Jeffersonville Township, Clark County, Indiana

This large cemetery is conspicuously located on Blackiston Mill Road in the City of Clarksville, immediately behind the "old" Kmart shopping center, near Highway 31 in Jeffersonville Township. It is adjacent to the little ice cream shop/barber shop there and almost directly across from the "new" super Kmart, which moved in 2000 into the former HQ building supply store.
Barbara Colvin Popp <> advises that the correct name for this site is "Stewart-Emery Cemetery".  Further, Mrs. Popp and her husband Tom have cared for it over 20 years.  The Popps tell us that the neighbors only mow a path for their convenience to walk through. In fact, some of the neighbors are a nuisance, leaving behind discarded shrubs and grass clippings, and have cut certain evergreens down.

Mrs. Popp advises that there are many graves here without stones. Ivy Dietrick, her cousin, used to care for the cemetery and she hired men to mow and clean up. Any stones that were broken or laying loose, they disposed of them.

Mrs. Popp informs us there was a big flu epidemic in the 1800's that killed many Clark Co. citizens and many were buried in a mass grave near the "old" Kmart's parking lot in this cemetery.

The cemetery is full to capacity and the last burials here were Ruth S. Colvin (d. 1962) and Taylor L. Colvin (1954), Mrs. Popp's parents.

We spent approximately 15 minutes in Stewart Cemetery on April 4, 1998 and found two stones not on the index found at the Jeffersonville Library. Those are marked below with an asterisk (*).  Additional information has been provided by Mrs. Barbara Colvin Popp <>.

According to the data available to us today, the first burial here was in 1835 and the last was in 1962.

Stone of Anderson Stewart (1812-1885) Stone of Nancy Stewart (1818-1890), wife of Anderson Stewart

The following index was found at the Jeffersonville Library and "appears" to be circa 1960 or 1970 (it was typed on what appears to be an old manual typewriter, judging from the font and uneven impression of the characters. The source of this index is unknown.

ADAMS           Emma                    b. 1861         d. 1917

BENJAMIN        Julia (age 20 yrs.)     b. ????         d. 03/25/1895
BEUTEL *        Amelia (wife of Fred)   b. 1850         d. 19??

BEUTEL          Fred W.                 b. 1858         d. 1916
COLVIN          Ruth S.                 b. ????         d. 1962
COLVIN          Taylor L.               b. ????         d. 1954
The above COLVIN data provided by Mrs. Barbara Colvin Popp <>.
DARKIES         Sgt. Sam. L. K.,

                Co. E., 53rd Ind. Inf.  b. 09/27/1839   d. 05/09/1888
DARKIS *        Susan ("Mother")        b. 1844         d. 1930

                [adjacent to Sam

                Darkies' stone;

                different spellings]

DIERKING        Elizabeth               b. 06/27/1822   d. 07/17/1837

DIERKING        William D.              b. 10/16/1843   d. 07/28/1903

JACKSON         Martha                  b. 06/02/1837   d. 08/22/1854

JAMES           Martin                  b. 04/14/1826   d. 06/30/1896

LAVEY           Ruth Rosella            b. 03/03/1899   d. 07/02/1899

LONG            William                 b. 02/14/1832   d. 04/20/1859

KELLEY          Charles                 b. 12/08/1894   d. 01/02/1895

MALONEY         Aria B.                 b. 09/05/1851   d. 03/13/1906

MALONEY         Michel                  b. 10/08/1852   d. 04/13/1886

STEWART         Anderson                b. 10/30/1812   d. 09/19/1885

                (husband of Nancy)

STEWART         Harry                   b. 04/09/1876   d. 01/18/1908

STEWART         Isaac T.                b. 1855         d. 02/21/1874

STEWART         Nancy A.                b. 07/04/1818   d. 07/14/1890

                (wife of Anderson)

                [listed as "Nannie A.

                Steward" on library

                index; stone says

                "Nancy A. Stewart"]

STEWART         Rachel                  b. 11/22/1822   d. 09/23/1855

STEWART         Robert                  b. 09/22/1819   d. 07/17/1835

STEWART         Robert                  b. 03/16/1783   d. 01/1871

STEWART         Rosanne (age 83 yrs.)   b. ????         d. 05/10/1858

STEWART         William V.              b. 04/09/1857   d. 07/26/1887

I have no further information on this cemetery. Additional information may be available from the Jeffersonville Township Public Library, 211 East Court Avenue, Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130, telephone: (812) 285-5635.

E-mail: Dee Pavey

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