August  2002

How can I show the dry corn, sorghum and soybeans  that we are witnessing.  It breaks my heart to drive out into the country.  Yes, I faintly recall the 1930’s.  My mother would get a cake of ice, sit it in a pan and then in the window to make our room at night bearable to sleep in.  Thanks goodness for our air conditioning.  

Our list of persons visiting our library still grows.  It would appear that the genealogy buffs are vacationing where they can find the family roots.

I did not tell you folks about our May meeting, but it was a delightful one.  “Doc” Doksansky gave us an excellent presentation on glass negatives(There are boxes and boxes of them at the Dodge County Historical Society and are not titled as yet.)  Doc did have some photos that he took from the glass negatives and they were such lovely photos.  Methinks, he likes to copy the ladies from the early era, for their beautiful dresses and hats. Everyone certainly enjoyed the evening.


This is not a book, but we did receive the 1930 Burt Co NE census.  It joins our earlier shipment of the 1930 census for Dodge, Saunders, Washington, Colfax and Cuming counties.

We have members out of state and within Fremont and also Nebraska working on proof reading of items which are to be placed on our web site.

One that will be a true help is all of the 3 x 5 cards that Claire has in her basement, covering births, marriages and deaths, and historical items – they are being scanned and will eventually show up on our web site.  Are there many??? how about 40 card catalog drawers just waiting to be read  - and you never know who will come to life.  

A lady arrived last week from Kansas city seeking out a possible record on a surname of her husband’s line.  Forty-five minutes later, she left and had found the entire family records in the drawers.  She was one happy person.  It always brings a smile to Claire to know her work has not been in vain..............


Genealogy is like playing hide and seek:  They hide...I seek.

Genealogists are time unravelers.
A pack rat is hard to live with,but makes a fine ancestor.


Lois Verbeek  F-64
  316 Earl Ave
  Ames NE  68621

 Sherrilyn Phillips F-65
   124 Frost Rd
   Sequim WA  98382

  Gary Barneby  F-66
    4651 NE 195th St
    Seattle WA  98155-2958

We welcome back, John Realph who was a former member,  He is now living in Missouri.
 John Realph  B-60
   6595 Hwy AU
   Houston MO  65483-2181 

The Passing of Wee William

A number of years ago, when the vogue for verses in obituary notices was at its height in Philadelphia, a brief “poem” was turned over the counter in one of the local newspapers that staggered even the callous clerk, who refused to insert it unless it were approved by the editor in chief.  That functionary refused, but preserved a copy of the verse, which was:

  “Our deal little Willie
  As fair as a lily
  The Lord for him sent
  and we let him went.”

 Noted in the Hooper Sentinel 29 Aug 1902


The ancient game of quoits, or as more familiarly known, “horseshoe pitching,” has come into popularity with many Fremonts this season.  The chances are favorable for a regulations league being organized for nxt season when it is assumed unusual records will be made, and red hot games played.  Among the devotees of the game are A L Snow, Claire Harrington, Henry Haman, Professor Mohler, A H Waterhouse, RoyMallonee and several others.  In a contest the first of the week Haman and Mallonee, supposedly not as proficient in the art as Snow and Harrington, trounced the last named pair to the tune of 123 to 74.  Snow and Harrington are the men charged with a revival of the sport in Fremont, and it is said, they are having a hard time setting a proper pace for opponents, notwithstanding an all summer’s practice.

  Found in the Fremont Herald 28 Jul 1916  1:4

AUGUST 1902 – Book 10

Lucian T Claggett to Mrs Eliza Tarbell on 6 Aug
Frank W Gumpert to Mrs Ethel Springer on 7 Aug
Ernest G Fritz to Marie J Wild on 12 Aug
Edward Pascoe to Mamie M Kreymborg on 12 Aug
Art Thomas to Rose Beemer on 13 Aug
Ernest Prang to Eva Nash on 15 Aug
Martin Pasold to Mrs Augusta Zahn on 19 Aug
George D Williams to Bertha B Brown on 25 Aug
Ray J White to Ida E Hack on 27 Aug
William Catherwood to Sabina High on 27 Aug
Garfield Thompson to Sadie Benidect on 27 Aug
Will H Collett to Hattie G Wiseman on 27 Aug
Oral E Thompson to Lulu Hooper on 27 Aug
Hans R Fick to Elsie Dierks on 28 Aug

Forty-two Applicants Admitted Into the Union, Yesterday Afternoon.

At a special term of district court held yesterday a good business was done in the matter of making citizens of the United States out of foreigners, there being forty-two who forsook their allegiance to Denmark, Germany and England and swore that they would hereafter stand up for Uncle Sam, and Nebraska.

The names of those who applied for papers were:

Thomas Johan Nielsen, Fred Martensen, Henry Schmeitenknop, Christ Carner Rasmussen, Jens Dudolph, Henry Harms, Rasmus Christensen, Martin Christensen, Christ J Jensen, Markus Markussen, Henry Moehlenbrock, James Hansen, James Christ Johnson, Carl C Christensen, Peter J Sermmer, William Frye, Rudolph Russ, John Simon, Dr George W Hasland, Charles Bjorkgren, Christ Martensen, Charles E F Pascoe, Allen Anderson, Diedrich Popken, Michael Stein, John H Popken, Herman Boermann, Peter F Wolff, Christen Christensen, John Engold, Emil Schow, Peter Moeller, Ewald Weiche, Victor W Jansen, Lars C Jensen, John G Hanson, Peter Hanson, Herman Von Rein, Johann Moller, Jacob Rasmussen, J Martin Uehling, Hans Assmussen.

These men are all of this county except a few from over in Saunders county.  The majority are Danes yet there are a good many Germans.
        From Fremont Daily Herald 26 Aug 1906
and on 12 Aug 1906 same paper

The following naturalization papers were applied for:
Christian Miller, Hans E Anderson, John Christensen, Marius Hendrickson, Nels C Lyshaft all of Denmark. From Germany:  Jacob Diedrickson, Henry N C Jurging, Herman Kuehn, Fred Tegt, and Gottfried Kastrau.


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