                Caroline Amelia Leach

                Hall (referenced above)

                Additional info provided

                by Jafra Mitzi Miller Schireman 


LOTT            James W., son of

                J. J. & M. A. Lott      b. 05/30/1846   d. 07/26/1856

LOTT            Mary A., wife of 

                J. J. Lott              b. 07/17/1821   d. 03/20/1856

MARTIN          Eveline Blackman Martin (daughter of Thomas and Susan 

                Blackman, see above; died 1950 and, according to her

                obituary in the New Albany Tribune, she was buried here,

                per Alicia Blackman <aliciablackman@alltel.net>)
MAYES           L. (age 83 yrs.)        b. ????         d. 12/28/1891

MAYES           Matilda (wife of

                L. Mayes)               b. ????         d. 07/20/1882

McCAFFERTY      Elizabeth               b. 10/10/1815   d. 08/10/1884

McCAFFERTY      W. A. (Co. H., 38th

                Ind. Infantry)          No dates        No dates
McCAFFERTY researcher Connie McCafferty Strandberg <RussStrandberg@compuserve.com> may have additional information on the McCAFFERTY line in Clark County.
Mc_________     Large piece of stone

                with only "A. & M.

                Mc_____"; the rest of

                the last name is missing

MEEK            Tillie                  b. Not given    d. 1873

MILLER          Mary (wife of John)     b. 01/23/1835   d. 05/20/1872

MOORE           A. (daughter of David

                and Sabra Moore; age

                2 years)                b. 1850         d. 07/30/1852

MOORE           Mary A. (daughter of

                E. W. & C. R. )         b. 08/03/1859   d. 04/15/1869

MOORE           Sarah J. (daughter of

                E. W. & C. R.)          b. 11/06/1853   d. 08/01/1854

MORE            James H. (son of

                Daniel & Mary; age

                8 yrs, 8 mos., 28

                days)                   b. ????         d.04/27/1865

MORE            Martha J. (daughter

                of W & M More;

                1 yr., 28 days)         b. 1869         d. 08/1870

MORE            Susan L. (daughter of

                Daniel and Mary;

                age 2 yrs, 11 mos.)     b. 05/07/1869   d. 1872
MORRIS          David R. (son of E. L.

                & N. E.)                b. 01/08/1899   d. 03/10/1899

MURDOCK         Ellen, daughter of

                G. W. and C. B. Mur-

                dock                    b. 07/02/1859   d. 04/29/1864

MURDOCK         George W.               b. 12/22/1822   d. 07/03/1865

PATRICK         Benjamin (consort of

                Fannie Patrick)         b. 04/20/1826   d. 03/20/1871

PATRICK         Fannie                  b. 02/27/1825   d. 04/1881

PETTYJOHN       Absalom                 b. 07/09/1818   d. 07/14/1888

PETTYJOHN       Levina, wife of Absa-

                lom Pettyjohn (same 

                stone as Absalom 

                Pettyjohn)              b. 01/04/1815   d. 04/16/1898

PETTYJOHN       Levina E. (daughter

                of A. & L.)             b. 06/05/1859   d. 11/12/1864

PETTYJOHN       Milow T., son of 

                A. & L. Pettyjohn       b. 06/19/1851   d. 03/16/1852

PETTYJOHN       William H. (son of

                A. & L. Pettyjohn)      b. 08/17/1841   d. 07/26/1856

PHIPPS          Martha E. (age 26

                yrs.)                   b. ????         d. 04/17/1876

PHIPPS          Pat K. (Co. C., 58th

                or 63rd Ind. Inf.)      No dates        No dates

PIERCY          Charles E. (son of 

                W. T. & S. J.; age 10

                months) {shared stone

                with Robie Piercy}      b. ????         d. 07/02/1870

PIERCY          Robie (son of T. & 

                S. J.; age 1 mo.,

                7 days)                 b. 1877         d. 05/21/1877

PRATHER         C. Kerr (son of W.

                & A.)                   b. 08/19/1866   d. 01/24/1867

PRATHER         Louisa (daughter of

                W. & A.)                b. 02/06/1853   d. 11/19/1856?

PRATHER         Orville (son of W.

                & A.)                   b. 02/08/1864   d. 02/08/1867

PRATHER         Rose Ellen (daughter

                of W. & A.)             b. 05/26/1854   d. 01/14/1856

RINEHARD        Joseph H. (son of

                M. J. & E.)             b. 10/10/1850   d. 06/21/1852

RINEHARD        Mary J. (wife of

                Edwin)                  b. 11/12/1832   d. 03/29/1852

ROBINSON        William (Co. B., 93rd

                Indiana Infantry)       No dates        No dates
Family historian Aleita King-Huguenin <Aleita@aol.com> reports to us that the above William Robinson was born March 1816 and died April 1868.  Aleita also reports that she has visited the National Archives and has reviewed William Robinson's pension file there.  Her research indicates that "his wife was Nancy Elendor Bloor.  The Dept. of the Interior granted her a pension on June 9, 1876.  Their marriage license, a doctor's affidavit and their Family Bible and her personal affidavit were all in the National Archives file.

