Bethlehem Township, Clark County, Indiana

This cemetery is located on Flint Ridge Road, 1-1/2 miles south of Bethel Church. Click here for a topographical map of this site, courtesy of www.TopoZone.com.

The following records were given by Mrs. Maurice Davis of Nabb, Indiana. Other names on the Library records were Amanda I. Bottorff and Mrs. J. E. Egan (typist) of Charlestown.

The following records were supplemented by information provided in the Hoosier Journal of Ancestry in its "Clark County Cemeteries" publication, a companion publication of The Clark County Special.

These records are also supplemented by information provided by William A. Harrison <mrbill@juno.com>. Bill visited Turner Cemetery in 1996 and has been researching his connection to the STONER and PETTIT lines.

ALLEN           Brittie C.              b. 1866         d. 1897

ALLEN           H. A.                   b. 1866         d. 1897

ALLEN           Henry                   b. ????         d. ????

ALLEN           Henry R.                b. 1857         d. 1937

ALLEN           Samuel A.               b. 01/22/1888   d. 07/10/1888

BARTON          Amelia Z.               b. 1860         d. 1929

BARTON          Herbert                 b. ????         d. ????

BARTON          Lloyd                   b. 1860         d. 1921

BARTON          Lloyd                   b. 1902         d. 1903

CAMPBELL        Clarinda                b. 1847         d. 1884

CLEFFMAN        Clara                   b. 03/19/1866   d. 10/27/1897

CLEFFMAN        Flora (mother)          b. 07/09/1881   d. 01/19/1966

CLEFFMAN        Henry                   b. 07/12/1834   d. 12/24/1905

CLEFFMAN        Henry                   b. 1866         d. 1897

CLEFFMAN        John H. (father)        b. 10/08/1870   d. 07/06/1937

CLEFFMAN        Julia W. (wife of H.)   b. 09/15/1834   d. 03/07/1898

DEAN            Francis                 b. 1844         d. 1874

DEAN            Cpl. Jas. I. or L.

                (Co. A., 52nd Indiana

                Infantry)               b. No dates     d. No dates

DEAN            John A.                 b. 07/17/1843   d. 07/28/1908

DEAN            Malinda                 b. 07/15/1849   d. 03/30/1919

DEAN            Peter                   b. No dates     d. No dates

DEAN            Mr. & Mrs. Plez         b. ????         d. ????

GRAVES          Sallie (wife of Henry)  b. 11/22/1854   d. 12/06/1876

HEBNER          Harold Lee              b. ????         d. ????

HICKS           Alford (Co. F., 10th

                New York Cavalry)       b. No dates     d. No dates

GILTNER         Cora A. (daughter of

                M. J. & M. R.)          b. 05/24/1876   d. 10/07/1877

GILTNER         Lawson H. (son of 

                M. J. & M. R.)          b. 09/11/1884   d. 05/23/1885

GILTNER         Louisan                 b. 1885         d. 1885

GILTNER         Micha R. (wife of 

                Martin J.)              b. 11/15/1854   d. 05/24/1885

HAMMOD          Anna                    b. ????         d. ????

HARDEN          Malinda (wife of J. B.) b. 06/26/1803   d. 12/08/1869

HICKS           Alford                  b. ????         d. ????

HUTTSELL        J.                      b. ????         d. ????

HUTTSELL        Jacob (17 yrs.)         b. 1830         d. 03/17/1847

HUTTSELL        Mary                    b. 1799         d. 1879

JAMESON         Samuel J. L. (son of

                James R. & Jennie)      b. 10/11/1876   d. 06/17/1879

JAMESON         Sallie (daughter of

                James R. & Jennie)      b. 08/04/1874   d. 02/12/1876

JONES           Catharine W. (daugh-

                ter of W. T. & D. H.)   b. 02/14/1862   d. 06/26/1862

JONES           Constantine (married

                11/23/1887)             b. 01/14/1857   d. 12/30/1934

JONES           Desdemona (daughter

                of W. T. & D. H.)       b. 01/23/1861   d. 11/26/1874

JONES           Drusilla (wife of 

                W. T.)                  b. 06/22/1820   d. 11/19/1894

JONES           Frances J. (wife of

                J. L.)                  b. 06/23/1844   d. 02/26/1876

JONES           Lunetta (daughter of

                W. T. & D. H.)          b. 09/21/1863   d. 05/24/1867

JONES           Mary A. Goforth         b. 10/29/1862   d. 04/16/1917

JONES           Mollie                  b. ????         d. ????

