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We hope everyone had a  very Merry Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year 2006.  Perhaps we will get some nice temps instead of cold and snowy days.  December in Fremont was cold and snowy.

Did everyone find something new in their stocking regarding a family ancestor?  Claire found one in reading the Look Backs in the 80 years ago regarding her Grandmother Talbott. She was a librarian at the Hebron Public Library, now she knew this part, but no dates to put it together, now it is a new clue for her.  Claire also completed several researches before the holidays which would be new finds for two families.  Oh, what fun it is to have only a name and go to our local tickler files 1880-1906 and find lots of "goodies" for one not knowing only a name, but locating the family!



We extend our deepest sympathy to member, Ruby Coleman of Valentine, NE in the death of her mother, which occurred 08 Dec 2005.  Her name is not known.

BURT CO NE-Tekamah 1854-1954 Centennial Book compiled by Tekamah Chamber of Commerce 1954.

BURT CO NE - WORLD WAR ONE 1917-1919 by the Burt County Herald - 1919. Hardback Book.

COLFAX CO NE - SCHUYLER Graduation Information for 1936 and 1937-donated by Cathy Bunt (all in a special folder).

These were found at a sale in Illinois and valuable to our society for look-ups.

Fremont Weekly Tribune    9 Jan 1884  2:3

 Yesterday morning at an early hour a fellow who had given out that he had rented the old Keeler farm made a raid on a few stables, loaded himself with booty and decamped. 

 Mr Cobb's hired man caught the fellow in the act of stealing, but not being able to take care of him alone, ran for help.  Meanwhile the thief carried off a single harness belonging to Mr Cobb.  He also carried away from the stable of Mr Thomas a single harness and a robe; from Mr Bothwell two robes.  He was particularly choice in his selections, taking only the best.

 Up to this writing the thief or thieves have not been found, though considerable effort has been made to learn their whereabouts.  Sheriff Gregg and Mr Cobb rode to the Valley yesterday but no "trace" of them could be found as their "line" of travel had been in another direction.  Our opinion is that they will be "collared" yet.



A Fire Breaks Out Last Night and Destroys

Holz's Harness Shop and Hoffman's Saloon.

"Special to the Tribune"

Hooper, Neb., Jan 5, 1885. - A fire originated in John Holz's Harness shop in the Jacob's building last night (Sunday), and although it must have been burning sometime, was not discovered until about six o'clock, when the fire was beyond control.  For nearly an hour the flames were fought without effect, and the fire fighters turned their attention to saving the adjoining building on the north and south.  For an hour the bucket brigade fought the flames persistently  and this time with some effect.  The building on the south occupied as a saloon by Geo Hoffman was only three feet from the fire, they saved the building occupied by W R Christman as Harness shop.  Fortunately for the surrounding buildings which are dwellings, this building was saved.  Had it burned no power could have saved them.  The loss on the saloon and harness shop buildings, both belonging to Uede Jacob is $500; insurance $175.  Holz's loss on stock of harness is $2500; insurance $2000.  Hoffman's loss on saloon stock $800; covered by insurance.  Christman's loss on stock $63; covered by insurance.  The fire brigade did admirably in saving as much as they did under the circumstances.

                Fremont Weekly Tribune 7 Jan 1885  5:2


Victor E Koyen to Anna Benson on 1 January
William Streator to Grace Mary Hancock on 1 January
Byron E Seely to Marian Kirkpatrick on 3 January
Ferd Martens to Mrs Dora Rohde on 5 January
David E Edwards to Fay M Dodd on 6 January
Joseph Henry Duerst to Dora Wendorf on 9 January
Bert W May to Katharine Richards on 9 January
Gottlieb W Lippolt to Mary Jansen on 10 January
James H Conley to Mrs Harriet Stone on 10 January
Guy Lester Morehouse to Mary Dern on 10 January
Lewis L Greeno to Mrs Minnie V Pace on 13 January
John A Ferguson to Agnes S Brown on 17 January
Otto H Koehler to Jessie E Mitchell on 18 January
John P Kramer to Ane Petrie Rasmussen on 20 January
William E Brown to Mrs Nettie Armstrong on 20 January
Charles Prohaska to Mary Gladys Howard on 24 January
Elsworth S Galvin to Minnie Paschke on 24 January
John T Wigington to Mary Clayton on 25 January
Charles Hanson to Mrs Ruby Ronin on 25 January

And several marriages-none were long.


Wm Streator, of Clyde Kans, and Miss Grace M Hancock, of this city , were wed at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon, at the Hancock h9ome, 312 West Twelfth street.  The affair was a quiet one with but a few relatives in attendance.  Mr and Mrs Streator will reside at Clyde, where the bridegroom is in business.

      Fremont Daily Herald  1 Jan 1906  4:1




MARRIED - Miss Anna Benson and Victor Koyen were married today by Rev H B Foskett at the bride's home in this city.

      Fremont Tribune 1 Jan 1906  4:2




The marriage of Miss Anna L Benson and Victor D Koyen took place on Thursday at the home of Mr and Mrs Swan Benson, Ninth and Platte streets.  The ceremony was performed at high noon by Rev H B Foskett in the presence of a number of relatives and friends of the couple.  A wedding dinner and social features were included in the nuptial celebration.

     Fremont Tribune  6 Jan 1906   5:2





Last Friday evening some of Scribner's most aristocratic people drove out in the country, to Mr and Mrs Calvin Horton's.  It was a very pleasant evening and the visitors were highly entertained.  Some very nice music was furnished by Stroup Orchestra which the visitors appreciated very much.  At two o'clock (a.m.) an oyster supper was served after which all departed for their homes.  Those present were as follows:

M/Ms James M Beaver                     M/Ms James Reinard

M/Ms I Montgomery                           M/Ms C W Marquardt

M/Ms Fred Putnam                             M/Ms Wallace Dennis

M/Ms George Dennis                         M/Ms S E Beachler

M/Ms Howard Van Deusen               M/Ms Robert Graham

M/Ms John Stroup                              M/Ms L M Whitman

M/Ms W E Putnam                              Misses Ream and Graham

Messrs Peter Preiss, James Christy, Arthur Reetz, Edward Spear, Willis Burns, Alba Graham, Frank D Case, Austin Fregmore and Wilson Stroup.

   Noted in Scribner Rustler 20 Jan 1898  2:2

Last Saturday evening the many friends, old and young, of John Stenvers gave him a very pleasant surprise party at his home.  They met first at Arnold Romberg's plae and proceeded from there, headed by the Common Creek Cornet Band, to Mr Stenvers home.  About fifty couples were present and all enjoyed themselves very much, until a late hour.  The young people engaged in dancing and the older ones in social games and conversation. Mr Stenvers will soon move to Scribner and this event was a token of the esteem in which he and his family is held by his neighbors.

   Noted in Scribner Rustler 29 Nov 1895  3:5

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