February 2001

12 February 2001   7 p.m.
Mares Meeting Room
1722 East 19-Fremont NE


BROWSE NITE:  26 February 2001 7 p.m.

F-46  Joan Donalson
         31901 Kings Park Court
         Westlake Village CA  91361-4117
  The last name was misspelled!

F-47  Beverly A Giles
         P O Box 520241
         Big Lake AK  99652

BOOK 9- Feb 1901

Irvin THARP to Anna NICHOL on 2 Feb
Fritz HOELTKE to Amelia BIELKA on 6 Feb
John S FLATER to Mrs Minnie EDWINSON on 6 Feb
Albert E ORLLEY to Carrie WOLSLEGER on 7 Feb
Frank C PAUL to Jessie MARSHALL on 7 Feb
Arthur LIFINGWELL to Lydia GRAFF on 11 Feb
George DUFEK to Agnes KROFTY on 12 Feb
Frank C CANTLIN to Agnes M ROBERTSON on 12 Feb
Raymond J MIDDAUGH to Bertha FRANTZ on 12 Feb
John ZEIS to Fredricka KNAUS on 14 Feb
Hans C FRANSON to Cecilia M NELSON on 15 Feb
Fred HYNEK to Emma RACEK on 18 Feb
Ferdinand JAHRMARKT to Matilda RENTER on 19 Feb
Chris P NELSON to Anna JORGENSON on 20 Feb
Frank O HERSE to Emma ADE on 26 Feb
Henry BLOMENDAHL to Sophie HILGEN on 26 Feb
Louis DUNKER to Annie ROSE on 27 Feb
Morris HORSTMANN to Alvina WICKHORST on 27 Feb

Also noted in this listing is one for 
Francis L CHASE to Ora KINGSTON on 15 Jul(it could be  in error and is a Feb marriage.)


The Postal Card Varieties Have Made Hit This Season – The Shapes of the Larger Ones

Fremont novelty dealers have their windows filled with valentines and other missives that would make suitable presents for February 14th.  The displays are as large as usual and include a number of designs that are distinctly new and novel.  Among the most popular tokens offered are those that the form of postal cards.  These are developments from the comic postal craze that has been sweeping over the country, and according to dealers, have made the “hit” of the season.  One side of the postal is given over to a comic or sentimental picture, with an appropriate verse underneath. The dealers are all handling a big line of the small heart-shaped tokens that were so popular last year. ….Among the larger and more beautiful valentines, the new shapes are largely of automobiles and airships.  Some of the more expensive ones are hand-painted.  Prices vary and are from a cent to $5.  It is claimed there is seldom demand for anything of the kind more costly than the latter figure.

  From Fremont Tribune 10 Feb 1906  2:4
* * * * * * * * * * *


History of Denman(Buffalo Co NE) NE.  This booklet was donated by member James Spath.  Thanks for remembering us, Jim.


  Until 1988, the National Archives office was known as the Public Record Office of Ireland and it was situated at the Four Court, Dublin.  In 1988, the Public Record Office and the State Paper Office were amalgamated to form the National Archives.  The original Public Record Office was destroyed by fire in 1922 during the Irish Civil War.  However, despite the loss of many records, it continued to provide an excellent resource for the family historian.  The most frequently consulted records were moved to the new office in Bishop Street.  Records from the State Paper Office in Dublin Castle were also moved to this location
  Material of genealogical value to be found at the National Archives includes: the 1901 and 1911 census returns, Griffith’s Valuation and The Tithe Applotment Books, some Church of Ireland parish registers, school registersk trade union archives, abstracts of indexes of wills.  The Tithe Applotment Books and Griffith’s Valuation can only be consulted on microfilm.
  The full address of the National Archives is: The National Archives, 15 Bishop St., Dublin 8 and Four Courts, Dublin 1;  website:  http://www.nationalarchives.ie.

Noted in the AntiqueWeek in December 2000.  The Genealogy Section of this weekly paper has been discontinued.  Claire was very disappointed to see it removed because it held so many suggestions, and also had Ruby Coleman’s lovely articles  I really miss them.


Cedar Bluffs celebrated the Lincoln anniversary with exercises at the opera house.  Members of the GAR were the guests of the evening, those being present: Ely Palmer, Alex Paul, Thomas Griffin, Clous Bosholm Sr, and G W Woodruff.  There was a large attendance and the following program was rendered:
Invocation   by Rev E L Wolff
Music  by Cedar Bluffs Orchestra
Marching Thru Georgia  by the Chorus
Flag Drill by Eight Girls
Music  by the Orchestra
Gun Drill  by Eight Boys
Song  by Alfreda Mackprang
Star Spangled Banner  by the Chorus
Lincoln as a Man  by Rev E L Wolff
Solo The Grand Old U.S.A.     by Miss Eva Hicks, 
Patriotic Medley  by the Chorus
GAR Remembrances of Lincoln  by Alex Paul
Recitation  by Ruth Tribby
Remembrances of Lincoln  by Mrs Alex Boulier 
Lincoln’s Greatnss  by Rev A Corkey
America  by Chorus and Audience.

Fremont Tribune 15 Feb 1909  3:3

The January meeting was well attended, it  seems everyone enjoys Jeff and his many programs.  His program was about his trip to Switzerland last summer and items of family interest that were found. But he also had a great find in Omaha while he was helping to ready an auction of household goods.  In one of the boxes he found a photo of his  great grandfather who belonged to the Omaha Swiss Singing Society, and later that day he also found some of the badges that the group wore.  What a find!  Jeff also collects wooden carvings from Switzerland and has been fortunate in finding several of them at auctions. 


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