I have done no research on this family and have no personal knowledge about the persons involved; however, an index of Plum Run Cemetery done many years ago indicates:  "Although she has no stone, William's wife Dorothy is also buried in Plum Run, per her granddaughter, Mrs. Ruth Powell of Salt Lake City, Utah. She visited the grave [in 1978] and had death certificates listing Plum Run as final resting place."

ROBISON         Sarah F. (wife of

                Samuel; age 23 yrs,

                4 mos., 2 days)         b. ????         d. 02/05/1880

SCANDLAN        Charlie (son of F. J.

                & M.)                   b. 03/26/1874   d. 11/28/1878

SCHNELL         Harriet L. (wife of

                Jacob H.)               b. 01/08/1844   d. 11/11/1886

SMITH           Clarrisa J. (daughter

                of Moses and Mary)      b. 06/25/1843   d. 04/10/1867

SMITH           Edward G. (son of 

                E. F. & M.)             b. 03/22/1871   d. 07/24/1872

SMITH           Edwin F. (son of

                E. F. & M.)             b. 11/20/1837   d. 07/21/1873

STROXTILE       Infant daughter of

                Wm. J. & M. A.          b. 07/14/1888   d. 07/14/1888

                (Contact: Nancy Lloyd <vwbug@texas.net>)

SPENCE          Martha (rest of

                marker chipped off)     b. 01/13/1840   d. 04/08/1900

THOMAS          David [the first

                blacksmith in Hamburg]  b. 07/15/1812   d. 10/17/1857

WALKER          Eliza (stone near

                Marcus R. Walker's)     b. 05/30/1860   d. 01/07/1935

WALKER          George B. (Co. A.,

                1st Kentucky Calvary)   No dates        No dates

WALKER          Marcus R. (Ind. Corp.,

                11th Infantry; stone

                adjoins Eliza Walker's) b. ????         d. 09/02/1933
WALKER          Sherman (son of G. B.

                & M. A.)                b. 04/09/1867   d. 08/28/1884
WEBER           Freddy G. (son of L.

                & S.)                   b. 09/26/1890   d. 04/14/1891
WEBER           Walter E. (son of L.

                & S.)                   b. 10/17/1892   d. 12/23/1892
Researcher Connie McCafferty Strandberg <RussStrandberg@compuserve.com> believes the above children of "L. & S. WEBER" may be the children of Lewis Weber and Sarah (Sally)  Hutchings Weber.  Sarah was the sister of Mary Hutchings McCafferty.  Sarah and Mary's  parents were Jonathan and Harriet (Miller) Hutchings.
WELLS           Catherine M., wife of

                John N. Wells           b. 06/21/1858   d. 08/25/1872

                                        OR 1835 OR 1855

WELLS           Garner                  b. 11/15/1824   d. 02/04/1897

                 (believed to be son

                 of James Wells and

                 Lydia Garner)

                [Clark County, Indiana marriage

                records:  Mildred Jane Bottorff

                married Garner Wells on 09/23/1847]

WELLS           James (age 22 yrs.,

                10 mos., 21 days;

                adjoining stone

                with Rebecca J.)        b. ????         d. 09/14/1852

WELLS           Mildred J. (same

                stone as Garner

                Wells)                  b. 01/24/1828   d. 06/22/1902

                [Clark County, Indiana marriage

                records:  Mildred Jane Bottorff

                married Garner Wells on 09/23/1847]

WELLS           Rebecca J., died at

                age 20 yrs., 6 mos.

                (adjoining stone

                with James Wells)       b. ????         d. 09/12/1852

WILKINS         Ora E. (wife of

                Charles J.; age

                51 yrs.)                b. ????         d. 03/11/1890

WILKINS         Charley A. (son of

                C. J. & O. E.)          b. 02/23/1880   d. 01/04/1882

WILKINS         George W. (son of

                C. J. & O. E.)          b. 06/22/1872   d. 10/07/1873

WILLIAMS        Lucinda V. (wife of

                William G.)             b. 01/15/1840   d. 07/31/1886

WILSON          Lula E. (daughter of

                R. A. & D.)             b. 04/16/1896   d. 10/26/1900

WILSON          William S. (son of

                R. A. & D.)             b. 05/28/1891   d. 03/10/1901

WILSON          Isabel                  b. 02/16/1838   d. 03/19/1854

YOUNG           Ann M.                  b. 1838         d. 1917

YOUNG           Charity (wife of

                James) {shared stone

                with Elizabeth E.}      b. 06/29/1814   d. 12/30/1888
YOUNG           Cora                    b. 02/05/1871   d. 08/10/1872

YOUNG           Elizabeth E. (daugh-

                ter of J. A. & S. A.)   b. {illegible}  d. 08/10/1848

YOUNG           James A.                b. 1835         d. 1915

YOUNG           James A. (son of J. W.

