August 2000
NO Meetings in the month of August 

 See you in September.

Our Society will again judge the Heritage Class at the Dodge County Fair on August 2d, this is always a nice item to do, the 4-H Groups come up with great scrapbooks and ideas for their family history. 

Claire had Renee install a new computer and now she has to learn all over – woe is me.  This cat must learn new tricks.  She hasn’t taught her cats new tricks, how can she teach herself! 


Robin Bock   F38
2730 SW 175th Ave
Aloha OR  97006


A good source of information for the family historian searching for deceased veterans in the Central Office of VA Affairs, 810 Vermont Ave, Washington DC  20420.  If your ancestor’s grave is marked with a military marker, it must have been requested through official channels. 

The request form may give relative’s names and addresses as well as other information.  To obtain a copy of the request, send all known information plus your relationship to the deceased to the above address. (From Huron Co Chapter of theOGS).
  AntiqueWeek 26 Jun 2000


Heat Outside and Cold Inside Made Consuming Elements Hard to Get At-Tramps Probably Cause

Hooper, Aug 3—About 11 o’clock last night the Hooper ice house owned by Adolph Stroh was almost entirely destroyed by fire.  The loss will be over $2,000 with no insurance.
   The fire did not make rapid headway, owing to the quantities of ice which kept it from burning inside, but the firemen were unable to wage a good fight against it because of inadequate hose connections.  Only one stream of water could be used.
   Adjoining the ice house was a barn in which the horses for the ice wagons were kept.  The fire started in that building, presumably in the haymow.  It is thought some tramp may have been sleeping there.  The blaze lit up the vicinity and a large crowd turned out to witness the conflagration.
   This morning the ice, which had not all been melted  by the heat, was in one huge block in the center of the ruins.  Some of it will be saved.  The fire burned around the east and south sides of the building leaving one wall and part of another standing.  The barn north of the structure was saved.
    Fremont Tri-Wkly Tribune  5 Aug 1905  5:3


State arrivals at the New York(Hotel):  J Fist, James Carr, John Carr, W F Fitch, R W Land, Omaha; A C Masterson, J B Herrick, Lincoln; Wm Scharf, Chadron; W L Edgerton, Kearney; J E Doty, David City.

At the European Hotel:  J W Horner, Hooper; S W Masters, Arlington; M E Cook, J M Saxauier, Brainard; Barney Gallagher, Saunders county.

At the Eno Hotel:  W B Burns, B D Hoag, C H Cushman, E H Scott, Omaha; Geo Osborne, Riverside; H Culp, Elk City.

J B Foot, the North Bend(NE) merchant, is opening a general store in Saunders county, in a locality between the grading camps on the Geneva and York branches, a few miles east and south of Linwood(Butler Co), near which place the line starting just across the river branches to the points named.  It ought to be an advantageous point for a good general trade, as there will be lively work in that section during the spring and summer.


E Pluribus Omaha Immigrants All by Harry B Otis and
Donald J Erickson 

The Immigrant Genealogical Society in CA, again, has some very good items that I will share with you.
This is in their July 2000 Newsletter.

A MAP FOR GENEALOGISTS – FROM ANY Wal-Mart you can purchase for $9.95 a CD of “Travel Maps USA” by Cosmi. Among other things, it shows county roads, as well as main roads, but best of all, each cemetery is marked by 2 crosses.  When you clock on the crosses, a map of the cemetery layout is shown.  There are also  directions, turn by turn, for driving to the cemetery.

The CD is not in a box, but in a CD case on a rack.  It also contains a “Help File” with instructions to use it.  (Pomona Valley GS News, Feb 2000.)

NARA REVISING FEES – The National Archives is in the process of raising the prices for securing copies of Military Service Records ($10 up to $17.50) and Military Pension Records ($10 up to $40).  NARA now sends only the first 10 pages of a file, but may be shifting to sending all of a file.  Pension files average 125-135 pages.  You may check the progress of these plans for the increase in fees effective July 1, 2000 on the Website—  Look in the “Federal Register.” (Der Blumenbaum, Apr-Jun 2000, p 150.)

Noted in Fremont Tri-Weekly Tribune 1 Jul 1905  4:5 under Scribner News - 

“Eleven carloads of fine beef cattle were shipped to Chicago Monday night.  Wednesday was a big hog market day, more than a hundred wagonloads being hauled in, most from north of the river.”  And on Page 5:2  NEW CITIZEN -  Henry Bolling, a German of Ames, came to Fremont and took out second naturalization papers before Judge Hollenbeck.


13 Jun 1902  5:5

There are six members of the graduating class.  They are:
 Clara A Renter  Jerome B Pospisil
 Anna E Longacre Willie R Hrabak
 Della M Forney Jerome V Srb

Noted in the Dodge Criterion


Fritz KNOSPE/Marie MICHAELSON on 1 Aug
Jacob BISHOP/Augusta HAGERBAUM on 6 Aug 
Charles A MARTIN/Marie HAAS on 8 Aug
Samuel M TORRANCE/Mary E ALLEN on 8 Aug
William Ranslem/Emma ANTHONY on 8 Aug 
Fred M LAWES/Johana C MOONSEN on 9 Aug
Maxwell BROWNING/Mae DOANE on 13 Aug
Wilkeson MASON/Leona WASHINGTON on 15 Aug
Edward G HOBART/Mary KRACE on 17 Aug
Mike J MILLER/Mary TUMA on 21 Aug
Charles G MARSHALL/Catherine B DAVIES on 22 Aug
William A YODER/Kathryn SIDNER on 23 Aug
Charles B KEETON/Florence M SPENCER on 30 Aug
George N BULLOCK/Ida HAGERBAUM on 30 Aug


It is a Portable E-Copier by Hewlett Packard.  You can copy, store, share documents anywhere. It is a HP CapShare 920 E-Copier—lets you capture electronic copies with one freeform motion.  It will analyze an entire page with built-in digital microscopes, and searches for matches in picture and text.  After it has been copied(Like an obit out of a newspaper) you can send it directly to the printer, and you have your copy for your family history book.  Claire just received it and is still experimenting with it.  It could be a great help to her in researching, once she really understands the steps to be taken.  Hand held, weighs 12.5 oz., uses two AA rechargeable batteries.


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