April  2007

9 April 2007  7 p.m.

Mares Meeting Room

1722 East 19



This will be the Finale of Journey of Man, there is approximately 25-30 minutes remaining on the CD.  We thank Renee for sharing this most important CD "JOURNEY OF MAN "f or it does a 'terrific' job of explaining DNA.  We will enter the migration of man into North America via the Bering Straits.


23 April 2007  7 p.m.

In spite of weather not fit for man nor beast in March, we did manage to get in both evenings.  Don't know about you folks, but I'm ready to retire the snow blower and sit back and Welcome Spring!

 This is something on Claire's desk - please be sure, when you call her, that your name and phone number appears for identification.  Her caller ID has been full of unavailable , and no numbers.  She does not answer any of these type phone calls.  And especially in the evening.  Calls arriving after 8 p.m. will not be answered.  This is her personal phone, and she gladly helps anyone as long as they can be identified.  This also includes cell phone numbers.  The past several months have been full of telemarketing and unknown callers.  Thanks to everyone for honoring her wishes!!!

DID YOU KNOW?  That German immigrants get the credit for bringing the symbol of the Easter rabbit to America?

 And:  In Germany and Switzerland, the Easter bunny appeared as an Easter symbol in the early 1700s.

The dwelling house belonging to John Realph of Logan Creek, was burned down on the 14th of March, leaving the family entirely destitute of means to replace the building.  On Monday last Mrs Realph was in the city soliciting aid to rebuild.  This as far as we were able to ascertain is a meritorious case and one which calls for the sympathy of the entire community.  The sufferers are residents of our own county and it is no more than right that we should come forward with liberality and contribute towards a fund to assist these poor victims of the fiery element to rebuild their house. 

     Fremont Weekly Herald  03 April 1877  4:2


                The following named persons will compose the first nine of the Star Base Ball Club of this city for the coming summer, as elected by the captain, Will Smails:  H Benton, Catcher; O Means, Pitcher;  W Smails, 1st Base;  T Quirck, 2nd Base;  R Nye, 3rd Base; W Brunner, Short Stop;  C Herre, Left Field; E Mitchell, Centre Field; W Shed, Right Field.

The above are all excellent players and with practice will make a popular nine.


I went to the 1882 newspaper for information on Easter.  There were no advertisements for Easter and the only note in the newspaper was in the Fremont Tribune as follows:

 Noted Fremont Weekly Tribune 06 Apr 1882 (Thurs)  3:1

Easter services will be held in the Methodist Episcopal church next Sunday morning at 10:30.  Also preaching in the evening at 7:30 by the pastor.

13 April 1882  3:2

      Easter services at the Episcopal church were very interesting.  The church was beautifully adorned with flowers and plants.


100 YEARS AGO  APRIL 1907  Book 11


Pearl Allison to Clara Ethel Grable on 01 April

Dennis Radford to Mrs Ellen Markey on 02 April

Lewis Alvin Smith to Nina B Waite on 02 April

Perry Howell to Mattie Millard on 02 April

Chris Knudsen Hansen to Wilhelmina Tank on 03 April

James J Rasmussen to Agnes A Dahlgard on 04 April

Edward T Morisch to Phoebe Rohwer on 08 April

Ladd Pavlik to Mollie Barrett on 09 April

Alexander Calder to Carrie Peterson on 09 April

Orville D Coates to Verna E Ogan on 11 April

Archie A Tarpenning to Daisy M Loder on 11 April

Henry Jacob Yenney to Lauriett C Rogers on 16 April

John H Tipton to Mrs Verna Foglesong on 17 April

Otto H  W Wegner to Minnie Bertha F Conrad on 18 April

Theodore L Diesing to Sadie Lucy Zimmer on 18 April

Arthur H Carley to Alice A O'Brien on 20 April

Albert F Isaacson to Vera Cameron on 22 April

Arthur I C Jensen to Georgia A M Chase on 24 April

Roy Leonard Harris to Florence A Day on 27 April

Bert Elmer Thomas to Frieda Staivenow on 28 April

Leonard B Woods to Nina Hair on 30 April

William Adams to Elizabeth J Skuse on 30 April

Charlie F Sherman to Myrtle N Mentzer on 30 April

This month was a hard trend to follow.  So many of the above marriages were performed by the County Judge, or in the presence of a minister but not a church wedding.

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