Washington, D. C., July 20, 1917
The Fremont Evening Tribune
(By Associated Press)

500,000, In Addition to the Draft Force,
    Will be Used to Fill Up the National Guard and Regular Ranks
  - War Officials and Reporters Watch the Lottery.

"The great lottery to fix the order of liability for military service of each of 10,000,000 men of the United States registered for the war, began at 9:40 this morning.  By some time tonight each man will know whether he is among the first 1,370,000 to be called before the local exemption boards.  From the 1,370,000 the boards will select 687,000 for America's first draft army of 500,000 men and to fill up vacancies in the National guard and the regular army.

In a committee room of the senate office building, with representatives of the press present, War department officials and members of the senate and house military committees, began the drawing of 10,500 slips, bearing the numbers corresponding with the serial numbers of each registrant in the registration districts of the country.

In the first thousand numbers drawn there were 270 numbers which affected the normal district of 3,000 registrants.  Applying this to the entire country, these 270 serial numbers below 3,000 should designate approximately 1,200,000. Of the first 1,500 numbers drawn, 405 were below 3,000.  These 405 numbers should designate about 1,600,000 men.

Baker Draws First

Secretary Baker was the first man to withdraw a capsule-inclosed slip from the great glass bowl. Blindfolded, he drew No. 258. Chairman Chamberlin of the senate military committee drew the second, No. 2522.  Chairman Dent of the house military committee drew the third , 9613. Senator Warren and Representative Kahn, ranking minority members of the senate and house military committees, drew the next two numbers, 4532 and 10218. The drafting was then turned over to the appointed tellers, who, blindfolded, took from the bowl numbers as fast as the announcer and the tally clerks could keep pace."

To produce as complete a list as possible of all men in Dodge County, Nebraska who registered for the 1917 draft lottery, the list of names published in the July 13, 1917 issue of The Fremont Weekly Herald was combined with the registration numbers drawn by lottery and the accompanying names that were published in The Fremont Evening Tribune in late July and early August of 1917.

Alphabetical List of Names of Draft Registrants in Dodge County, Nebraska



Dodge County Nebraska
        Friday, July 13, 1917
                The Fremont Weekly Herald


"From the following list of names of men registered for the selective service draft will be drawn those who shall submit to examination before the county registration board, consisting of Sheriff William C. Condit, County Clerk William E. Barz and County Physician F. E. Calkin, at such time and place as may be later directed under the instructions of United States Provost Marshall Crowder."

"Instructions are expected to be received at any moment for the making of the draft.  It is presumed from all information now obtainable that the numbers will be drawn at the war department at Washington.  The numbers drawn and duly announced will call for service of the men whose names follow such numbers.  As an ilustration of the general method of drawing so far as now understood:  If No. 1169 is drawn at Washington, it means that the name following that number shown in the lists before each county registration board throughout every precinct in the land is subject to draft and to examination for service before such county board.  And the same rule will apply to every other number drawn and announced at Washington.  Keep this list of names for future use.  Another drawing may be made from the list. "


Dodge County Nebraska
        Friday, July 27, 1917
        The Fremont Evening Tribune

First One in Fremont comes to Tribune Office

"An official copy of the draft list reached the Tribune office this morning. The Tribune is compiling the Dodge county list from the master list as rapidly as possible, and by the first of the week, will be able to print the names of all of those in Dodge county who have been called in the order they must appear. The local draft board members expect to have lists on hand tomorrow so that they can work upon them by Monday at the latest.  Those lists reached Lincoln yesterday afternoon and will be mailed out to the various counties at the earliest moment. "

"It will be the work of the board to make a copy of the original numbers of the 2210 numbers in Dodge county followed by the name and the number of the order drawn and the postoffice address. When this is completed, at least 300 notices will be mailed to the registrants in proper order to appear before the board of examination. "

"The first 100 will be notified to appear five days from the date the notices are sent out, the next 100, the sixth and the other 100 the seventh day, so that 100 will be examined daily."

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