9 Feb 1998  7:00 P.M.  

at MARES  MEETING ROOM-1722 E 19-Fremont.    


WHAT'S NEW in Computer Technology-Renee Bunck. 


23 Feb 1998 7 p.m.   C U THERE?  

Books were donated by Boyd Mattox of Fremont NE who is moving.  There are four Volumes of Guizot's Popular History of England, copyright 1876.  He also included some old Nebraska State Historical books which have some very interesting and stories of the state. There are papers written up about early history, Indian raids, etc. If you like to read about our early Nebraska History you may wish to check into some good reading. 

We had a very good program for January-not always the best of weather, but we had a good attendance.  Renee Bunck made our arrangements in "quick style"-our original one had been booked in September, but then it was not possible to give an evening program. 

Dr "Bill" Christensen gave us a very good program regarding Fremont Midland Lutheran College, showing slides of the buildings from their original placement on the campus to the latest buildings.  Some of his slides were of old postcards, showing the Fremont Normal in 1884-he even found a piece of stationery with a lovely photo on it.  None of the old buildings stand, but it is truly a beautiful campus and building continues.  I must say, the old buildings were of great beauty and a shame to destroy them, but we also have to make room for the expanded number of student enrollments. 

 Thanks to the both of you!! 

VALENTINE'S DAY TIDBITS Noted in the Omaha World-Herald 14 Feb 1981  31:6 

Each Valentine's Day in England during the 1700's, unmarried women pinned bay leaves to their pillows.  If the charm worked, they saw their future husbands in their dreams. 

A woman named Esther Howland of Worcester Mass., was the first person in the U.S. to manufacture Valentine's Day cards.  She went into business in 1847. 

By the mid-1880s, comic cards became very popular.  Selling for a penny each, the cards came to be known as penny dreadfuls.  Today, penny dreadfuls & other old valentine cards have become collector's items. 

The earliest records of Valentine's Day in English tell us that birds chose their mates on this day. But the day soon became the time to send rhymed love notes. 


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Now for a report on our reader-printer donations - we are half way there, so if you have not mailed your contribution, please do so.  The Jacoby's and Claire will check out the machine in the near future-Claire would prefer good weather to make the trip into Omaha and icy and snowy streets.  

Dues are $15.00 this year-some are mailing in the traditional $10.00 and we have to request the additional $5.00.  

GLENCOE NEWS from Fremont Tribune 22 Oct 1884 

18 October 1884 -Corn is dry enough to shell from the field. 

 The corn crop is not uniformly big, the yield ranges from 30 to 75 bushels to the acre and the quality is excellent. 

The family of Jacob Glenn, the blacksmith, arrived last Friday from Pennsylvania, and have moved into the old parsonage. 

Webster precinct republicans nominated for assessor A R Hasson; Justices of the Peace, Jas Glenn and B F Burch. 

Mrs Mary Ann Finch, late of New York City, died at the residence of her sister - Mrs Sarah Watson - last Thursday from the effects of a paralytic stroke and was buried Friday.  The deceased had many relatives here. 

ROSEWe extend our deepest sympathy to Iola Hargens of Hooper Nebraska, in the loss of her husband, William on 26 Dec 1997.  **************************** 
Claire also apologizes to Sandra Barton-her father's name was Chester Hackett, not Charles.  Charles was one of Sandra's ancestors that we had researched. 

Do you have a desktop computer and still wish that you had a laptop computer to take notes during research trips to libraries, courthouses, and cemeteries?  Here is an item that you might find interesting. 

How about a 1 pound wireless keyboard that runs on 4 AA batteries and can store 50-70 pages of text?  A 4 line x 40 character LCD display is a part of the 12" x 7"x 0.7" keyboard.  This is a QuickPad wireless keyboard from H45 Technology for about $200. 

Text entered on the 86 key laptop style keyboard is easily uploaded to an IBM compatible computer for printing or long term storage.   The QuickPad includes an infrared transmitter and an infrared receiver that can be connected to the keyboard cable of a PC.  This transmitter/receiver combination is used to transfer files from the QuickPad to a PC. 

I have tested the upload process with a variety of IBM compatible computers at Midland Lutheran College with  brand name and "clone" systems running everything from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95.  The only system that did not cooperate initially in the upload is Claire's Compaq Deskpro 2000 that is used to produce this newsletter.  To solve the Compaq communication problem, H45 Technology exchanged our first QuickPad for a newly released model. 

INTERNET CONNECTION - continued...  
The new model arrived just in time to become Claire's Christmas present from her husband.  The QuickPad has been very busy since that time recording marriage records at the Dodge County Courthouse.  The new model of the QuickPad allowed us to slow the information transfer down to a rate that the Deskpro could handle. 

For more information on the QuickPad or H45 Technology, set your web browser to or call 800-220-6346.  You will find the receptionist to be friendly and helpful and technical support good, but a bit short staffed.   If you live near Fremont, you should be able to purchase a QuickPad at the Midland Bookstore in the near future - we are just working out the details. 

How does Claire like her "New toy?"  Well, it is the greatest for doing research where you don't wish to have extra baggage.  She is currently getting Book 12 of the Dodge County Marriages ready for publication.  

Oh sure, she makes mistakes, and has to call on Renee, but to make a correction is so easy after it is transferred to the PC.  In a week she has completed 253 document transcriptions, working only a few hours at a time.  The yellow screen does give her a problem, but adjusting it for above lights helped her .  Everyone should have one of these "toys" if you don't have a lap top.  Thanks to Renee it made a lovely Christmas gift! 







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