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 9 MARCH 1998       7:00 P.M.        

1722 E 19    FREMONT NE  

  That Elusive Maiden Name 
Claire Mares      

BROWSE NITE - 23 March 1998  7 P.M. 

  Brenda K Warneke 
 P O Box 0023 
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   Jacque Hansen 
   3651 E 133 Cir 
   Thornton CO  80241-1431 

We had a great program presented to us by Renee Bunck on latest computer technology...... She invaded the meeting room with all kinds of new equipment, like what did you Say? 

For one thing, she brought in a new monitor so that everyone could see what was going on at the front of the room.  There was a hand scanner , a new laptop, and she explained and passed Claire's QuickPad around..Then there was a new digital camera sitting on a tripod-taking pictures of our members at the meeting! It was then sent into the laptop and then to the monitor...Wow, there was Claire and Dick laughing up a storm over a joke!  But hey that wasn't all, she took a snapshot, cut and pasted Claire into other photos and then she "cloned" her.  Claire was sure she had a twin with her for a bit... Next came a demo on scanning - she took one of Claire's small calendars of "cats," and then it came up on the screen. 

What does Claire think of this? 
UNBELIEVEABLE!  Especially since she is just doing the simple things with her computer.  Even suffered a defective hard-drive.  A new one is in and is an up-dated version of Windows 95 and back into putting in the Dodge County Marriage book 12.  It is going to be ready for indexing shortly.  

From History of the State of Nebraska 1882     by A T Andreas Washington County - ARLINGTON - Nebraska 

Arlington, formerly Bell Creek, was laid out by the Sioux City & Pacific Railroad in 1869.   The first improvements were made the same year, the Railroad Company erecting a large depot, also a large store building, and Samuel A Francis, one of the early settlers of Fontenelle, and John Waynick, of Chariton Iowa, built two residences and opened a lumber yard.  A grain warehouse was built by L H Jones, a blacksmith shop by John Butler in 1870, and E K Gilbert a shoe shop in 1872. 

First birth was of a son to John Butler, first marriage was of Joshua G Benster to Cora Jones and Miss Kate Parker taught the first school.  The public school building was erected in the fall of 1876, and in 1872 a Methodist Church. 

The name of both post office and town was changed to Arlington early in the year 1882. 

ON THE MEND - Marlene Heinsohn who had minor(?) surgery on her foot.  She has been home-bound and we wish her a speedy recovery.  Wonder if she has found something new  in her family ancestry. 

We extend our deepest sympathy to James Spath and family in the loss of his brother, Roger Spath of Chicago Illinois on 7 Feb 1998. 

LOOKING BACK Fremont  Herald  1 Mar 1878  4:4 

NOTICE - Sealed proposals will be received at the County Clerk's Office until Wednesday noon, March 6th, for a certain building situated at the north end of the Fremont precinct bridge; the same as was occupied by the toll-keeper.  By Order of COUNTY COMMISSIONERS. 

No new books  this month - Margie and Claire have been putting some of our cemetery books into new books and all pages are in sleeves for some of the counties. Hoping to find additional shelving for our books by placing several items in one book. 

THE INTERNET CONNECTION            by Renee Bunck 

If you would like to use the Internet to help with your family research, there are really two different approaches that I have found helpful - location based searches and surname based searches. 

Location based searches are easily started using the various USGenWeb and WORLDGenWeb sites mentioned in earlier newsletters.  These sites are growing and changing constantly, so if you have checked an area once or twice, be sure to go back and look again.  While you are there, check out the volunteer notes - maybe you can help make some information available to other researchers.  Special projects involving census, cemetery, and military records are under way in many areas. 

For a surname search, you can use your favorite Internet search engine, Altavista, Yahoo, Infoseek, Lycos... and simply type in the surname.  If you get too many "hits", most search engines allow you to limit the search.  Try adding a first name that is common to your family to trim the list.   Generally this type of search will give you all kinds of references that you did not expect, but if you sift through the titles a bit you might find some interesting connections. 

There are quite a number of  web sites that specialize in helping genealogists find others researching the same family name.  The Roots Surname List is probably the oldest and most organized of these sites.  Enter a name, and you will be shown a list of  matching names with dates and places to help determine a possible match. 

The researchers listed on the Roots Surname List  must renew their listing once a year to assure that the contact information is current.   You can also add your own surnames to RSL.  Just fill in the online form . I have received some excellent contacts from my names on this list over the past three years.

Internet Connection continued...

Another good place for a surname search is the Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site.  You don't need to be own the Family Tree Maker software to use this site.  The Internet Family Finder at allows you to check an index of  genealogy web pages collected from all over the web.  I was amazed at how many researchers have placed family information on the Internet.  While you are on theFamily Tree Maker's Genealogy Site, you may want to check out  another option on the page - the Family Finder Index, an online index to the Family Tree Maker CDs.  There, you may find a CD that you want to buy or one that you want to know more about. 

If you find a CD that might be interesting, but you are not sure...,  connect to  
and request a lookup.  These volunteers can send you a small sample from the CD to give you an idea of the information it contains. 

As I was putting this column together, I stumbled on another site that looks promising: 
The Surname Springboard 
Give it a try, too!  Anyone can search, but you will need your own web page to submit your family information to the Springboard.  





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