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A. H. Waterhouse, Superintendant


A. R. Congdon, B.S., Principal Mathematics, Reviews

Miss Anna Howard, A.B. Latin, Reviews

Miss Helen Marr History, Penmanship, English

Miss Lois Fossler, A.B. German, English

Miss Esther Hunter, A.B. Mathematics

Mr. S. D. Quarton, A.B. English, Economics

Miss Dale Lapp, A.B. Botany, Mathematics

Miss Elma J. Milliken, A.B. Latin

Mr. R. D. Goodrich, B.S. Chemistry, Hygiene

Mr. Thomas Grogan Physical Geography

Miss Alice McCullough, A.B. History, Mathematics

Miss Melvia Danielson Music

(Individual Pictures)

THE SENIOR (Individual Pictures)

Dale Milliken "Jas. D." "Jimmy" Class Pres. (4), Glee Club (2-3), Puck Editor (4),

Annual Staff(4), Senior B. B. Team

Jospehine Shively "Jo" Valedictorian

Helen Carroll "Helley"

Genevieve Ardell "Genny"

Lillian Douglas "Doug"

Mary Clements "Maria"

Anton Slobb "Tony" Glee Club (4)

Gladys Lowenberg "Babe"

Anna Hibbon "Annie"

Emma Riggert "Pickles"

Margaret Hauser "Migsie"

Ralph Boyd "Boydy" High School Orchestra (4), Senior B.B. Team

Dorothy Whelpley "Dordy"

Florence Day "Dolly"

Maybel Benson "Pete"

Faye Wright "Shorty"

Fred Thomas "Happy" Glee Club (4), Senior B. B. Team

Minnie Morgan "Ginger"

Hulda Sohl "Hoolda"

Etha Belle Rogers "Etha"

Margaret Leake "Margie"

Leonard Bronson "Lee"

Helen Randall "Mickey"

Helen Tate "Tate"

Beulah Rhoden "Dick"

Margaret Thornton "Miggs"

Earl Whitford "Witty"

Ethel Reed "Essel Weed"

Edna Gaylord

Alma Bader` "Snip"

Verna Nelson "Churny"

Earl Williams "Weary" Camera Club (4), Glee Club (3-4)

Abbie Rowe "Bea"

Helen Thornton "Tuts"

Blanche Swartwood "B"

Arthur Abraham "Art" Orchestra (2-4), Class Pres. (2), Glee Club (2-3), Camera Club (4)

1912 ½

Lydia Sohl "Topsy"

Guy Alexander "Slims"

Clarence Eidam "Jew"

Boyd Rogers "Mud"

Henrietta Hoebener "Det"

James Thomas "Jim"

Mollie Richards "Molly"

Evelyn Johnson "Evie"

Charles Ronin "Dudes"

Alma Smith

Roy Staats "Casey"

Ruth Wintersteen "Rufus"

Ivy Nation "Angel"

(Captions beneath Individual Picture and Copy of Picture Available)





THE JUNIOR (Full Class Picture-persons not identified)

(Names gleaned from a writing with caption: "Clippings from the F.H.S. Rustler of 1950" in order they appear)

Ed Carstens

Ruth Smith

Bess Ellerbrock

Clyde Leach

Alma Herfurth

Lulu Palmer

Hubert Peters

Martha Davies

John Showalter

Archie Phillips

Mathella Dodge

Christine Hansen

Lydia Snyder

Mildred Snow

Alice Douglas

Helen Arnold

Harold Uehling

Mildred Srack

Charles Gueffroy

Hazel Davis

Jennie Rogers

Ruby Staats

Mason Spangler

Ed Shomshor

Mable Moller

Ruth Hauptman

Ida Palmer

Harvey Johnsen

Homer Baldwin

Viola Olson

Margurite Bremers

Lawrence Pierce

Harold Mason

Ella Chambers

Elizabeth Murrie

Roy Honey

John Gumb

Earl Littlechild

Frank Verley

Bob Carroll

Louis Marr

THE SOPHOMORE (Full Class Picture-Individuals not identified)

