August  2004

Hot weather & Home-made Ice Cream, does that make your mouth water?  I found this photo at the top of the newsletter and oh did the memories come back to the old soda fountain at the drug store.  I stopped there each evening after I left work to have either a “Green River” or a small dish of ice cream, naturally it had to have hot fudge sauce or just chocolate syrup on it!  When Emil & I dated, we would stop at the dairy store and indulge in a banana split.  All of the ice creams were home made there and so-o-o good.  I still make a good shake at least a couple times a month. My secondary job?  a soda jerk!! Primary job Clerk of the County Court. 

In reviewing the old August 1868 newspaper, I found the old Fremont Ordinances.  No 1 was published in August of 2003, so it is fitting to use Ordinance No 2

From the Fremont Tribune 21 Aug 1868  2:5

Section 1 – It is hereby declared to be unlawful for any person to engage in the business of an auctioneer, or to sell at public venue, or auction, any property whatever, in the Town of Fremont, without first having obtained a license therefore as auctioneer from the Board of Town Trustees.  Provided,  That the provisions of this section shall not apply to persons or officers duly authorized to make judicial sale or the sale of property for delinquent taxes.

Section 2 – The sums required to secure a license as auctioneer, shall be as follows, to wit:

For the term of one year, to commence either on the first day of January or the first day of July          $50.00

For the term of six days or less   $10.00 And $1 per day in advance, for each succeeding day.

Section 3 – Any person applying for an auctioneer’s license for the term of one year, shall present a petition to the Board of Trustees, signed b at least five citizen free-holders of said Town, setting forth his competency and good moral character; and shall make and deliver to the Board a bond to the Town of Fremont in the sum of at least Two Thousand Dollars, conditioned for the faithful discharge of all the duties and business of an auctioneer, and to account for and pay over all moneys arising from sale of property entrusted to him for sale, to their rightful owner.  The bond must be signed by at least two freeholders of said Town, and approved by the Board if in session, and by the Chairman of the Board if not in session, and shall be for the benefit of persons entrusting business to such auctioneer.

Section 4 – It shall be unlawful for any person to engage in the occupation of peddler, or to peddle goods in the Town of Fremont, without first obtaining a license therefore, as peddler, from the Board of Town Trustees, in any sum not less than five nor more than fifty dollars, as may be fixed by the Board.

Section 5 – It shall be unlawful for any persons to open any show, theatre, or other exhibition, in the Town of Fremont, other than exhibitions for scientific, literary or benevolent purposes, without first obtaining a license therefore from the Board of Town Trustees of said Town, in any sum not less than five nor more than fifty dollars, as shall be fixed upon by said Board.

Section 6 – Licenses requiring bonds may be obtained by presenting the petition and bond to the Board if in session, and to the Chairman of the Board when not in session; and if approved the Chairman shall note the same, with the date of approval, upon the back of the bond and sign his name thereto.  The applicant may then pay over to the Treasurer of the Board the amount required for the license, and take his receipt therefore, and upon presentation and delivery of the receipt and other papers aforesaid to the Clerk of the Board and the payment to him of a fee of one dollar, the Clerk shall deliver to hi the said license.

Section 7 – Any person violating any of the provisions of this Ordinance shall be fined in any sum of not less than ten nor more than ninety-nine dollars, upon conviction therefore before the Judge of Probate or any Justice of the Peace of Dodge County, Nebraska, having his office in the said Town of Fremont, together with the costs of prosecution and an attorney’s fee of five dollars, as provided in Ordinance No 1.

Adopted August 4th, 1868

                        /s/ S W HAYES,

            Chairman of Board of Town Trustees of the

            Town of Fremont, Nebraska

E H BARNARD, Clerk of Board



For over 20 some years Claire has been searching for the Civil War records for a Christopher Murtha, buried at Calvary cemetery in Fremont.  He was in an unmarked grave since his death in 1877.  Thanks to Renee, who spotted the records in the State of New York archives-they were sent in to Natl Monuments in April and in July of 2004, Mr Murtha is recognized.  It is a lovely marker and his date of death was in March of 1877.  According to the records he was shoved off the train at the Fremont depot by the conductor and caused his death-records were in the County & District Court, but at last they were found.  He will rest well!


100 Years Ago – August 1904 Book 10

Samuel Edwin Cruse to Katharine Suchy on 1 Aug
John Hall to Margaret Bell on 4 Aug
James M Cruickshank to Elizabeth Davidson on 4 Aug
LeRoy Phillips to Nellie Banghart on 10 Aug
Thomas Glasgow to Mrs Aldora Pruett on 12 Aug
Edward L Winston to Edna Furman on 13 Aug
Henry P Rexroth to Ruth E Sweet on 17 Aug
Harry Peters to Dagmar Andersen on 17 Aug
Henry J Russ to Sena Jacobs on 24 Aug
John Tharp to Olga Andersen on 24 Aug
Frank Knieriem to Mrs Mollie Shaffer on 24 Aug
Fred W Moller to Augusta Saeger on 31 Aug


Quiet Ceremony last Evening United

Miss Davison and J M Cruickshank.

  The wedding of Miss Elizabeth Davison to J M Cruickshank, clerk of the Dodge county district court, took place at 9 o’clock last night, at the First Presbyterian parsonage, the Rev C W Weyer performing the ceremony.  It was  quiet affair, attended only by the near relatives.  The couple will continue to make their home at 748 West Fourth street.

  The announcement of this marriage comes as a surprise to the majority of the many friends of the parties concerned, only a very limited few of whom had so much as an inkling of the intentions of the couple.

  The bride has long been an intimate friend of the Cruickshank family, and is quite well known and highly respected here and at Webster – where she formerly lived.  Mr Cruickshank is one of the best known residents of the county, and has a host of warm friends.  He is now serving his second term in his present office.

  from Fremont Tribune 5 Aug 1904  3:3


Scams Back Then!


The following appeared in the Council Bluffs department of the Omaha Bee of Tuesday:


  Yesterday afternoon a man named John Camden of Fremont, Neb., was the victim of a confidence game.  It appears that Camden met the sharper in Omaha last Saturday, and by talking with him the sharper learned that he had some money deposited with Richards & Keene of Fremont.

   Yesterday Camden came to this side of the river and soon after arriving met the sharper near the Drovers’ hotel and had another chat.  The sharper had a draft for $10 purporting to be signed by Mr Paxton, of Paxton & Gallagher, Omaha, on Richards & Keene, Fremont. 

  He wanted to borrow some money on it, and as the victim knew the firm of Richards & Keene, and also knew Mr Paxton’s high financial standing, he was induced to grant the loan, BUT only for one dollar.

 The fellow, of course, failed to redeem the draft, and the victim soon found that it was a clumsy forgery. 
  The lesson cost Mr Camden only a dollar, which was cheap enough.  It indicates that the confidence game is getting worked for very small fish and, yet it is being worked.  The sharper is described as rather short and thick set, with a stubby black moustache.


  noted in Fremont Tribune 18 Aug 1882  1:2

BACK IN 1904-100 Years

The population of Las Vegas, NV was 30.

Most women washed their hair only once a month and used borax or egg yolks for shampoo.

The tallest structure in the world was the Eiffel Tower.

One 14 percent of the homes in the US had a bathtub.

Sugar cost four cents a pound.

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