December  2007

There will be no meetings in the month of December.  Enjoy the holidays to the fullest. 

 Claire presented, to the group, a DVD prepared by Renee Bunck on Holcombe Rogus and the Tudor mansion and All Saint's Chapel. This is located in the county of Devon, England.  Thanks, Renee, for the preparation work you completed so Claire could show it on the TV.

 It was a step back in time 958 when the chapel was completed and 1545 for the Tudor Mansion.  Her reflections of standing on the Holcomb land had to be quite an experience.

Back in 1984 cards were made and alpha'd of Ship Passenger Lists from 6 Jan 1882 thru 27 July 1882, into Port of Baltimore.  Eight drawers of file cards need to be placed in book form and also on our web site.  Renee and Claire will work on this project as it does contain more than just names, There are also age, sex, occupation, where from, where to, and the name of the ship, date of arrival, Port of embarkation. There are some who went to Nebraska, which is why the index was made in the first place.  All persons arrived in Baltimore, and as to where they were going, many times it just says U.S. or Baltimore, can be very sketchy.  It even states those who died at sea.  This microfilm was donated by Claire to the society and is available for use in our library.

 The old newspapers are full of advertisings for the holidays, including poems of Christmas, and toys abound the pages.  Did you keep any of your old toys for remembrance?  Many were handed down to other children in the family to play with and tossed as they were worn out, but there are still some out there, especially those who are collectors.




As a scene of unsurpassed attractiveness and beauty Ridge cemetery has attracted hundreds of city people this week to view the holiday decorations placed there by those whose loved ones sleep in that peaceful City of the Dead.

   Citizens agree that never in years past has the custom of decorating the graves of the death at Christmas time been so general or elaborate as that which obtains here this season.  Beside pretty Christmas trees of evergreen, wreaths of holly and artificial floral ornamentation, on many of the sepulchers are laid bouquets of natural flowers of the most beautiful and costly sort.

   One grave in particular has drawn many to admire it, because of the extraordinary beauty and expense of the decoration.  It is that in which rests the mortal remains of little Frank, young son of Frank and Daisy Reynolds, who died and was buried here some two or three years ago, when his parents were camping near this city.

   It is alleged that the parents of this deceased child are Gypsies and that their place of residence is somewhere in South Dakota.  Each year, The Herald is told, these parents, who never cease to mourn the departed little one, see to it that the sacred spot in Ridge cemetery that marks the final resting place of his mortal clay is elaborately adorned at  Christmas time with a beautiful Christmas tree, more handsomely decorated than that afforded in many of Fremont homes, together with other decorations in harmony with the season.

                                          AND in same paper

   Children in four institutions were the recipients of Christmas toys from the Juniors in the schools in the county.

   A box of nineteen most attractive cut-out wooden animals made by the School Dist No 42, were sent to the Orthopedic Hospital in Lincoln.  The other boxes containing hand-made stocking dolls, wooden wheelbarrows, games, picture dolls, balls, etc went to the School for the Blind in Nebraska City, the Child Saving Home in Omaha and Home for Dependent Children in Lincoln.

          Noted in Fremont Herald 29 Dec 1922  page 4

Little Stockings

Over the world on Christmas Eve

                    Little stockings are hung with care;

                    Bright little stockings,

                    Tight little stockings,

                  Worn little stockings are there.

              Over the world on Christmas Eve,

                    In hovel and palace and home,

                       Are sad little children,

                       Glad little children,

                    Waiting for Santa to come.

             Over the world on Christmas Eve,

                     While tinsel and candle are bright--

                        Oh, that the world

                        Might have the faith

                 Pinned on the stockings this night.


                         Author unknown


100 Years Ago-December 1907

Book 12


Robert Overton  Jones to Bell Denson on 02 Dec

Owen William Murphy to Anna M Miller on 03 Dec

Joseph Buchta to Mary Balvin on 04 Dec

Walter Cecil Rodgers to Maggie Miller on 07 Dec

Arthur Erastus Hickok to Mrs Alice Meyers on 10 Dec

Walter Sievers to Frieda M Dietz on 11 Dec

John A L Jones to Lenora B Hollandsworth on 14 Dec

James Stuart to Margaret B Curry on 14 Dec

Jonathan F McConnell to Florence M Wickham on 15 Dec

Robert H Orr to Sarah E Larimer on 17 Dec

Louis W F Schlote to Ida A E Helgenberger on 18 Dec

Neal K Tank to Louise M Wells on 18 Dec

Asa S Armstead to Barbara L Menshik on 18 Dec

Homer Carnot Thanasse to Nellie F Kirby on 18 Dec

August C Pfeiffer to Mrs Alma C Martens on 18 Dec

Edward Wagner to Anna Isabelle Ott on 23 Dec

Martin Nelson to Mary Jeppesen on 24 Dec

Murray Trout to Emma Loehding on 24 Dec

James Clark Peters to Mabel R Dick on 24 Dec

George P Kennedy to Nellie May Stephens on 25 Dec

Frank M Darling to Edyth J Ross on 25 Dec

Arthur Harold Shultz to Mary A Mohr on 26 Dec

Victor Krelstein to Fannie Zlotky on 29 Dec


Christmas Day at high noon, at the home of the bride's parents, Mr and Mrs John Ross, occurred the wedding of Miss Edyth Ross and Frank M Darling, of Pocatello, Idaho.

 The house was decorated with holly, ferns and carnations, and when Miss Pearl Wormwood of Dodge played the wedding march, the bridal party came downstairs and took  places in the bay window which was arranged in a bower of beauty.  The impressive ring ceremony was performed by Rev A A Mitchell of Broken Bow.

 Immediately following the ceremony the guests, the immediate relatives of the contracting parties, sat down to a sumptuous wedding dinner.

The bride is well and favorably known here, this having been her home since birth until less than two years ago when she went to Columbus, Idaho, to teach school.  The groom is a fireman on the Oregon Short Line and is a young man who has made many friends during his brief visit in our city.

Mr and Mrs Darling will spend two weeks in Nebraska, then will leave for Pocatello where the groom has in readiness a cozy and pretty home.

       North Bend Eagle  26 Dec 1907  page 4



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