Bethlehem Township, Clark County, Indiana

This cemetery is believed to be located between Boyer Road and Flint Ridge Road, between Sections 11 and 14 in Bethlehem Township (near Owen Township), on property owned by Mike Cochran, a grandson of Lynn Pruitt, known to some as "the old Stoner Place". It has been mistakenly identified in the past as "Stoner Cemetery".

Bill Harrison, List Manager for the STONER e-mail discussion group, visited Stoner Cemetery in June of 1998. He reports that there are no STONERs buried here, although the cemetery is located adjacent to property which was in the STONER family for many years, thus the common association between that family and those buried here.

Bill has provided us with an index of this site (see below), and reports there are 44 graves here, 18 with legible stones. The surnames he found there were:


Bill pointed out that some of these are very old graves, including one for a 19-year-old veteran of the Mexican War.

The cemetery can be easily accessed (with permission from Mr & Mrs Mike Cochran, 22218 Boyer Road, New Washington, IN, ph. 812-293-3568) by walking or driving (in fair weather) from their home through their feed lot, across a small creek, and along two sides of their fields. The cemetery lies in the NE 1/4 of the NE 1/4 of S15 in Washington Twp.

It sets just across the fence in a woods, and as best as I could count, contains 44 graves.

Bill did locate a handwritten copy of a reading of the same 18 stones that he found on June 1, 1998, in the Jeffersonville Twp Library in a 3-ring binder containing Cemeteries of Clark County. It was identified as the "Waters Cemetery" in that reading.

"The sheet appeared to have been copied several times and the print quality was so weak that I didn't think that I could read a copy of it if I made one, so I didn't try. There was no notation of rock markers found, only the readable markers.

"I observed that the cemetery was 10 rows long, East to West, and 9 spaces wide, South to North, with several empty (or unmarked spaces).

"Beginning in the SE corner, I number rows from E to W, and count spaces from S to N.

"I will abbreviate ROW 1, Space 1 as 1-1 etc.:

1-1 George W. WATERS b. Jan 9, 1803, d. Sep 11, 1869 with footstone G.W.W.

1-2 Hester WATERS b. Dec 24, 1809, d. Mar 10,1894

1-3 Francis J. WATERS b. Jan 23, 1841, d. Jul 16, 1863

    William W. WATERS b. Nov 3, 1831, d. Aug 31, 1862

        (This is a double stone with both names and dates listed)

        Stone is broken in two pieces with footstone (both on one)


1-4 A rock footstone only - no name or initials seen
2 no stones observed
3-5 Samuel H. RODGERS b. Mar 11, 1784, d. Dec 6, 1874 with footstone S.H.R.

3-6 Martha H. RODGERS, wife of Samuel Rodgers b. Feb 28, 1785,

        d. Feb 14, 1866

3-7 footstone only C.N.

3-8 Mary NOE, wife of Chrisman Noe b. Oct 18, 1794, d. Nov 27, 1868

         (Stone was broken in several pieces, but could be pieced

         together and dates read with confidence)
4-3 footstone only D.G.

4-4 Margaret GRAVES b. Oct 29, 1796, d. Aug 5, 1874 with footstone M.G.

4-6 William GRAVES d. May 27, 1863, aged 38y 7mo 5da

4-7 Sarah GRAVES, wife of William Graves b. Nov 2, 1831, d. Mar 30, 1854

          aged 22y 4mo 26 da (1st time I've seen both dob and age on

          stone) stone broken in two
5-3 William L. GRAVES, son of C. & E. A. Graves b. May 13, 1849,

          d. Nov 12, 1849

          footstone was rock

5-4 rock

5-6 rock with rock footstone

5-9 deep depression, no stone observed
6-1 rock

6-2 Wm R. TAYLOR, d.Sep 16, 1838 aged 22yr

6-3 Elizabeth T. RODGERS, d. Jul 3, 1834 aged 27y 26d

6-4 Sary C. TAYLOR d. Jul 26, 1833 aged 24y 2mo 6da footstone S.C.T.

          (both were broken in two, leaning on tree)

6-5 rock
7-1 rock with rock footstone

7-2 depression

7-3 rock with rock footstone

7-5 rock with rock footstone

7-6 rock with rock footstone

7-7 Levi TAYLOR, d. July 21, 1833 aged 48y 11mo 11da

7-8 Mary H. TAYLOR, wife of Levi Taylor d. Sep 20, 1852,

           aged 66y 1mo 24da stone broken in two

7-9 depression
8-1 rock

8-4 rock footstone only

8-5 Robert T. W. NICHELS, "A soldier of the Mexican War

           Comp. B.5. Regt. Ind. Vols." d. Sep 22, 1848,

           aged 19y 6mo 2d with footstone R.T.W.N.
9-1 rock

9-2 rock

9-3 rock footstone only

9-4 rock footstone only

9-5 rock

9-6 rock

9-7 rock

9-9 rock
10-5 rock

10-7 rock

10-8 rock

10-9 rock
"A four-strand barbed wire fence runs along the South side of the cemetery. No fence observed on E, W, or N sides of Cem. The ground is well covered with an ivy, which keeps the grass down. There are several trees grown up in it, and a couple of downed trees."

End of Bill's report on Waters Cemetery

Potential contacts for further information on the location of this site are Linda Balmer and Brenda Dickey, both of New Washington. Please contact Dee Pavey if you would like to get in touch with Linda concerning this site.

I presently have no further information on this cemetery.

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I have no further information on this cemetery. Additional information may be available from the Jeffersonville Township Public Library, 211 East Court Avenue, Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130, telephone: (812) 285-5635.

E-mail: Dee Pavey

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