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Naturalization Records, Cedar County, NE

All original Cedar County naturalization record books are stored at the Cedar County Museum in Hartington. To request copies, e-mail Cedar County Historical Society. These books have all been microfilmed by the Nebraska State Historical Society in Lincoln, NE, where you can also access them. Enquire at your local library about an interlibrary loan of the microfilm.

The handwriting was often extremely difficult to read, and many of the surnames are no longer in the county. We have done our best to decipher the handwriting accurately. Occasionally, the documents did have surnames misspelled, however, the names have been listed here just as spelled on the original documents rather than make presumptions as to what the current or preferred spellings should have been.

Following is a list of MOST, BUT NOT ALL of the records to be added soon to these pages. Some of the books of Naturalization Petitions & Records also include copies of the Declaration of Intent (from whichever county it was filed in) and the Certificate of Arrival, which notes arrival name, ship, line, and date of arrival in the U.S.



Declarations of Intent, Volume 2, 12/2/1896-12/15/1903

Declarations of Intent, Volume 3, Apr 1904-Sept 1906

Declarations of Intent, Volume 4, Oct 1906-May 1909

Declarations of Intent, Volume 5, May 1909-Mar 1918

Declarations of Intent, Volume 6, 1918-1922

Declarations of Intent, Volume 7, Jan 1923-Apr 1929

Declarations of Intent, Volume 8, April 1929-June 1929

Declarations of Intent, Volume 9, 2/8/1930-9/30/1949


Naturalization Petitions & Records, Mar 1868-1903

Naturalization Petitions & Records, Dec 1903-June 1906

Naturalization Petitions & Records, 1906-1907

Naturalization Petitions & Record, 1907-1912

Naturalization Petitions & Record, 1912-1916

Naturalization Petitions & Record, Nov 1916-Aug 1921

Naturalization Petitions & Record, 1921-1929

Naturalization Petitions & Record, Feb 1929-May 1929

Naturalization Petitions & Record, Sept 1930-Aug 1942

Naturalization Petitions & Record, Aug 1942-June 1947


Certificates of Naturalization, 3/4/1907-6/20/1907

Certificates of Naturalization, 6/20/1907 only

Certificates of Naturalization, 11/11/1907-3/16/1908

Certificates of Naturalization, 3/16/1908-11/9/1908

Certificates of Naturalization, 11/9/1908-11/8/1909

Certificates of Naturalization, 11/8/1909-3/13/1911

Certificates of Naturalization, 3/13/1911-3/4/1912

Certificates of Naturalization, 3/4/1912-9/8/1913

Certificates of Naturalization, 9/8/1913-2/16/1914

Certificates of Naturalization, 1914-1915

Certificates of Naturalization, 1915-1916

Certificates of Naturalization, 1916-1919

Certificates of Naturalization, 1919-1920

Certificates of Naturalization, 1920-1922

Certificates of Naturalization, 1922-1924

Certificates of Naturalization, 1924-1927


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