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Over the world on Christmas Eve
  Little stockings are hung with care;
    Bright little stockings,
    Tight little stockings,
  Worn little stockings are there.

Over the world on Christmas Eve,
  In hovel and palace and home,
    Are sad little children,
    Glad little children,
  Waiting for Santa to come.

Over the world on Christmas Eve
  While tinsel and candle are bright,
    Oh, that the world
    Might have the faith
  Pinned on the stockings this night.

 Author Unknown

Merry Christmas everyone from Claire. May 2001 be a great year for everyone and may the "bugs" in Claire's computer disappear; and perhaps the wizard will stay away from the keyboard.

 Marlene Heinsohn presented a very interesting program on the Pitfalls of Emigration from Germany, showing the many surnames that were not listed in the Germans to America books.  This article from Dr Antonius Holtmann of the Oldenburg University in Germany.

Fremont Tribune 28 Dec 1894

The Christmas dance given last night at the Masonic hall by the Merry Makers was one of the most happy events of the season.  It was in every way an occasion of great enjoyment and was participated in by over fifty couples, the largest attendance of the season.  Many new and handsome costumes were worn by the ladies.  At 9 o'clock began the grand march in unison with the sweet strains of the orchestra led by Miss Etta May and Frank Ellick through many intricate and difficult mazes.  The flying dancers continued in their graceful glides until 1 o'clock this morning.

Fremont Herald  30 Dec 1921  8:3

The two little children of Mr & Mrs John Petrow, of the Fremont Candy Kitchen, visited the local hospital Christmas morning with a remembrance for each patient, in the shape of a generous bagful of bon-bons.  A very commendable act which must have brought cheer to the hearts of the various recipients.

F 43 Anabeth Murphy
 6967 Marshall Dr
Boulder CO  80303-9514

      F-44    Brenda Duckers
      606 N 17 St
      Kansas City KS  66102

           F-45  Erin Donalson
                   11 Humboldt St
         Simi Valley CA  93065-5359 

Thomas Edison once said:  “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Henning Siemsen Genealogy 1835 - 1990
   By T A Jurgens of Fremont NE.

             DECEMBER 1900

Richard J Zahlten to Edna Short on 11 Dec.
Henry M Miller to Lucy C Feldman on 12 Dec.
Marion Sanderson to Lucy Klotz on 12 Dec.
Henry Hinze to Charlotte Carstensen on 17 Dec.
Lee Connerly to Cora Howard on 18 Dec.
David W Dickerson to Ethel G Fear on 19 Dec.
Harry E Middleton to Pearl E Forney on 20 Dec.
John Earnest Reed to Bertha M Garman on 22 Dec.
Rudolph B Kirchner to Anna D Vehrs on 23 Dec.
Frederick W A Hoppie to Marie C Rexroth on 25 Dec.
William Nedrebet to Laura A Swan on 26 Dec.
Clas Classon to Karin Anderson on 27 Dec.
Lyman T Bixler to Ellen Bignell on 27 Dec.
William Underdown to Della Aughe on 31 Dec.

Fremont Tribune 28 Dec 1900  3:4


Miss Bertha Garman United to John Reed of Snyder

Dodge – Dec 27-On the night of December 22, a very pretty event took place at Odd Fellows Hall.  The occasion was the marriage of Miss Bertha Garman to Mr John Reed, of Snyder.  Promptly at 8 o’clock the guests commenced to arrive and at 9 o’clock the bride and groom entered the lodge room, preceded by Mr & Mrs Maurice Starmer and Miss Pearl Wormwood and Percy Reed.  The wedding march was played by Miss Hilda Baum.  The ceremony was performed by Rev Mr Shambaugh, of Scribner.  Many useful and costly presents were received.


An important fact of which Fremonters should be proud is that right in this city is located the largest cigar factory in the State of Nebraska, which during the past year made a total of almost three million cigars, and that in connection with this important local industry is a smoking tobacco factory the output of which during the past year amounted to 20,000 pounds of Western Bee clippings.

This local factory makes a cigar to meet every taste and purse and among smokers who religiously practice loyalty to home industry the cigars “made in Fremont” are known to be excellent.  Among the most popular brands are “The New York House Club,” “J Sterling Morton,” “Saeger’s Hand Made” and “Monogram.”

Saeger & Sons are the owners of this factory, which is one of the pioneer industrial institutions of the city.  Today there are three generations of the family interested in the business, but it was originally established by Henry Saeger Sr. and his three sons, William, August, and Peter. They came here in 1886 direct from their native Westphalen, Germany, and engaged in work at their trade as cigar makers in the factory of  George Godfrey.

In 1888 a copartnership was formed between the Saegers and one August Stork, known as Stork & Saeger, which was disolved two years later at which time Saeger & Sons launched into business for themselves, their original factory being located at the corner of Fourth street & Nye avenue.  Here the firm grew and prospered and along about 1898 they moved to the Loomis-Miller building on Main street.  In 1906 the Saegers built their own building on the corner of Fourth & Main, which they still occupy.

The concern employs an average of fifty people the year around, with Henry Jr and Paul Saeger as salesmen on the road.  Their trade territory extends over Nebraska and surrounding states, with jobbers of their goods located in Omaha, Lincoln, and Chadron,Nebraska.  Bellfouch, Deadwood and Rapid City S.D.

 Fremont Herald 30 Dec 1921  Page 6 


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