Eva Miller President
Hazel Bacon Vice President
Beulah Reeves Secretary and Treasurer
Miss Milliken Sponsor
Catharine Dodge Rustler Reporter
(Following names gleaned from "ads" in order they appear)

George Murrell

Roma Daily

Dorothy McKay

Hazel Bacon

Essie Mather

Helen Bieger

Clara Larsen

Merle Longacre

Beulah Reeves

Fae Thompson

Mildred White

Ida Palmer

Zeta Gilliland

Homer Baldwin

Mildred Srack

Gladys Tenbrink

Olive Fischer

Marie Courtright

Kirk Tessier

Martha Wegner

Mabel Cusick

Katherine Carroll

Esther Coman

Jerome Karthans

Vada Phelps

Beulah Reeves

Mildred White

Gladys Lowenberg

Violet Stanford

Bernice Tessier

Robert Miller

Fern Bronson

Jeanette Boyd

Adele Bertelson

Hannah Olson

Fred Perrigo

Marjorie Anderson

Frieda Bieger

Erma Abraham

Rachel Kernan

Liddie Ball

Claude Reynolds

Etta Radecke

Marguerite Diels

Henry Hansen

Clara Lundberg

Ruth Bader

Irene Eddy

Kate Daily

Mary Losey

George Moore

Ethel Harmon

Worth Shrimpton

Margaret Graham

Maybelle Holland

Marcella Miller

Mabel Moller

Weiland (no first name shown)

Houston Cobble

Naomi Howell

Richard Bash

Byron Hunter

Beulah Strong

Marthella Dodge

Eva Miller

Catharine Dodge

THE FRESHMAN (Full Class Picture-Individuals not identified)

(Each of the following names is described from a list under each category: Description, Ambition, Advice, Self Estimate)

Gladys Peck

Clarence Whinnery

Theresa Wood

Grace Peck

Louise Wieland

Frank Van Anda

Naoma Turner

Ralph Peck

Sybil Hodges

Lilla Trumball

Beulah Peterson

Fritz Pscherer

Ruth Query

Agnes Raff

Alice Thornton

Lottie Ross

Gladys Rogers

John Sorenson

Albert Ruff

Lucile Estep

Walter Hodges

Jennie Simpkins

Edna Smith

Elsie Smith

Maurice Franklin

Hazel Snow

Myron Hinton

Faye Adams

Gladys Albro

Harry Anderson

Helen Cook

Harriet Eddy

Marguerite Brumm

Horace Parker

Vernie Miller

Dale Mater

Olive Gilmore

Frank Kline

Lucile Greer

Arthur King

May Morse

Dewey Hansen

Edna Nelson

Charles Green

Earl Miller

Lila Kline

Louis Million

Velma Creed

Anna Keeler

Elmer Nelson

Grace King

Claire Gurney

Amanda Molumby

Byrde Thomas

Ottila Schurman

Ranatta Eidam

Margaret Dodge

Freda Phillips

Agnes Lundburg

Odia Housworth

Wayne Loomis

Isabel Knowles

Harry Fritz

Ila Lewis

Jeanette Hebert

Bertie Fullington

Rose Larson

Anna Krause

Irene Hauser

Byron Cheney

Helen MacDonald

Dagmar Haubensak

Ralph Gage

Helen Peckham

Verna Hansen

Ned McKennan

Patrick Gaylord

Everette Hansen

Bessie Miles

Roscoe Jackman

Anna Oaks

Edith Morse

Walter Greenleaf

Esther Nielsen

Charlie Chambers

Ruth Davies

Olga Anderson

Everette Champney

Camilla Nelson

Bruce Dickerson

Hazel Breakenridge

Leonard Niebaum

Emma Christensen

Beatrice Carothers

Emmeran Miller

Corinne Dress

Wilder Blakeslee

Oneta Dorr

Clara Brunning



ORGANIZATIONS: The Tnomerf Staff (Staff List, Group Picture)

The Rustler (Description)

First Semester Rustler Staff (Group Picture)

Second Semester Rustler Staff (Group Picture)

Y. M. C. A. Club (Description)

Boys' Glee Club (Group Picture, Description)

Girls' Glee Club (Group Picture, Description)

The Orchestra (Poem, Group Picture)

Zetalethean Society (Group Picture, Description)

Y. M. C. A. Basketball (Team Picture, Description, Names )

The Debating Club (Group Picture, Picture Team Champs, Description)

Camera Club (Small Pictures, Description)

MIRTH SECTION: Includes Senior Bobsled Party, etc.