McINTIRE        Catherine (wife of

                H. W.)                  b. 03/21/1851   d. 04/10/1903

McINTIRE        Dora Marie                      Only date: 1920

McINTIRE        H. W.                   b. 02/06/1852   d. 08/11/1931

McINTIRE        Louella (daughter of

                Shadrack & N. J.)       b. 01/08/1863   d. 02/17/1863

McINTIRE        Nancy J. (wife of

                Shadrack)               b. 12/06/1830   d. 02/23/1906

McINTIRE        Shadrack                b. 10/17/1830   d. 01/04/1902

NOE             John D.                 b. 1831         d. 1857

PATTERSON       Henry                   b. 12/27/1858   d. 09/17/1944

PATTERSON       John E.                 b. 01/05/1885   d. 09/07/1889

PATTERSON       Julia (wife of Henry)   b. 11/02/1859   d. 11/27/1907

PATTERSON       Stella                  b. 03/12/1883   d. 04/25/1886

PENDER          Eva O. (wife of W. L.)  b. 05/05/1864   d. 01/17/1896

PENDER          W. I. or W. L.          b. 1864         d. 1896

PETIT           Cathrine                b. 02/25/1769   d. 02/05/1842 *

PETIT           John                    b. 04/25/1766   d. 09/06/1833
* William A. Harrison reports: John Pettit, b. 25-Apr-1766, d. 6-Sep-1833, married Catharine, b. 25-Feb-1769 d. 5-Feb-1842. Parents of Elizabeth "Lydia" Pettit Stoner (below). John's will was dated Mar 6, 1833, and probated Sep 24, 1833 in Clark Co, IN. Text of will found in Jeffersonville, Clark Co, IN Courthouse, Wills Book Vol 5, page 150. John and Cathrine Petit (Pettit) were 2 of the 4 founders of the first Protestant church in the state of Indiana, chartered in 1798 and later known as Silver Creek Baptist Church, now known as Stony Point Christian Church.
SELMEIR         Charles H.              b. 1893         d. 1917

SELMIRE         Chris                   b. 1870         d. 1893


SELMEIR         Herma Louise            b. 07/18/1918   d. 07/22/1967

SELMIRE         Minnie B. (wife of

or SELMEIR      Chris)                  b. 10/09/1870   d. 12/31/1893

SELMIRE         Nellie M.               b. 1890         d. 1944


SMITH           Mary V.                 b. 10/15/1906   d. 01/25/1977

SMITH           Wilmer                  b. 03/14/1886   d. 02/05/1953

STANER          Dahiel or Daniel              Only date: 1860

                  (I suspect this is Daniel STONER)
STANSBURY       Isaiah (son of S. A.

                & M. J.)                b. 06/05/1871   d. 04/01/1872

STANSBURG       Martha J. (wife of

or STANSBURY    Samuel)                 b. 1837         d. ????

STANSBURG       Samuel A.               b. 08/31/1834   d. 12/21/1913


STONER          And'w (Co. M., 13th

                Indiana Cavalry)        b. No dates     d. No dates

STONER          Andrew J.               b. 09/11/1813   d. 05/21/1864

STONER          Daniel (age 6? yrs,

                2 mos., 5 days)         b. 02/09/1860   d. ????

STONER          Elizabeth "Lydia"

                Pettit Stoner, daughter

                of John and Catherine

                Pettit *                b. 1793 in NJ   d. ????
* William A. Harrison reports: Elizabeth "Lydia" Pettit, b. 1793 in New Jersey, married in Clark County, IN, 1809, to Daniel Stoner, Sr., who was born 4-Dec-1791 in Glens Creek, Woodford Co, KY and who died 9-Feb-1860 in Clark Co, IN.

Lydia and Daniel Stoner, Sr. were the parents of Andrew J. Stoner, born 11-Sep-1813 in Clark Co, IN, d. 21-May-1864 in Nashville, Davidson Co., Tennessee; married 14-Sep-1837 in Clark Co, IN to Sarah Hardin, who was born 1821 in Indiana or Tennessee.

Andrew J. Stoner fought in Civil War for Union Army in Co M, 13th Indiana Calvary. Some descendants of Andrew still live in Clark Co, IN. Andrew's marriage to Sarah Hardin was performed by Henry Brinton, Minister of the Gospel.

William A. Harrison <mrbil1@juno.com> has graciously shared a family group sheet for Daniel Stoner, Sr. (son of Valentine and Sara Stoner) and his wife Elizabeth "Lydia" Pettit. Click here to access that family group sheet.

STONER          W.                      b. ????         d. ????

TUCKER          Jacob                   b. 1881         d. 1884

TUCKER          Henry (Co. F., 33rd

                Indiana Infantry)       b. ????         d. ????

TUCKER          Joseph                  b. 1881         d. 1884

TUCKER          Mary (daughter of

or TURNER       John & Ursley)          b. 09/12/1856   d. 10/18/1858

                                                        or 1889

TURNER          Infant child of John

                & Ursley                   b. & d. 07/02/1865

TURNER          Jacob (son of John

                & Ursley)               b. 07/02/1865   d. 08/17/1865

TURNER          John (husband of

                Ursley)                 b. 02/15/1815   d. 01/10/1895

TURNER          John (son of John

                & Ursley)               b. 11/23/1862   d. 08/28/1863

TURNER          Joseph                  b. 1848         d. 1927

TURNER          Mary (wife of Joseph)   b. 1860         d. 1921

TURNER          Ursley (wife of John)   b. 04/10/1828   d. 04/09/1895

ZOLLMAN         Filer (?) Ruth (wife

                of I. P. H.) [born

                Mensellbev (?) Pro

                Nassau]                 b. 07/18/1821?  d. 01/28/1877

ZOLLMAN         J.                      b. 1818         d. 1878

ZOLLMAN         Joseph                  b. 1821         d. 1877

ZOLLMAN         Mary B.                 b. 10/17/1818   d. 09/10/1878

?????           Goared                  b. ????         d. ????

I have no further information on this cemetery. This index was obtained from the Jeffersonville Township Public Library, 211 East Court Avenue, Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130, telephone: (812) 285-5635.

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