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Restored Spring 2003 -- See update below

Though this site was reported in 1997 to be in surprisingly good condition, the photo at left can attest to the fact that it has, once again, fallen into a sad shape. On July 6, 1998, Shirley Nolot, the Wood Township Trustee, advised me that they have fallen behind with cemetery maintenance in that Township -- largely due to the tremendous amount of rain we received that Spring -- and she assured me that Robertson Cemetery would very soon be receiving some attention from the Trustee's office.

Robertson Cemetery -- Summer of 1997

Robertson Cemetery -- Summer of 1998

Side by side, these photos show the stark contrast between the cemetery's appearance in the Summer of 1997 and the Summer of 1998. If they were reversed, I would have been quite impressed with the dramatic improvement; as it is, however, the cemetery deteriorated dramatically during that year.

Reuben B. Robertson, a descendant of Charles Robertson, reported to me on June 24, 1998, that he had revisited Robertson Cemetery on June 10th of this year and was dismayed at its present condition:

Robertson Cemetery, 6-10-98
Photo by R. B. Robertson, 1998.
"What a shock and disappointment. I have enclosed copies of some pictures I took which show the present condition of this same cemetery. Very hard to believe this is the same cemetery, isn't it?

I realize that with all the rain this spring up there in your area (seems like your area is still receiving plenty of rain), that this has created problems in keeping up with the mowing and grounds maintenance but I hope that the cemetery can again become a worthy monument to our past ancestors.

Reuben B. Robertson
Odessa, Florida

According to the 1936 index (author unknown) found at the Charlestown Library, this cemetery is located "on the farm entered from the government by Charles Robertson when he came from Kentucky in 1822. It is in the NW 1/4 of Section 7, T1S R6 East. It was next owned by David Robertson, son of Charles, then by David's son Charles B. Robertson, then by William Todd."

Reuben B. Robertson visited Robertson Cemetery in September of 1997. He reported:

"I had been looking for this cemetery for at least 8-10 yrs. I had ordered a Clark Co. map from the County Commissioner's office in Jeffersonville, and went down SR 60 below Borden to Dow Knob Road looking for my cemetery again. With help from a friendly neighbor on Dow Knob Road, I was able to find my cemetery. The cemetery is in Wood Twp., Clark Co., IN in the NW 1/4, Sec 7, T1S, R6E. The cemetery is on original farm entered by Charles Robertson when he came from KY and settled on the farm in 1816.

"Much to my surprise, the County [NOTE FROM LOIS: Actually it would have been the Township Trustee, I'm sure} had recently been there working to clear/clean it up to at least be able to easily locate it along a farm lane in a heavily wooded area. I found out that County had just been there about a week earlier. From the looks of the brush they had cut down and left outside the cemetery area, it hadn't been touched in 25 yrs. or more.

"My earliest Clark Co., IN relative, Charles Robertson (a vet. of War of 1812) and my g-g-g-g-grandfather, is buried here. In looking at his marker I noted a large sycamore (I couldn't reach around the trunk) was growing where the body would have been buried. The stone and bronze marker placed there in 1941 were in great condition as were many of the other markers.

"This cemetery was located on farm land entered from the government by him and remained in the Robertson Family for many generations.

"The cemetery is on the west side of SR 60 about 1/8th mile west of the highway on a lane which is close to the south line of a golf course across the highway on the east side. It is not visible from the highway at all.

"Reuben B. Robertson, Odessa, Florida"

Photo by R. B. Robertson, 1997.

Photo by R. B. Robertson, 1997.
Charles Robertson, stone & bronze marker for War 1812, 1771-1822 on stone with Private, Ky 7th. U.S. Inf., War of 1812. The Govt. Marker was erected 28 Sep 1936, along with the bronze marker showing his service. Marker for Nancy (Ford) Robertson, wife of Charles Robertson, died 2 Mar 1860, age 83 yr, 8 mo, 8 days (born 23 Jun 1776)

Photo by R. B. Robertson, 1997.

Photo by R. B. Robertson, 1997.
Big tree at Charles Robertson's marker. Nancy, wife of Charles Robertson, center-left of tree. Charles Robertson (front-left), David Robertson, son (rear right of Charles), Margaret, wife of David (right of David's marker).

Robertson Cemetery Restored Spring 2003:

In April of 2003, Ray Wilson, Mark Robinson and Martin Schwartz undertook cleaning up Robertson Cemetery.  Jack Briles assisted them with stone repair.  The following are "after" photos provided by Mark Robinson:

The 1936 index noted above lists the following burials at this location:

BURNS           Frances, wife of

                Micah Burns             b. 08/24/1799   d. 07/21/1874

BURNS           Marion Regina           b. 02/27/1889   d. 08/06/1890

BURNS           Micah                   b. 09/24/1794   d. 09/21/1876

BURNS           Reginald Howard         b. 02/27/1889   d. 08/06/1890

FORD            George, Veteran of

                War of 1812, brother

                of Nancy Robertson,

                is said to be buried

                here, but there is no


ROBERTSON       Alexander               b. 04/10/1803   d. 03/23/1864

ROBERTSON       Charles, husband of

                Nancy; Private, Ken-

                tucky 7th, U.S. Inf.,

                War of 1812.  Govern-

                ment marker; erected

                1941.  Also a bronze

                marker showing his

                service is on his

                grave                   b. 1774         d. 1822

ROBERTSON       Charles B.              b. 11/01/1842   d. 06/27/1888

ROBERTSON       David (50 yrs., 1 mo.

                19 days)                b. ????         d. 07/25/1865

ROBERTSON       Margaret, wife of

                D. Robertson            b. 02/23/1815   d. 05/13/1883

ROBERTSON       Mary, wife of C. B.     b. 03/05/1853   d. 01/21/1884

ROBERTSON       Nancy, wife of 

                Charles Robertson

                (83 yr., 8 mo., 8

                days)                   b. ????         d. 03/02/1860

ROBERTSON       Oscar L., son of

                C. B. & M. C. (6 mo.,

                16 days)                b. 1878         d. 11/18/1878

STOUT           Charlie, son of

                Nancy & George W.

                Stout                   b. 08/07/1870   d. 02/05/1874

WOOD            James N.                b. 02/20/1839   d. 05/05/1869

WOOD            John M.                 b. 07/24/1808   d. 03/28/1869

WOOD            Margaret, wife of

                John M. Wood            b. 12/14/1809   d. 10/10/1862

"Several unmarked graves."

"Inscriptions taken by Lulie Davis, April, 1936."
Reuben Roberston provides the following background info on Lulie Davis:

I have no further information on this cemetery. This index was obtained from the Jeffersonville Township Public Library, 211 East Court Avenue, Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130, telephone: (812) 285-5635.

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