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  Box Butte County

Box Butte Cemetery Index

Cemeteries in Box Butte County, Nebraska, USA

              1.  Greenwood-(This links to the 2000 Index)  If you want to see the 1940 Index or the 1985 Index use these links)
                     1 mile east and 1/4 mile north of Alliance -
                   Records date back to about 1920s and are obtainable through the city:  
                             Knight Museum and Sandhills Center, Drawer D, Alliance, NE 69301.
              2.  Catholic - 2 miles north of Alliance - Records obtainable through the
                        Knight Museum and Sandhills Center,  Drawer D,  Alliance, NE 69301
              3.  Letan - Valley- 7 miles south of Alliance on highway - 36-24-48
              4.  Underwood  (Evergreen)- 7 miles south of Alliance and 7 miles west -
              5.  Hemingford - 1 mile east and 1/4 mile south of Hemingford - Records
                   available through Village of Hemingford or the Knight Museum and Sandhills Center.
              6.  Lawn (Lawn Church)- 12 miles west of Hemingford
              7.  Fairview - 8 miles north and 3 miles east of Alliance - 10-26-47
              8.  Danish Lutheran (Norwegian)- 26-27-49
              9.  Potmesil (Pioneer)- 12-28-48 On land owned by Bill Potmesil
             10. Lore - 19-24-47 - On land owned by Beverly Lore
             11. Grabher - 32-28-47 On land owned by Lawrence Grabher
             12.Snake Creek Ranch- 17-27-51
             13. Ball - 2-27-51 On land owned by Mr. Benda
             14.Vickers(Norwegian) (See Danish Lutheran)- 26-27-49
             15. Osborne - 6-26-49
             16. Wyland - 16 miles west and 1-1/2 miles south of Hemingford, right by county
             17.Running Water- 16 Miles North on US 385, 7 miles north on county road,
                                                1 mile west.

      For More Info:

      The Alliance (Greenwood) Cemetery, Alliance, Nebraska

      This cemetery is located one mile east and 1/2 mile north of Alliance, Nebraska in Box
      Butte County.

      The plot of ground was first bought by the Alliance Cemetery Association on April 11,
      1890. On August 10, 1915, the city of Alliance bought the land from the Association.

      The first burial was Mrs. Clifford in 1889, before the land was actually bought.  The
      first burial on record is that of C. M. McFall, July 2, 1919. the records are in charge of
      the City Clerk.

      The cemetery is still being used and is in very good condition. This record is complete
      to September 1, 1940.  Sometimes we hear people speak of Greenwood Cemetery. The
      official name, recorded in the minutes of the meeting of the Alliance Cemetery
      Association on April 11, 1890 is Alliance Cemetery. This is no record of any change.

          -- Alliance Cemetery Records, Point of Rock Chapter, Daughters of the American

      The Knight Museum and Sandhills Center, Drawer D, Alliance, NE 69301, has index all buried in
      the Greenwood (or Alliance) Cemetery, also an index of plot owners.
      Holy Rosary Catholic Church & Calvary Cemetery: Records for this cemetery are available at the
      Knight Museum and Sandhills Center, Drawer D, Alliance, NE 69301

      Box Butte Rural Cemeteries: The Alliance Chapter of the Northwest Genealogical
      Society has walked these 14 cemeteries and can look up names for you.

      The Catholic, Hemingford and Alliance Cemeteries have all been rewalked and the
       indexes updated.  We now have a full picture index of all
headstones to add to the
       project along with any obituaries that may have been
available.  This updating is an
       ongoing project so indexes are kept up to date.   Also the Alliance Cemetery has an
       electronic kiosk on site with maps and directions.

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