                & M. A.)                b. 07/29/1869   d. 10/27/1870
YOUNG           John W.                 b. ????         d. 10/28/1843

YOUNG           Little Johnny (son

                of J. W. & M. A.)       b. 01/12/18??   d. 07/22/1876

YOUNG           Ora E. (daughter of

                J. W. & M. A.)          b. 07/19/1862   d. 04/21/1863
YOUNG           Sarah A. (wife of

                John A.; died at 29

                years, 1 mo., 18 days)  b. ????         d. 02/02/1870

YOUNG           Thomas J. (son of

                J. A. & M.)             b. 07/04/1859   d. 11/25/1888

On 07/06/97, A. E. (Tony) Collier graciously provided me with the following additional information on the WELLS family in Clark County, Indiana. It is repeated here with his permission:
In the 1850 Clark County, Indiana census, Garner Wells was listed at age 24, with wife, Jane, 22, and son John N., 10 months. I think it is likely that this Garner Wells was the Garner Wells born 11/15/1824 and died 2/4/1897. It seems likely that Jane, age 22, was the Mildred J. Wells, born 1/24/1828 and died 6/22/1902, whose marker was on the same stone as that of Garner Wells. Perhaps the 10-month old child named James N. was the James N. Wells whose wife, Catherine M. died on 8/25/1872.

"I agree with the suggestion that Garner Wells was likely a son of James Wells and Lydia Garner. In the 1850 census, Garner and Lydia Wells were listed in the household of James Wells, age 28, and wife, Martha, age 20. Nothing I transcribed provided me any information about the James Wells who died on 9/14/1852 at the age of 22 yrs, 10 mos, 21 days, or the Rebecca J. Wells who died 9/12/1852, age 20 yrs, 6 mos."

Tony also offered the following information on this family:
"Jesse M. Crim and his family were listed in both the 1850 and 1860 Clark County censuses in the Silver Creek Township. In the 1850 census, Jesse M. was listed at age 29 and his wife, Telse A. (?), was listed at age 24. No children were listed but also included in the household were William A. Wells, age 42, his wife, Mary A., age 39, and five of their children.

"William Wells was a son of Francis Wells and Hannah Howell. His wife was Mary Ann Akin. They were married in 1829. I have not yet determined whether there was any relationship between Jesse M. Crim or his wife, Telse A., and William Wells and his wife, Mary Ann Akin. It seems clear that Jesse M. Crim was the Jesse Crim, born 1820, died 1893, and that his wife Telse A. (?) was the Tilsea, born 1825, died 1895, both of whose markers are in the Plum Run Cemetery list. In the 1850 census there was a one-year-old child named Isaac A. It seems likely that the Achsah Crim, born 1848 and died 1858, was this child. In the 1860 Clark County census, Jesse M. Crim was listed at age 40 and his wife, Tilseann was listed at age 35.

"In the 1860 Clark County census, Alford L. Beck, age 50, birthplace NC, was listed with his wife, Mary A., age 36. There were five children: James K., age 9; William L., age 7; Charles P., age 4; Mary E., age 3; and George W., age 1. Also included in the household was John A. Gray, age 35, birthplace KY.

"I have not determined whether there was any relationship between this family and that of Francis Wells, but I copied the listing because Francis Wells had a sister, Mary Wells, who married Samuel Beck in Surry County, NC on 10 Oct 1801. I have speculated that this Alford L. Beck might have been a son of Samuel Beck and Mary Wells, but I have not been able to confirm this speculation.

"I think we can be satisfied that this couple listed in the 1860 census were the Alfred Livingston Wells, born 10/20/1889 and died 4/21/1889, and his wife, Martha Ann Lister, born 2/11/1824 and died 9/27/1887. Their daughter, Mary E., age 3 in the 1860 census, was the Mary E. Beck, born 1857 and died 1863. Perhaps the John A. Gray who was listed with the family of Alford L. and Martha A. in the 1860 census was the John A., who was the father of the Robert Gray who died on 6/1/1865.

"In the 1860 Clark County census Jane Hoskins was listed as a head of household at age 50, birthplace 50. Three children, Julia Ann, age 25, Isaiah, age 17, and Frances, age 12, were also listed. This Jane Hoskins was probably the Jane L. Hoskins, born 12/28/1808 and died 7/10/1880, probably the widow of William Hoskins, born 12/25/1805 and died 11/22/1854, both of whose markers were in the Plum Run Cemetery listing.

"In the 1850 Clark County census there was a listing for the family of John W. House, age 34, and wife, Nancy, age 33. Nancy was a daughter of Francis Wells and his wife, Hannah Howell. The four House children listed in the Plum Run Cemetery listing were children of this couple."

I have no further information on this cemetery. The index above was obtained from the Jeffersonville Township Public Library, 211 East Court Avenue, Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130, telephone: (812) 285-5635.

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