Silver Creek Township, Clark County, Indiana

A portion of Smith Cemetery

Graves of Edward and Lisetta Haas

This cemetery is located on a farm on East St. Joe Road between Highway 60 and Allentown Road at Speed, Indiana.  It is on the Dan Cristiani farm, formerly the "Conroy Place".  The only other listing found to date was done October 22, 1965 by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Atkinson from Greenwood, Indiana.  (They called it an "abandoned site".)  Click here for a topographical map of this site, courtesy of

In the summer of 1998, Smith Cemetery was restored by Dan and Betty Johnson after several large trees had fallen and considerable damage was done.  All the stones were straightened and glued, where necessary.  Many were buried and broken.  They found two that weren't on the 1965 listing.

The first burial here was Samuel Williams, who died April 10, 1831.  The last was that of Martha J. Smith.  This last was Martha J. Smith.  She died April 13, 1928.

There are 45 known burials here and several unmarked graves.  A large cedar tree in the center of this cemetery completely engulfed the bottom of a large stone.  It was fortunate that the top part of the stone broke off in the growth process of this tree and later could be identified.

The Silver Creek Township Trustee, Carl Kamer, in 1998 had the tree cut down but the base and lower part of the stone remains imbedded in the stump.  This is Rhoda Smith's stone.

This cemetery is being mowed by the Township Trustee's office, which will responsible for its routine maintenance under Indiana law.

Notice the difference in the spelling of Wealthy/Welthy Jackson's given name between her husband's stone (above) and her stone (right).

Sorry.  Welthy's stone is not tilted; it was my camera.  The stone itself is in excellent condition, thanks to the efforts of Dan and Betty Johnson.

The following index has been amended by Betty Johnson based on her 1998 reading of the stones.

.               .                       .               .

COLEMAN         Evelyn (daughter of

                G. L. and L. L.)        b. 11/24/1901   d. 11/22/1902
FARABEE         Arthur C. (son of

                F. & L.)                b. 11/15/1891   d. 02/01/1899

FARABEE         Francis M.              b. 08/19/1855   d. 05/19/1900

FARABEE         Louisa M. (wife of

                F. M.)                  b. 10/12/1855   d. 03/07/1896

HAAS            Edward (Civil War

                Veteran, Private,

                Co. "D", 59th Indiana

                Infantry)               b. 05/02/1826   d. 10/21/1900

HAAS            Lisetta (wife of

                Edward)                 b. 03/1832      d. 10/01/1911

HAAS            Adolph (son of E.

                & L.; age 10 mo.,

                11 days)                b. 1851         d. 09/21/1852

HAAS            Henry (son of E. &

                L.)                     b. 05/21/1860   d. 04/09/1861

HAAS            Mary A. (daughter of

                E. & L.)                b. 01/07/1858   d. 10/31/1864

JACKSON         Abigal (wife of 

                J." (Jeremiah); 31

                years, 6 mo., 13 days)  b. ????         d. 01/22/1839

JACKSON         Andrew P. (age 41

                yrs, 8 mos.)            b. ????         d. 10/01/1869

JACKSON         Infant son of A. P.

                & Emma                  b. ????         d. ????

JACKSON         Jeremiah (husband

                of Wealthy)             b. 12/05/1801   d. 12/19/1880

JACKSON         Mary (daughter of

                A. P. & N.; 1 yr,

                9 mos., 3 days)         b. 1856         08/16/1858

JACKSON         Nancy (wife of

                Andrew P.)              b. 10/21/1829   d. 03/23/1860

JACKSON         Synthiann (wife of

                Jeremiah; 34 yrs.,

                1 mos., 8 days)         b. ????         d. 09/16/1843

JACKSON         Welthy [sic] (wife of

                Jeremiah)               b. 02/04/1817   d. 07/14/1891

JACKSON         William W. (son of

                J. & A.; 5 days)        b. 11/1837      d. 11/16/1837
MANN            James E.                b. 09/13/1858   d. 11/25/1897

MANN            Nancy J. (mother)       b. 02/28/1821   d. 07/29/1894

MANN            Timothy (father)        b. 06/14/1813   d. 10/12/1895

PRATHER         John                    b. 02/13/1822   d. 12/19/1855

PRATHER         Lucy Ann                   b. 04/23/1826   d. 10/30/1893

RIGGLE          Canada (52 yrs., 4

                mo., 17 days)           b. ????         d. 10/27/1860

RIGGLE          Charles                 b. 05/10/1856   d. 12/1892

RIGGLE          George                  b. 12/23/1846   d. 12/04/1909

SMITH           Abram (husband of

                Mary A.; same stone)    b. 12/30/1823   d. 02/01/1902

SMITH           Anna                    b. 05/20/1804   d. 08/05/1832

SMITH           Arminta E. (wife of

                H. A.)                  b. 04/18/1881   d. 05/23/1898

SMITH           Bastion                 b. 05/1782      d. 03/27/1837

SMITH           David                   b. 05/28/1834   d. 05/28/1834

SMITH           James A. (shares

                common stone with

                Martha J.)              b. 01/20/1847   d. 06/25/1918

SMITH           John                    b. 06/03/1832   d. 11/04/1832

SMITH           John A. (age 72 yrs.)   b. 02/25/1802   d. 03/25/1874

SMITH           Mary A. (wife of Abram;

                same stone)             b. 07/15/1826   d. 02/01/1902

SMITH           Mary M. (infant daugh-

                ter of H. A. & A. E.)   b. 05/08/1898   d. 07/23/1898

SMITH           Martha J. (shares

                common stone with

                James A.)               b. 11/20/1845   d. 04/13/1928
SMITH           Mildred (daughter of

                G. L. and L. L.)        b. 02/23/1898   d. 10/09/1898
SMITH           Onida, infant daughter  b. 12/25/1904   d. 01/11/1905

                of John A. Smith (1882-

                1927) and Alice Hall 

                Smith (1885-1971). Per

                death certificate, she

                was premature and lived

                only 18 days; buried at

                Smith Cemetery 1/13/1905.

                Granddaughter of James

                A. Smith and Martha J.

                Cleveland Smith.  Info

                provided by Jafra M.

                Sutherland <>

SMITH           Rhoda (wife of

                John A.); age __ yrs.,

                17 days; broken stone   b. ????         d. 12/08/1858

SMITH           Stephen S.              b. 04/16/1821   d. 09/1837

SMITH           Susan E. (daughter of

                A. & M. A.; 6 mos.,

                18 days)                b. 1852         d. 11/03/1852

SMITH           William E.              b. 06/25/1879   d. 10/03/1899

SMITH           William S. (son of

                A. & M. A.)             b. 02/21/1850   d. 07/10/1861

WILLIAMS        Samuel (age 40 yrs.)    b. 1791         d. 04/10/1831

I have no further information on this cemetery. This index was obtained from the Jeffersonville Township Public Library, 211 East Court Avenue, Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130, telephone: (812) 285-5635.

E-mail: Dee Pavey

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