BUSINESS SECTION: Sponsor Advertisements (Some with pictures)

Jones-Jurging Clothing and Men's Furnishings

Nagelstock's Ladies' Wearing Apparel Exclusively

Knowles The Shoe Man

Wolz Caterer, Confectionery, Bakery Goods, Ice Cream and Fruits

Eddy Bros.

Golden-Rod Soda Waters, Fremont Bottling Works

Climax Flour, Fremont Milling Co.

E. Anderson Co., Limbert's Holland Dutch Arts and Crafts, Furniture

Fremont Hospital, Hanora T. Kelley, Manager

Home Cleaning Works, Cleaners and Dyers

Nye Schneider Fowler Company, Grain, Coal, Lumber and Live Stock

Bader Bros. Co., Furniture

Fremont College of Music, W. H. Clemmons, Pres., N. M. Boggess, Dean

American Granite and Marble Works, O. A. Petersen, Prop.

W. A. Carroll and Son, Buggies

H. D. Muir, D.D.S., Dentist

The Farmers and Merchants National Bank

Richards, Keene & Company, Real Estate, Loans, Investments

J. K. Sewell, Dentist (Picture - name under picture - Lee-Havens Block)

John Sonin, Clothier

The First National Bank, H. J. Lee, President, E. R. Gurney, Vice President, F. B. Knapp, Cashier, J. H. Williams, Asst. Cashier

Dr. J. T. Young, Osteopath

Ideal Steam Laundry, Johnson & Co., Proprs.

Murrie & Bowman, Barber Shop

Dr. Ira F. Richardson, Osteopath

Stoner's Paint Store, Paint and Wall Paper

Fred G. Launer, Bicycles

The New Model, Young Men's Suits, Shirts and Furnishings

The Model Market, Balduff Bros., Proprs., Meats

Tnomerf School of Correspondence New York, Noah Mason, President

J. W. Cattern, Printing

Consolidated Fuel Co., Coal and Coke

Bastian Bros. Co, Rochester, N. Y., Jewelers

Fremont Foundry and Machine Company, Manufacturers, Dealers

Come and go Swimmin', 170 boys were members last year (2 pictures)

H. A. Chappell, State Manager for Northwest Townsite Co., Phila. PA

Colson & Reynolds, Paul Colson, Wilson B. Reynolds, Insurance

Thomas & Courtright Hardware Co., Western Agents

The Fremont Candy Kitchen, John Petrow

Bureau of Engraving , Inc., Minneapolis, MN

The Monarch Printing Co., Council Bluff, IA

The Fremont Savings Bank, Directors: D. V. Stephens, Paul Colson, J. A. Yager, A. J. Eddy; Officers: R. B. Schneider, President, E. R. Gurney, Vice Pres., T. L. Mathews, Cashier, D. D. Rowe, Asst. Cashier; Directors: J. H. Hoebener, C. G. Marshall, H. J. Lee, L. E. May

Pianos, N. M. Boggess

Grover Spangler, Jeweler

Grant, Photographer

Rustler Publishing Co., Tnomerf, Nebraska (Sample "Biographies" of Congdon, Allan Raymond, Marr, Helen, Mason, Harold as shown in their chamois skin bound Encyclopaedias)


THUS ends our endeavor to produce a successful Tnomerf. You are the sole judge as to whether we have done so or not. By this time a verdict has been reached in your mind. If you are satisfied, thank not only the staff, but the following outsiders who assisted in making the Tnomerf a possibility:


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